BRIDESMAID LETTERS | Wedding Planning Vlog Ep. 05

happy wedding Wednesday I am today

putting together cards that I'm gonna

send to my bridesmaids to ask them to be

in my wedding so I just got back from

Michaels and I want to show you what I


vil upside are brown they have these

cute little polka dot things on them

it's the envelopes and the card glue

stick because I don't have one brown

ribbon one of those seal things with an

S on it I've always wanted to try so I

had to get it waxed for the seal and

this paper pad that has all kinds of

designs on it that I'm gonna use inside

the card there's a little chandelier

stamped all added up to about 38 dollars

which is really not too bad I don't

think but maybe more than I should have

spent I got a little carried away cuz

there was so much cool stuff so yeah I'm

gonna make the cards right now and then

I'll show you how they turn out okay

guys so I finished the cards they kind

of took me a very very long time but I'm

super excited I think that they turned

out really good let me show you

I added color to the little flops on

each of them some of them are different

colors they're not all of them and so

they open it take it out here we go

there's a cute little bow you have to

tie the bow and tada isn't it cute so I

don't know you can see the salt but

there's like a cute little note there's

the stamp and there's the two different

papers in here I did like one here and

one on top the back is plain but then

this is like after I asked the question

says will you be my bridesmaid

or maid of honor depending on which one

they get there's this little envelope I

made from origami and they it says open

if your answer is yes and so they open

this and it's like another piece of

paper and it has like instructions or

tells them about like the wedding inside

Plus like pieces of the wedding colors

so that they can match them and see

exactly what they are they're all done

they're all different they have like

different colors of paper in each of

them so they're all different the only

thing left for me to do is to seal up

steal them up with the wax thing that I

still have to do I haven't tried it yet

so I'm gonna give that a try

gonna attempt to vlog this I just tried

it that look like blood no Anna does but

it's still really cool so I think I'm

still gonna do it okay it's lit see now

I just have to like rotate it it

definitely looks like the one yeah it

looks kind of scary okay and then I take

this please don't catch on fire anything

oh it's stuck it's stuck

ah there we go tada

kind of cool he says the fact it looks

like blood like I did one I think I used

too much wax thanks for running down


ah practice makes perfect hopefully they

know that'll seal the whole thing right

I don't know I've never really done it

maybe I should steal them normally -

like how cute I think it looks cute so I

actually showed that video a couple

weeks ago um I didn't want to put it up

until after my bridesmaids and maid of

honor had received the cars I didn't

want to spoil the surprise so I hope you

enjoyed the video and I hope you all had

a very Merry Christmas

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bye guys