Wedding Gift Card/Money Holder With Pocket Slot

hi everyone its Helen here and thank you

for joining me today so today we're

going to be making a wedding card so you

can put some money or a gift voucher in

here and I'll show you everything that

I've used in a moment so this is the

card it measures six by three and a half

and I've made a custom envelope for it

to go in and there's a pocket down at

the bottom here just to put some money

and some gift cards in so there's it's

this enough space in there for you to

put as much as you want in there within

reason okay so let's put that aside and

I'll quickly show you everything I've

used so I've used the Kristina

collection by card-making magic and this

set is called love and marriage and it

comes with a coordinating die set as

well so some of these stamps will fit

inside and some of these die cuts and I

cut your stamps so I absolutely love

this mr. and mrs. here I just love

anything to do with that

so moving on to make the slider part one

slide apart to make the pocket I have

used this round slider die here so I

haven't used anything else it's just

that one there so we're keeping it very

simple today and I've also used just for

these sentiment here that the circle is

on this stitched and pierced nesting die

circle set so I've used this one so I'll

pop that out so all the links will be

down below for everything that I've used

today so let's get started so I'm going

to pop you on to pass on to fast forward

in a moment on this and I've cut my card

stock out with you guys so we're going

to take an a4 piece of gray card stock

then I cut that at six and then we are

going to cut this one at ten and

three-eighths of an inch so that's one

two and three

okay so you're going to be using our

offcuts as well to help us with the rest

of the die-cutting so grab a scoreboard

and we're going to score at three three

and a half score at three and a half and

seven and that's it trying to put

everything away as I go because I don't

mean to end up a huge mess on my desk so

this length here is one eighth of an

inch shorter than a ten and a half

that's why it's ten and three-eighths of

an inch because we want to keep this

flap here

a little shorter so this card can close

properly otherwise you may have trouble

getting it to close so that's that done

and I've already pre-cut some cards here

so this is white card and this measures

I've lost some up here is is my ruler so

this measures five and three quarters by

three and one quarter and this one

measures 1/8 of an inch bigger so that's

five at seven eighths and three and one

two three eighths so these will stack

together perfectly




okay so that's our card mate so now I

just need to quickly show you how to do

the envelope it's really simple so

choose your paper we've got a stamp

spoke to there choose your paper

okay so I'm gonna be using the envelope

punch board and the measurement here is

three and a half by six so I need 8x8

piece of paper and I need to score at

one sorry 3 and 1/8 so I've lined up

here at 3 and 1 eighths punch and school

so now we're going to go by the line

that we've just scored you have to line

it up with this score guide here punch

and school so now we're just lining up

with the previous line that we just made

and there we go so put this back in need

that again in a second so we have our

sides here and our top and the bottom so

on the top end of the punch board we

have a corner rounder

so that was going to give us a nice

round shape so I'm going to do that on

the top and the bottom because the side

panels are going to be hidden using the

bone folder again from this or if you

have another favorite one just use that

one so for the low side thing ok so

we're going to add flou just to here and

here you can use wet glue for this or

you can use some double-sided tape I'm

just going to use some double-sided tape

edges to be fast

using tape press it down with a bone

folder it'll be easier for you to get

the backing off and it'll also make sure

that it gets full stack down to the

paper properly okay so that's our

envelope made and our if card holder so

we're gonna pop that in there and then

this is optional you can just finish it

off with a bit of ribbon as well so blue

down the M after you put your money and

glue it all down and then just tie a

ribbon on

there we go obviously you can spend a

bit more time making sure your ribbon is

absolutely perfect there we go you can

have that in the middle or on the side

so thank you for joining me today

all the links will be down below for

everything that I've used and it also be

a blog post with all the measurements as

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me today and I'll see you next time