Design With Heart - Love Equality Cards

when it comes to gay marriage this

country has come a long way in a short

time when it comes to card celebrating

gay marriage we still have some work to

do thankfully there's at least one

couple doing something about it Jason

Bradley Krause is a graphic designer who

started designed with hearts to do they

make cards that convey feelings that

many of us want Express from wedding

card celebrating gay marriage to other

universal messages of love and

celebration when my wife and i got

married in 2011 we know that our friends

and family struggled to find the right

cards to fit the occasion jason and his

longtime partner chris faced a similar

situation when they got married design

with heart was inspired by a simple but

powerful premise love is love when my

partner Christopher and I were married

in October we got six of exactly the

same greeting cards from our friends and

family we realized there's a void in the

marketplace of breeding cards that

express the idea that love is love it's

how we live our lives it's what we think

everyone has in common no matter who you

are or what the occasion we believe in

marriage equality we believe the

American family comes in all shapes

sizes and colors love is love Jason had

the perfect set of skills to start

creating cards he's been doing it since

he was a kid and as a grown-up he's been

recognized multiple times with national

industry awards for his graphic design

work these are beautifully made cards

both in their bold uncluttered designs

and in the message themselves when a

design with hearts guiding principles is

love no matter who you are or who you

love and their cards reflect that in

styles ranging from romantic and sincere

too clever and cheeky you'll be able to

find something tailored to what you

really want to say and you won't have to

worry about five other people saying the

same thing to it's already been a banner

year for diversity marriage equality and

our culture as a whole design with heart

is much more than greeting cards it's a

great way to share your love with

whoever you love