What to write in a yearbook ad from parents will be available soon

right here we go alright caption writing

there is a formula that we use to write

captions because we don't want real

obvious dull captions for our pictures

so step one here are the parts there's a

lead-in or lead the first sentence and

present tense I run is happening right


second sentence and past tense I ran and

then an optional quote or some other

insight behind what was going on in that

particular picture okay three steps

here's the first step the lead-in and as

you can read it is supposed to capture

the attention when we have done it in

the past yearbooks we've used all caps

and and actually like this on the screen

and in a selected font so we're going to

have to choose the specific font that we

want it throughout the book this tells

you it's like a mini headline

okay so here's an example of this

picture breaking free all right

the first sentence it's R isn't written

in present tense and this is important

it completely identifies the who what

when where and describes the content

okay you're looking for little known

details you want interest and you're

saying what's happening but you don't

want to be really obvious about it

because that's boring so so-and-so is

standing looking at the school longingly

that's boring okay using specific names

visual nouns and strong action verbs so

here's an example and it does say avoid

starting with the individual or group so

in the win

musical comma then you say that who's in

the picture and then here's present

tense perform a duet from the Disney hit

High School Musical

now the second sentence is written in

past tense and it tells you here it's

behind the scenes facts the why and the

how if you want to think of it in those

terms so go beyond the photo here's an

example the pair performed as Gabriella

and Troy while other starring roles

included freshmen linked Lipsitz and

Ryan and Hockaday student Ashley rich as

sharp a kind of kind of awkward wording

they're actually okay and then finally

to add the personalized touch add a

direct quote which looks like it's off

the screen just a little bit okay let's

look at an example that we can see

so here's in this picture this is the

caption so their lead is breaking free

now they started the caption here

underneath that lead we can start the

lead like after a space after free for

example in the winter musical seniors

Charlotte Gunn and Talbert not aleni

perform present tense the duet from the

Disney hit High School Musical now

here's past tense the pair performed as

and then it goes on so the basic formula

lead present tense past tense present

tense for what's going on who what when

where and then why and how is in the

second sentence that is past tense go

behind the scenes okay here's another


alright so of this picture here or might

be the one above it at senior night

December 17th so that's what it was and

when nine Gillis and Molly Russo receive


flower from coach Jennifer Cooper Barlow

okay so yeah you can see the flowers

here the coaches so that was

present-tense receive as present-tense

now past tense and let's get into some

background that we might not notice in

the picture or know about just from the

picture the coaches and teammates

honored the work the seniors put towards

the team now here's a quote to add more

to the story my favorite event is bars

because I have something to hold on to

swinging through the air is thrilling in

such a rush

notice the punctuation correct

punctuation with a comma and then closed

quotation marks and I said okay now I'm

gonna have you do it here's a an image

and go back there we go I want to move

the screen around and I'm having trouble

F gives you the formula right here and I

want you to try it so you start with the

lead-in come up with the first sentence

and then the second sentence and then a

direct quote now we're practicing you're

making up who these people are clearly

it's football because he's got a

shoulder pads on it could be a coach

could be a father it could be the star

player it could be somebody who's just

done something embarrassing on the field

so go ahead and make up what's happening

in order to practice this okay now this

is the assignment that I had given you

because I wanted you to find a picture

that's related to a page that you're

working on and write an expanded caption

for it using the three-step process any

questions okay let's look at some other

examples I probably didn't need to

record that but well and I'm still oh

these are examples of quote captions

that were written in past years so

starts with the lead present tense

this first sentence past tenses the

second sentence and then a quote at the

end is optional reunited and it feels so

good as the seniors settle in on their

first day of school

Fatima Kovac assumes the natural stance

of embracing Bryce near about in a bear

hug the two boys contemplated the

lengthy journey ahead while waiting for

a class meeting to start it's gonna be a

long year reflects Bryce an air about


this is what Katie did last year I don't

want to be this old Briley Miller poses

for a 5-month picture as she started to

cry about being on her stomach her mom

Tori Miller snagged a picture okay one

thing that now this isn't a yearbook

picture but we said last year they could

take a picture of anything in practice

the caption lead-in has something to do

with age and that's what is revealed in

the caption itself and snagged when you

can use active verbs like that and that

are a little more creative and unusual

that makes for a stronger caption I love

this picture I just think it's so it's

intriguing it makes you wonder more

what's he looking at why is he so

serious he's sitting in a boat a

cardboard boat at that okay floating in

physics now that's a strong lead not

only it's short because it's short gets

to the point it's very creative and

gives you imagery with the word floating

plus you have alliteration with the F

sound at the beginning of the two words

okay physics teacher mister Dirksen sets

sail in the fullest extent pronounce

that to teach the few seniors more about

the cardboard boats they will be making

for a race later in the week they were

able to test their boats in the handmade

pool outside science room Phil's

so you couldn't upset okay fantasy

football again you've got a literation

there during football practice coachmen

duska warms up his arms so he can throw

accurate passes to his pumped up proto

geez prodigies excuse me coachman duska

always dreamed of being a quarterback so

you have a little bit of background in

that second sentence it's past tense now

regarding the photograph typically

you're not going to have picture in a

picture like that but this is also a

well taken photograph because you have

the subject of your picture the coach

here on the side in the background you

have the players in that nice

symmetrical little stance as they are

warming up the colors are bright and

vivid and crisp as well we'll take a

picture okay this is nice for Kansas for

sure the day's end the Kansas Sun set in

late August and Pilsen this beautiful

sunset was seen on a walk home okay

here's one that has a quotation in it

hard at work so that's speaking to

what's happening in the photograph

superintendent Beeson continues a very

hard work day at center high she had

spent her life getting where she is

today one of the things things she

learned along the way is clear and

consistent communication responsibility

for performing the multiple roles of

leadership and the time necessary to get

the job done are characteristics of work

of work ethic I value in my role as

superintendent and principal when you're

an advocate for students and teachers to

create a positive and energetic learning

environment in such a good feeling okay

now this actually was a caption that was

put in a newsletter so it's a little bit

longer than what we'll see in a yearbook

but it has that same formula okay

we had junior high kids also writing

last year my birthday these junior high

girls at this picture okay

we're going to Wichita to see a movie

are going to Wichita to see a movie

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