Tips on writing Thank You notes after your wedding

hi I'm Amanda from southern bride code

or indeed thank you cards are one of the

non-negotiable bits of stationery

required at a wedding your guests have

given up the day dressed to the nines

and probably bought you a generous gift

they may have even paid a lot of money

to travel and stay at your wedding

absolute least that you can do is send

them a thank you card unfortunately

thank you notes have a little bit of a

reputation for being painful as one of

the last bits of wedding Edmund the

budget and your patience for you to know

that etiquette musto can be wearing a

little thin so today I have a few tips

to make writing your thank-you cards a

whole lot less painful order your

thank-you notes with your wedding

invitations once you've got your cards

you can write in them as your presence

arrive breaking up a mammoth job and to

something a lot more manageable in

places like being my guest offer a

discount if you order your thank you

cards at the same time as your invites

sorts of 11 give your guests something

to remember your wedding by whether it's

just referencing what the gift means to

you or inserting something physical like

a group shot from the day or a lovely

perfect picture of the guests from your

wedding with our thank you cards we sent

CDs with the wedding photos on them and

gave everyone a one each if you're

getting mailing labels printed keep

toasty it's printed that way you don't

have to spend an age looking at the

dresses again and you've got them dear

reading and waiting for the thank you

card as you write them when you receive

a gift drop the details of the item

ontem of the reverse of the greeting

card then you don't have the awkward

situation of having to guess what on

earth my aunt Maude bought you you've

got a year to get your thank you cards

out but do try to get them out within

six months sending out thank you cards

late is better than not sending anything

at all if you're wondering what on earth

to say and you'll think your cards free

it not i'll link 25 wording team pipes

for writing your thank-you cards in the

notes thanks for listening see you next