Welcome Baby Card 2 Step Simple Stamping

hey everybody its Wendy welcome I'm so

excited that you're here today I have

this really cute welcome baby card to

show you

super simple card and we're going to use

the garden in bloom stamp set and the

welcome word stamp set the garden and

bloom stamp set can be found in the

annual catalog and the welcome words is

in the occasions catalog the welcome

ward stamps that will be going away so

you need to get that by May 31st if you

want it we're going to use these colors

today which are watermelon Wonder

cucumber crush Bermuda Bay and daffodil

delight this is such a fun color

combination because it's bright and

cheery and beautiful and excuse me and

you can really just just about make any

card with this color combination I'm

using the stem from the garden in bloom

stamp set and stamped that and cucumber

crush and then I realized I needed to

get my word stamped so that I wouldn't

accidentally not have enough room for my

welcome so I'm stamping that in

watermelon wonder which is one of my

very favorite colors and then I'm going

to stamp the baby in Bermuda Bay right

underneath the welcome again this is

just such a cute stamp set and so

versatile and it has so many options for

creating really really cute

welcome cards and their sentiments that

say welcome to our street and you use

that big welcome in them in small it

says to our street to our world lots of

different cute stuff so now I'm using

the flowers from the garden and bloom

stamp set and stamping it in Bermuda Bay

and I'm going to go ahead and stamp it

on there and as you can see it's a

little bit lighter in spots it's

supposed to be that way and it kind of

gives a watercolor effect and so don't

stress if you see it like that it's it's

supposed to be like that and then I'm

stamping that outline right over the top

of it

so these stamp sets kind of remind me of

like the 90s when it was really popular

to outline everything lots of different

images and and clothing had like

outlines on it and that trend is kind of

coming back and it's always a trend that

I thought was cute so I've kind of

enjoyed it I'm stamping the little

leaves here in cucumber crush and then

flipping that clear block over to stamp

the outlines the one thing I enjoy about

this is that you don't have to have

super precise stamping right because the

idea is kind of this very loose colored

in look it's not so much perfection so I

really enjoy this kind of stamping and

this kind of look I just stamped that in

daffodil delight that little yellow

flower and then I'm going to add the

leaves to it and do the exact same thing

stamp and stamp them twice and then the

this is the cute little butterfly and

I'm stamping it in watermelon wonder and

so the little outline goes right over

the top

this whole stamp set is a two-step stamp

set some of us even three-step so um

it's just a really fun set to use and

then I realized that I did not have the

little leaves mounted onto a clear block

for that one flower so I'm doing that

now and just taking off my flower and

adding my leaves super simple super

quick and and again all the guesswork is

taken out for you there's even a little

arrow on the stamped image itself to

show you which direction to stamp

everything in and how to line it all up

so when I was done with my stamping and

hang tight because there's another card

I want to show you it's the same feel

it's just different so um I'm adding a

few dimensionals here and peeling them

off and then I'm going to add them to a

Bermuda Bay cardstock base that's cut at

five and a half by eight and a half and

then fold it in half to make an a2 side

card and and I'm just going to pop it up

right and kind of Center it on the card

and pop it up and then the other stamp

set that I wanted to show you and are

this not stamp set the other card is

this one so you can kind of see the

difference in the cards and um they're

really cute both of them are really cute

just very different from each other so

um you could play around with a stamp

set like this and just make lots of

variations of kind of the same card and

that's what I did then I decided that

both of the cards needed some bling so I

added rhinestones to the flower and to

the butterfly on this one and then just

to the little flowers on the other one

so once I got my rhinestones put on both

of those I felt like they were super

cute and ready to go now I just have

these sitting in my little stock pile of

cards to send when a new baby arrives

thanks so much for watching I hope you

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