How To Write A Wedding Speech. How to Write your Best Man Speech or Maid of Honour Speech

hey guys we talked to people all the

time who are giving wedding toasts and

they have no idea how to write a toast

or how to give one in fact a lot of

people are terrified at the very idea of

being asked to do a wedding toast so we

just wanted to give you our pointers for

giving a wedding toast that rocks are

you ready there's two main points in

giving a great toast

that's the preparation and the execution

at the end of the day you need both if

you have great preparations but poor

execution your speech is going to suck

likewise if you have horrible

preparation even the best execution is

not going to turn your speech into a

masterpiece so diving into the

preparation you need to write a great

speech before you can give a great

speech when you're writing your wedding

speech there are five keys you need to

have inside that speech once you've got

those five keys you don't have to worry

your speech is going to be awesome and

those parts are an intro a great story a

turning point conclusion and a thank you

slash toast once you've got those five

keys guys your toast is going to be

awesome you don't have to sweat so let's

talk about what those are first off your

intro backstory you need to introduce

who you are so people know where you're

coming from are you friends with the

groom friends with the bride talk a

little bit about growing up or what

brought you close why you're giving this

speech once you've got that it's time to

go into your story which is the second

point you need to have a strong story in

your speech people love to hear stories

they don't love to hear speeches so if

you tell a story it's got two main

advantages they're going to be more

engaged and it's going to be easier for

you you're not gonna have to read off a

piece of paper because you know what

happened you can just tell it naturally

the way you talk to somebody for coffee

so once you've got a great story to open

with it's time to pick a few key points

to base your speech around choose a few

characteristics about the bride the

groom or both that you really love about

them what makes them awesome people once

you've got those characteristics think

of a story where they demonstrate it or

fail to demonstrate either of those

basically you pick those points you pick

a story and your speech is 90% done and

you don't even have to worry about notes

because all of a sudden you know the

whole thing in advance all you have to

do is remember your keys and then you

just tell the story step 3 after you've

selected your stories you have to have a

turning point just like in English class

when you're writing a story or you're

watching a great movie there's always a

climax where things are sort of pulled

together in the moment and that is

basically taking these characteristics

and saying why the couple is going to be

so great together do they work great

together have they built upon their

strengths are they going to have a great

future together for a certain reason is

there a certain memory you have where

you really thought wow they're going to

have an awesome future together