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what life protip have you learned from

reddit that you still use every time the

situation presents itself if you get a

prepaid Visa gift card

save it with like a $1 or $2 and use it

to sign up for free trials without

having to worry about using your actual

credit card a long time ago I remember

reading a thread about signs that

someone is interested in you the one I

remember the most clearly is that

they'll look at you if they see or hear

something funny

it helped me resolve exactly one

potentially uncomfortable situation in

my life making it by far the most useful

advice I have ever gotten from reddit I

never put my card into a gas pump

without furiously wiggling the reader

first if someone won't shut up drop

something they'll pause when you go to

pick it up use that opportunity to speak

as you pick up whatever you dropped

instead of saying I assumed say I was

under the impression at legitimately

works wonders X percent of Y is equal to

Y percent of X it's made my mental math

so much easier obligatory edit ahem

ahem thanks for the gold kind strangers

there when I'm walking on a sidewalk

approaching a group of people heading

towards me I slow down to a pace slower

than tha's so they make room for me to

pass someone on reddit described how

people subconsciously yield to whoever

is going more slowly generally works I'm

pretty sure it was er LPT might have

been a nos credit response but it was in

relation to a six second rule have to

get something done and don't want to

start it count down from six and force

yourself to do it I have no idea why it

works or why the number six was chosen

but I applied it to the menial tasks in

my life I don't want to do and it's

worked extremely well not filing in that

a field in an email until I'm completely

done with the email

save me a lot of badly written emails

half-finished air mails and emails I

never sent because I had time to think

better of it Seren rap slash cling wrap

goes in your freezer that makes the

product actually work

if your printer is out of black ink and

you need urgent printout please change

the color of the front number zero one

zero one zero one which is 99% gray it

will help if you accidentally offend and

or anger someone when apologizing follow

this formula state what you did Y was

wrong and how you'll prevent it from

happening in the future when you are

trying to resolve an issue where someone

else made an error put the focus on the

error and not a person example of this

that I use almost every day at work

someone sends me an email without the

attachment instead of saying you didn't

send the attachment I say the attachment

didn't come through please try sending

it again it doesn't seem like a huge

deal but people are more likely to

become defensive or hostile when you

blame them even if it was their fault it

has saved me a lot of headaches at work

edit thank you crime stranger can't

believe I went 28 years of my life

before finally learning this on reddit

if you spread your cheeks as you sit

down you have a lot less wiping to do

it's only been used once but when you're

caught in a Riptide

swim parallel to shore not directly

forwards in order to escape about a week

ago my brother and I were out in the

ocean and a wave crashed over us my hair

was plastered to my face and I couldn't

see in the time that I took to get the

hair out of my eyes we realized we had

been pushed out and couldn't touch the

ground at all we were getting further

and further from shore we were

struggling for about 20 minutes against

the current until he remembered that LPT

and we both swam sideways like crazy my

cousin had luckily alerted our uncle and

he was able to get us back in once we

could touch the ground again thanks

reddit instead of saying I know say

you're right people pay a lot of money

for individually wrapped home-cooked

brownies at music festivals when giving

advice use the phrase perhaps in

replacement of I think so it comes off

more as a suggestion and not an opinion

it will be more likely to be heard and

taken into consideration

check the pressure in your spare tire

and know how to use the jack before

going on a trip

putting read it instead of read it in

the air all makes the subreddit of your

choosing a slideshow edit oh now I'm the

reason a ton of people want in the past

20 hours I don't like this power blink

eyes rapidly for a minute before bed to

tire yourself out it's fine to have an

explanation after an apology however do

not preface it with but because then it

just sounds like you are trying to make

excuses taking something with me that

belongs on the other floor every time I

go upstairs or downstairs makes tidying

up more efficient when the power goes

out search for whiffy networks on your

phone to see if every ohms power is out

edit I love with it get a dashcam

fortunately I haven't had to use it to

defend myself but the thought of not

having it when I need it brings me

absolute anxiety now there have been a

few instances where I've almost hit

idiot slash wasted pedestrians and if I

didn't have that dashcam running I would

have been very very screwed if I did hit

them and they law it up knowing that I

have a dashcam running also improves my

motorist habits significantly keep the

music down obey the speed laws don't use

the phone no invasive lane changes and

no speeding up to try and beat a yellow

light where I obviously won't with the

dashcam I Drive like there's an

insurance broker riding shotgun and a

jury in the back seat using pistachios

shells to open the really hard to open

pistachios the advice I read one time

don't put it down put it away it has

reduced the clutter in my home

dramatically apologize less say thank

you more for instance instead of I'm

sorry I'm talking so much say thank you

for listening instead of sorry for a

shilling say thanks for being so

flexible wiping the water off of my body

with my hands in the shower before

getting out and towel drying

can't remember when I saw it but using

chopsticks to eat cheetah's popcorn

Doritos et Cie while using the computer

keeps your keyboard from getting quite

as disgusting pre tangling your

headphones grab both ends with one hand

your finger in the middle pull tight and

twist approximate nine times then let

them naturally curl up and make sure you

don't run anything through the loop when

you side them in your pocket when you

take them out they may look tangled but

will unravel perfectly when you have to

go to the bathroom in the middle of the

night close one eye until after you

finish peeing and turn off the bathroom

light the eye that was closed will be

able to see in the darkness and you will

be able to get back to your room without

stubbing your toe or tripping my

favorite has been if I'm planning on

buying something but last-minute decide

against it still take the money and put

it in savings even if it's five dollars

ten dollars I was ready to spend the

money anyway so why not save it this has

really helped me build up a small

savings in the last year edit thank you

so much for my first gold carat carat so

happy also love being a part of the

supportive portion of the reddit

community thank you kind people i had

writer's block for the longest time what

got me out of it was one piece of advice

that can work for nearly anything right

one sentence and see where it goes

don't overthink it or criticize the

ideas just jump in and do it

it really works in some of my best

writing came from using that technique

letting the plot write itself and break

away from my initial ideas of how I

thought it was supposed to go it can

apply to anything just one step one

phone call one new accomplishment

outside of your comfort zone jump in and

get going edit

what is this gold you speak of have I

got em all of you out of writer's block

if you are nervous about any kind of

public speaking volunteer to go first

you get it done and over with quickly

you are able to relax for the rest of

the class conference or what have you

and most importantly your audience


the setting is too worried about their

own presentation / speech to care about


I also paired this with advice to bring

visual aids example being I needed to

explain why my state is unique so I

brought photos for each table to pass

and shots of maple syrup pretty sure

only the facilitator was looking at me

the entire time everyone else was busy

looking at photos and taking shots of

maple syrup being secretive about

winning the lottery can save your life

and potentially others edit - the

stranger who gave me gold thank you very


mending something to someone take their

picture with the item you lent them I

avoid awkward hallway scuffles by

looking at the direction I want to go it

works every single time not making fun

of people's laugh I've literally seen

the joy leave a person's face after

making a joke about someone's laugh

makes me sad thinking about it open a

bag of chips and roll the bottom in so

it creates its own self standing bowl

people are always impressed the komarin

period Keys movie out of videos one

frame backward and forward respectively

setting a timer for 10 minutes every

time I walk through the front door to

clean / tidy stops it building up and

goes really quick so doesn't feel like a

chore floss before brushing that way you

end with the fresh toothpaste taste and

not the rottenly taste and the

toothpaste gets in we're trapped food

particles were which would have been

blocked by said particles it's nothing

major but once a redditor posted about

grouping utensils in the dishwasher all

Forks in one section all spoons in one

et Cie so that when they are dry you can

just reach in and put them away without

having to sort through them very minimal

tip but something I hadn't thought of on

the topic of big goals someone on our /

us grade had said to focus on the path

in front of you rather than the top of

the mountain this has helped me complete

small but necessary daily tasks like

homework and warred night

edit Wow this is by far my most popular

comments thanks everyone I actually

wrote an expansion on this piece of

advice and if anyone would like the read

my take on it feel free to PM me if

something takes less than 15 minutes

just do it right now instead of putting

it off I'm lazy as Frick

if left to my own devices and this has

helped me become a better housekeeper

and be much more productive if you're at

a large parkour event with your kids

take a picture of them just as you walk

in the door if by some chance they get

lost you have a picture that shows

exactly what they look like and what

they were wearing if you are job hunting

copy and paste the job description from

the ad or the website you're applying to

and make the font white so it is not

seen by human eyes the computer will

pick up the key words and phrases and

move your resume to the list of people

they will call for interviews at the

time that I saw this tip I was job

hunting and having problems getting

anyone to call me for an interview I

started out in the Job Description to

the bottom of the resume tiny font and

white color so it was blind every

company I submitted my resume to that I

did that I got an interview with I ended

up getting a job for a company that is

very picky about who they hire and only

interview one out of every hundred

applications I love my new job and going

forward if I ever had to apply anywhere

again I will be doing the same trick

edit I don't know if this trick works

everywhere I was skeptical too when I

read it on here but figured I had

nothing to lose I was applying to major

national companies who used computer

software to sort the applications except

for one job I applied for jobs where I

met all the requirements of skill

education experience etc even the job I

wasn't qualified for called me it fell

apart of the interview lesson learned

so for me this trick worked don't dwell

on past you not starting something

sooner start now and think about how

future you will appreciate how much

you've done if you want to cool and


or any other beverage in a bottle / can

quickly that is warm wrap in wet paper

towels and put them in the freezer give

it 5 10 minutes and you'll have it

ice-cold invest in the things that that

separate you from the ground good shoes

tars and mattress don't make the mistake

of thinking that for better or worse

things are always going to like be they

are right now only apologize for

something once any more than that and

you are just trying to make yourself

feel better check the comments for the

real LBT wet your nail clippers before

using them if you are afraid to check

your bank account check your bank

account if you keep a baseball bat in

your car for protection put a sock over

it if they grab the bat they will only

get the sock and you will get another

swing use cold water to wash come off

your hands when I buy ice cream I

enclose it in an airtight plastic bag

after I open it this keeps the ice cream

soft if you don't know whether you

should use the word effect or effect

simply use impact cover up a sensor with

TP so toilet doesn't go off mid wipe if

you put toilet paper on top of the water

before you poop it stops the poop water

from splashing your ass as you drop your

turd a redditor once remarked on how he

realized how much he didn't know about a

topic he was really passionate about he

then said something along the lines of

reserving our judgement for things we

know very little about like stuff that's

covered in the news etc I've taken that

advice to heart and become less

judgmental about things I don't know

very much about it's made me less angry

less depressed and less skeptical about

the world in general if you are ever

talking crap about someone and they walk

up and catch you include them in the

conversation like you fully intended to

call them out on it might as well really

give it to them at this point as well

they're already off balance because they

fully expected you to backpedal become


this approach prevents them from saying

that you were talking behind their back

and lets them know you have a problem

with them when microwaving food

casserole pasta et Cie make it in the

shape of a ring or a doughnut basically

have it hollowed out in the middle it

heats up significantly quicker and more

evenly edit spelling I know it was on

Reddit and I'm not sure if it was or LPT

but you judge others by their actions of

yourself by your intentions really put

things into perspective when I thought

of why people do the things they do and

how they perceive what I do wiggle the

credit card slot at gas pumps baby wipes

by the bed for activities I Drive a lot

and I'm always at the gas station those

constant ads that they play from the

screen can be muted usually by hitting

the unlabeled button on the right side

of the screen second one down from the

top if not just push the others until it

mutes I generally chuckle that the five

hours a day on but it is now totally

worth it due to a couple minutes of


I don't boil eggs anymore I steamed them

15 minutes is absolutely perfect and

they feel so easy I'll never look back

except that now I'm kind of tired of

hard-boiled eggs set up under one male

so you have 30 seconds to unsend an

email after hitting sending it's done

that hitting send is the thing needed

for me to realize what I forgot or that

I didn't want to send it but I use it

all the time if your dog is running away

and you can't catch up pretend to fall

they'll run back to check up in you

bonus if you yell out I fallen and I

can't get I've using an old point rated

point Kong if you accidentally type

something in all caps highlight it and

push shift f3 to undo the caps when

putting stuff into a plastic ziplock

style baggy roll the top of the bag

outward so that you're placing things

directly into the bag without

contaminating the edge where you seal it

AAA I thought it was a stupid insurance

scam but for $50.00 figured it would be

worth a try

few months later when I was the last one

at work and my car battery was dead it

was a godsend

it lot of comments about aaaa horror

stories here maybe it's a location thing

in the last two years I've had my

battery jumped twice towed once when my

starter went out and a flat tire patched

also called once for a friend with a

dead battery my car is crappy AAA makes

it possible to keep rolling until I can

afford something more reliable don't

overthink before making decisions make

the one your gut tells you to and see it

through to the end of course that

doesn't apply to big life decisions but

for everyday work and personal decisions

it's been helping me a lot

saving me lots of unnecessary stress if

you get life ated a lot when standing up

make it a habit to clench your abs every

time you stand up it sounds weird but it

works I subconsciously do it all the

time now never being the first one to

break a hug with someone you're

interested in I look at my gas gag to

see on which side the tank Liddy's every

time I've had this car for quite some

time thanks but it always go see a movie

and then get dinner so you can talk

about the movie afterwards I love it it

makes me way more comfortable on dates

edit I don't necessarily mean this for a

first date like a lot of people seem to

think edit to spelling if you can't get

all of your poop out insert a finger

into your bag and feel around the back

of your vagal wall and guide it out life

changing just today a friend was

soliciting advice on assisted living /

nursing home for her grandmother i chime

din that she should check with

paramedics in the area i had read on

reddit that they were intimately

familiar with the level of care in

facilities in their area peanut butter

on the side of the tub to give the dog a

bath she sits still for the whole time

and get so much more thorough cleaning

whenever your suppressed out just blow

on your thumb don't really know the

science behind it but it lowers your

heart rate at least for me edit wow I

didn't expect this to have such a big

impact on some of you glad I could help

I really like the one where you dampen a


and put it in with your pizza when you

microwave it the first time I tried I

was amazed that it actually worked

eating oranges in the shower that crap

still hits two years later putting duct

tape on the back of sandpaper

oMG increases its life by a crap-ton no

is a complete sentence this has been

such a life-changing phrase I saw a

thread that involved building confidence

and someone had said something that

helped me so much in high school they

said if you're in a situation and you're

uncomfortable just imagine someone you

look up to and do and say what you'd

expect them to say I had guy on my swim

team who ended up being a really good


he was muscular to the enth degree and

was just so calm and cool all the time

everyone loved the guy and for good

reason so when I was uncomfortable or

didn't know what to do I just channeled

him and tried to emulate what he would

say and do it really helped me a lot and

I'm glad we ended up such good friends

treat others the way you would want them

to treat your grandma makes waiting

tables easier if your milk has expired

or past the sell-by date then pour some

in a cup and smell it before using it

the cap traps dried milk and always

smells spoiled so it won't tell you that

it's all bad just that the cap stinks I

use this today because my milk was dated

for yesterday and the kids wouldn't

believe me that we didn't need to throw

it out pooping with my feet up on a

stool it has made my pooping experience

much better and I feel much more empty

after if you ever forget someone's name

just use this formula sorry what's your

name person whose name you should know

gets angry its Jessica know your family

name oh it's Smith you get them to tell

you their name and you save face for

being a terrible person when I was

learning to drive my brother taught me

how to make sure I wasn't too close

behind the car in front notice when it

passes a lamppost and say only it all

breaks the two second rules slowly to

yourself if you pass the same lamppost

before you finish you're too close

learn to drive way before helpful senses

et Cie were invented I've picked it up

from the office really but seen had

repeated him many times so it counts

whenever I'm about to do something I

think would an idiot do that and if they

would I would not do that thing using

like eighty five percent gray instead of

black for text when printing black and

whites are saving don't argue with

people on the internet almost all of

them are incapable of accepting they're

wrong even with insurmountable proof so

there's no point whenever using a public

toilet take a piece of toilet paper wipe

the seat and flush it now you know

there's toilet paper the seat is dry and

how well it flushes I developed this

into a habit so I'm never trapped

without toilet paper getting wet from

the seat or overestimating the power of

the flush it avoids a lot of

embarrassing situations edit really I do

this with every bathroom that isn't my

own it saved me from numerous

embarrassing situations that my in-laws

house as well as friends houses the tag

of your beds fitted sheet goes at the

bottom right corner turning the sound

off on the microwave when the power goes

out the damn thing resets itself so I

have to turn the sound off each time but

still glad I happened across the tip of

how to do so until then I didn't realize

it was possible to silence a microwave

put on turn signal before breaking if

you are making eggs and a piece of an

eggshell falls in use an eggshell to get

it out honestly out of all the life

hacks I've learned that one is perfect

that if something doesn't impact you

five years from now it's not worth being

mad about getting a friend to call

references I put on my resume pretending

to be a potential employer to see what

they say about me

I open bananas from the non-stem and it

works real well forget if you took your

prescription next time just flip it over

after you've taken it so you know it's

all good

get yourself another debit card on a

separate account use that card for

internet purchases only transfer over

what you need

hacker / scanners can't empty an empty

account as contrived as this may sound

my advice is don't pine breakups happen

accidents happen life happens there's a

time to be sad but don't dwell on it

that's pining be sad

learn from it why are you sad and get on

with your life any time spent pining can

be spent moving forward job interview

didn't go over well guzzle a glass of

wine and trudged on don't spend a week

crying over what could have been

squeegeeing water off yourself after

your shower but before you towel dry

honesty it makes a huge difference in

how quickly you can dry off and it makes

you a bit less cold when you first get

out a door of a building can always be

open from the inside by pushing it so in

case of an emergency everyone can leave

if you want a perfect high-five look at

the other person's elbow ripping the

bottom of a cupcake off and putting it

on top to turn it into a who peopIe

keeps the icing from getting all over

your face if there's a task that can be

done in less than two minutes do it

right away

this avoids buildup of multiple things

and procrastinating leaving oneself also

feeling accomplished another editor once

commented on a thread like this awhile

back saying that they learn to make sure

the bottom of dishes are as clean as the

top since they stack as a man for a

happy marriage sit down to pee give a

little push in that region below your

balls to squeeze out the last few drops

of pee I usually sleep in dry underwear

now to clean a blender immediately after

you use it rinse it out then put warm

water and soap in it then blend it tardy

a line a bowl with tinfoil pour bacon

grease throw a waiting file when bacon

grease has cooled Cologne should be

discovered and not announced also cut

your goddamn nails the beauty of a

shower drink there was once a day about

using questions rather than just stating

your opinions to appear more rational

and sensitive and open for example

instead of saying you

broke the TV you can ask what happened

to the TV simple enough but a game

changer I plan on using let chip it'll

compromise their chicken portion before

a questing' double chicken spare key and

wallet has helped me numerous times I

keep my man meat out of coconuts