How To Make a Valid Will In Less Than Four Minutes

hey everybody I'm Paul rappley and in

this video I'm gonna show you how

somebody can make a valid will very

quickly so I'm Paul Rabelais I'm an

estate planning attorney and really a

little project here and and we'll see

how this goes but I've been doing this

for 30 years and of course there's a

school of people that say you should

never ever ever ever ever write a will

without getting an attorney and hiring

the law firms and all of that and then

like it or not there's a group on the

other end that say you know what I'm

gonna do this by myself I'm gonna figure

out how to follow the rules I'm gonna

make my own now where you stand on on

that scale that's that's up to you maybe

you can describe in the comments below

but I just want to show you how how I

will can be made valid will can be made

very very quickly some people stress and

procrastinate and they don't sleep and

they worry they go on a trip they

haven't written their will they're about

to go on the highway for a you know 10

10 hour trip and they haven't written

their will they're nervous and it causes

a lot of stress so this is a little

exercise but kind of fun and let's say

we've got a second set of circumstances

where a husband I'm gonna calling will

will Ryder is his name but he loves his

wife they have two kids together and he

just wants to leave everything to his

wife to make it easy for her and yes he

he knows that she's not gonna do

anything stupid and she's gonna leave it

to the kids so he's just okay leaving

ownership of his estate to his wife and

then you know his wife will perhaps

ultimately leave everything to the kids

he's not worried about if she remarries

she might leave it to her next husband

just one of those real simple

circumstances traditional marriage

leave it to my wife she can leave it to

the kids at truster so the kids are

adults and so no minor you know no minor

children issues they're the the key that

allows me to make this very very quickly

or really allows anybody to make it very

very quickly is that in my state

Louisiana Ola graphic wills are

permitted Ola graphic as a mouth

mouthful in written wills are

permissible and there are other states

that allow for Ola graphic or

handwritten wills they're just as valid

as the typed up notarized ones as long

as you follow the formality rules

alright so what I'm gonna do now is I'm

gonna write my will and we're gonna keep

track of you know how long it takes for

me to write that will and you'll see how

quickly a valid will can be made in

Louisiana and again it's William will

Ryder he wants to leave everything to

his to his wife now his wife might die

before him so he also wants to provide

that if his wife dies before him that

everything goes equally to his two

children William will Ryder jr. and

Wilhemina will writer but will Amenas

the responsible one so he would want

Wilhemina to be the executor if he dies

and his wife has pre deceased him

so a few other issues I'll address in

here but let's jump right in I'm gonna

stand up to do this I apologize my my my

wife and I our five kids all moved out

we bought a little bit smaller home we

haven't even hung the pictures I don't

even have any paper in my home with

lines on it so I just pulled out a

computer printer paper and I'm gonna do

it on this so I'm gonna stand up to do

it but we'll keep track of how long it

takes me make sure you can see it yeah

here we go okay so first I'm gonna do is

I'm gonna write the date which is

November 1 2019 I William will writer

again I don't want to use my name

because I don't wanna mess up any of the

personal stuff I've done declare this to

be my last will and testament I

expressly revoke all prior wills and

codicils cuttle soul isn't a mimetic

okay so that's the first paragraph now

here's the big big one here I leave all

my property to

let's call her Wilma that's my wife will

Ryder and then I'm going to say if Wilma

will writer pre deceases me I mean she

dies before me I leave all my property

to William will writer junior and

Wilhemina will writer comma in equal

portions okay we're making some headway

here now since so many people wonder

about what would happen if a child died

before them let's address it if a child

pre deceases me I leave their share to

their children in equal portions so just

in case a child dies before you and they

have some kids you want to make sure

your child's children get their share

and here we go we're wrapping up here I

named Wilma my wife Wilma will Ryder as

executor of my succession every will

should name an executor if Wilma will


cannot serve I named Wilhemina for which

my kids didn't have such long long names

Wilhemina will Ryder as executor last

sentence my executor may act as an

independent executor and shall serve

without bond and now I gotta sign it at

the end William will writer

what a beautiful signature okay there

you have it

so that is a valid will in our state

which allows for Ola graphic wills and

get back where you can see me so that

does it that didn't take too long I'm

gonna figure out how long that took and

put it in title and so that should give

you a you know an idea of what's

involved in making your own will now my

hope is that people don't watch this see

this think that their particular

circumstances applies exactly to what I

just did and they try to copy exactly

what I just did the you know it's pretty

easy to make a valid will at least in

our state it is and the key though is is

the wording and everybody circumstances

get a little unique so I'm hoping that

somebody just doesn't say well that's

what ever he will should say if that's

that's what William will writer did and

he was married and had two kids that's

what I'm gonna do because I'm married

and have four kids so but everybody's

circumstances a little bit unique and

then this does

address all of the power of attorney

staff and other kind of typical estate

planning legal documents but so many

people stress about not having a will

that just wanted to show you how quick

and easy it would be now the question of

the day is many many people who engage

in the state planning they got to get

lawyers because their circumstances are

challenging enough where there's no way

they could do it themselves they may

have special needs children they may

have forced heirs they may want to be

very very particular about certain

things they leave to somebody they may

want to make sure they address all the

tax consequences or they may want to

address protecting what they have from

lawsuits or nursing homes or other

things so this doesn't necessarily

address some of those circumstances that

are unique and in some cases complex but

this does address some people's

circumstances particularly when it's

relatively simple and particularly when

people aren't uber wealthy and and they

don't want or they can't and some people

just refuse to go hire law firms spend

thousands of dollars to you know

structure their a state legal plan when

sometimes they can go online and change

the beneficiaries of their 401k and it

doesn't cost them anything and that's

where most of their money is it doesn't

make sense to some people so the

question of the day is you know if I

were to create a platform an extensive

platform with all of the appropriate

kind of forms for simple scenario single

people married couples adult children

minor children and have good instruction

both written instruction and video

instructions so that you could do the

simple stuff on your own without having

to go hire lawyers and law firms and pay

thousands of dollars would that be

something you'd be interested in taking

a look at because quite frankly I think

that that at least in my state it's it's

something that the public needs and as

long as they understand the role of it

and understand what they need to do to


sure their circumstances are addressed

properly I'd like to hear about that

from you so so feel free in the comments

below just give give me your comments on

whether you know a platform a website

with video written forms PDFs where you

could address your own circumstances

without having to do all the difficulty

lawyer office stuff whether that be

something that be of interest to ya and

and what would you be looking for and

something like that because we're in the

process of formulating how that could be

built out it's not be for everybody but

it's for those people the who for

example yesterday a financial advisor

who have served many of his clients said

Paul not used to this but I got a client

and and he's got his house it's worth

about a hundred and twenty thousand

dollars and he's got an account with me

it's worth like seventy thousand dollars

he just wants to leave that to his three

kids what should he do and he didn't he

didn't want or maybe even need to spend

several thousand dollars you know

setting up a formal legal program but he

had enough where he wanted to make sure

it would go to his kids so anyway

comment would this be something that be

of interest to you showed you how easy

it is to make a valid will particularly

in those states that allow for Ola

graphic wills you'll have a great day