hello everybody and welcome back to my

channel if you haven't seen me before hi

my name is Eve Mary and this is my

youtube channel welcome so if you do not

follow me on Instagram then you probably

will not know this yet but I'm engaged

you Anna proposed to me a couple of

weeks ago and yet so I'm super excited

and so happy and yay so in today's video

I'm going to be showing you guys how I

make the cards for my bridesmaids asking

limit to be my bridesmaids and yeah so

without me off and on let's get into the

video so I'm gonna start by taking one

of these make your own card sets and I'm

just going to tape it down so the paint

doesn't make the card to go wrinkly so

now I'm going to take some white

watercolor and some red watercolor to

make the perfect pink color you just

need to remember that when the paint is

wet it will be darker than when it dries

so now that I have my perfect pink color

I'm going to take a medium sized brush

and just apply it to the card I'm just

doing it loosely so that I have this

nice watercolor effect

two things to bear in mind when you are

doing this step is that the paint is

where the text is going to go so you

need to make it big enough to put will

you be my bridesmaid in there

the second thing to bear in mind is that

what color paint travels wherever there

is water so you need to be very careful

with this as it might ruin your whole

design but you can also use it to your

advantage as applying water before you

apply it pain might give you more

direction with where you want to put the

paint and it might make the paint blend



so moving on to the text and you want to

make sure that the pin is 100% borne and

dry at this point because you do not

want your pen again smudged or absorbing

into the pain so first of all I'm going

to take a pencil and I'm going to draw

out some guidelines just so my writing

isn't squint and then I'm going to write

how why I'm going to say so then to go

over it I used a black fineliner and if

walk capitals at the top

I wrote will you be my and then down

below that in cursive I wrote bridesmaid

and I went over all of the downward

strokes to make it look a little bit

more fancy so now I'm going to write the

card asking her to be my bridesmaid



so now you're going to want to rub out

all of your pencil markings just so your

card looks perfect so now for my final

step I'm going to fold up all of my

cards before I put them into the




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