How to Design Wedding Programs : DIY Wedding Invitations

hi my name is Melissa Brad the owner of

I do weddings in San Diego I'm here

today to show you how to create your

very own wedding program I love being

able to hand out a wedding program at

the start of a wedding it shows the

formality of the wedding the people that

are involved and also how long the

wedding ceremony is because that's what

I always get asked so here today I have

four samples of very different wedding

programs that you can create on your own

from my friends over at sweet paper this

is the first it's a more rustic option

and includes information on everyone in

the wedding as well as an outline of the

ceremony and on the backside of this

tea-length invitation is a welcome

letter so you can see that it includes

information about the day prior and the

day after this is something that you

wouldn't necessarily hand out at the

wedding ceremony you would do so the

deep-fryer but it's great because it's

everything all in one place

it's a beautiful elegant card and it

saves trees and also a little bit of

money the second option that you see

here is a little bit more traditional

and is four sided you can see that it's

hole punched and tied with ribbon this

also includes information on everyone

involved I think it's really important

to do so to list names and also because

it is a mass and there are quite a few

elements it includes all of those as

well as all the song choices if you do

have a wedding that's more religious and

quite a few of your guests friends and

family are not of the same religion it's

really important to include what's going

on so people can follow along and

finally on the back you can see that the

bride and groom wrote a thank-you note

to everyone and that's a really nice

place to acknowledge parents bridal

party and also people that can't be with

you on the day of the wedding and

finally there's a little bit of

information below about what time the

reception starts parking information and

how to get there

I find that when you have a program it

really breaks the ice because sometimes

there are guests that will be at your

wedding that don't know anyone and just

for that 15 minutes before the ceremony

starts it's something they can do in a


that they can be involved and feel

comfortable here's a similar option

that's also a little bit more

traditional but just presented in a

different manner the thing that I like

about this is that in the program it

lists not only who the people are but

their relations so for example it says

John Smith best man childhood friend of

the groom so just a little bit of

information about the people that are

standing up with you during the wedding

ceremony it's always really nice to

include and a fourth example is this

folded sheet of paper so it's an eight

and a half by 11 sheet printed to side

you can see that this is a template

something that's been filled in with a

bit of design elements as well as

information specific to the bride and

groom and you can see how it's also

printed in one color ink so that helps

keep costs down just a little bit and

this also includes information about the

wedding the order of the ceremony song

selections and people involved but just

done so in a slightly less formal manner

and so by including these elements a

listing of everyone involved in your

wedding of song selections the order of

your ceremony and a few fun details

you'll have your own perfect

do-it-yourself wedding program

I'm Melissa broad with I do weddings and

thanks so much for joining me