Yearbook Masterclass: How to Select Theme, Design, & Content

I'm so sorry that this video is going to

be super long consider this your

yearbook master class holidays welcome

to my channel my name is Martha and if

you are familiar with my channel you

know that this is a very different type

of video I have lots of tricks up my

sleeve I've done lots of different

things and if you're not in you then

this is something totally different that

I've never actually done on my channel

but today I wanted to share to you guys

if you are a yearbook editor if you are

a year but contributor whatever you do

if you're on your journalism or yearbook

team club class at school this video is

for you and I'm happy that you were

joining me because I have a couple of

things that I want to share that will

help you create the best yearbook for

your school so if you are interested in

learning a couple of tips from a

previous your book editor-in-chief then

keep on watching okay so I'm so excited

to present to you guys my babies these

are my babies so let me just explain um

for those of you who don't know I was

the lifestyle editor for this yearbook

my sophomore year in high school and

then for my senior year in high school I

was the editor-in-chief for this

yearbook today I'm gonna talk about

three different things first theme the

second one is content and the third is

design three very important things that

I think are super critical for your

yearbook creation so the first thing is

theme the most important most important

thing about a yearbook is having a theme

that is reflective of your school and of

your class

this was our 25th anniversary of our

school it's very reflective I'm sorry

about that

so that was something that was very

important and

you know from school administrators they

wanted to give up to be a 25th

anniversary edition which is cool except

for when you're creating a theme for a

yearbook a 25th anniversary theme isn't

something that is very creative or able

to interpret easily so I actually was

the one who came up with the theme for

the yearbook and it is called yesterday

today and tomorrow we wanted something

that was of course honoring the 25 years

of our past and also the that 25th year

and also the future that was to come for

this yearbook my pride and joy the theme

I want of course be very reflective of

our class my class and my senior class

was the first ever class graduating

through the cam bridge international

program so that was a huge like

highlight and so the theme that I

actually ended up creating for this

yearbook was destined to be I really

felt like my class my classmates my

peers my friends that we were all very

much going to be successful in our next

chapter that we were going to be

destined for success destined to do

great things out in the world in our

careers and her passions and everything

and yeah this theme was received very

very highly and I love it so the next

thing is you want your theme to be

unique and you want it to be authentic

those two things are very very important

in creating a theme if you go onto

Google or Pinterest or whatever and look

for yearbook themes you're going to find

a lot now there are some very awesome

ones out there that I saw I'm going to

throw them up on the screen right now

but then there are also some that I was

just like yeah and mainly it's because

they're not unique and they're not

authentic they're very cringe

you know and you guys know what I'm

talking about

it's like those things like leaving our

print and then it's like a paw print in

the back or the time is now or something

like that those themes like we've done

it like it's time to move on

think of something you think of

something authentic that is true to you

true to your class true to your school

and that is unique that nobody else can

like copy that so for both of these I

had never seen any themes like this and

I created both of these themes so

yesterday today and tomorrow it's kind

of like saying but maybe not

traditionally used as a theme for

anything but that was what made it

unique this one is very authentic and

this is very unique destined to be I've

never seen a yearbook ever ever that has

this title maybe there is out there but

yeah so you want to create things that

are very unique and authentic to your

class okay the third thing that is very

important also is that you keep your

theme timeless so that you can look back

four years after 10 years after 25 years

after and that you're not embarrassed of

the theme that you picked these themes

are things that I think are still

timeless till this day and let me just

tell you it's been six years since I

have helped created this yearbook and it

has been four years since I've helped

create this yearbook and till this day I

absolutely love these yearbooks try to

avoid themes that are very like trendy

that are very cool at that moment like

social media and like you know just

popular things at the moment that you

know or justified and that 20 30 years

later aren't going to be you know cool

anymore so try to pick a very timeless

timeless I cannot stress it enough a

timeless theme because you aren't going

to hate yourself later on if you pick a

terrible theme my final tip for the

theme point of this is pick a theme that

is all inclusive and representative of

everyone and that you can interpret

through different elements that won't

limit you and I'm gonna hit that a

little bit later on but really consider

what I just said you want this theme to

really represent and include everybody

not just sports people and not just you

know the cheerleaders not just the Nerds

not just the art people you want it to

include everybody

so if I stuck a bunch of flowers all

over this this is obviously going to not

fit in with lots of other people but if

I put in like a bunch of schools or like

guitars or something like that and then

not everybody would like that so pick a

theme that is inclusive and

representative everybody okay moving on

to the second point which is content so

the first thing that is super critical

is that you are telling a story don't

forget that this is a book you are

telling a story a book about that year a

book about what happened what everybody

experienced you're telling a story using

images using articles that support each

other so for example in the lifestyle

section I was able to include this page

which was an article that I wrote called

us in to be kind of explaining what the

theme of the book was so you want to

include things that tell a story out of

your book anything um is involved your

school so what I recommend is also to

utilize other classes or other clubs as

well for example if you have a

photography class if you have a photo

shop or if you have you know some of

those classes plan in advance

and ask those teachers hey like if there

is there any way that your students can

you know work on the picture for the

yearbook or if your students can

specifically design you know like the

cover of this or that or whatever

include as many people as you can

number one it is awesome because people

feel like they were a part of making it

and number two it'll be another selling

point because they had a part in making

a yearbook they'll want to buy that

yearbook so that is one way to help sell

your yearbooks as well another way to

involve your school it was hard to take

pictures of everything to be everywhere

at one time you know so what I actually

did this is back in 2014 guys when I

made this yearbook Instagram didn't

exist really what I meet this one but

when I made this one Instagram was you

know blowing up at the time so what I

did was I made an Instagram page and you

know I had people post their own

pictures on their own accounts and then

tag our yearbook account or and we also

made a hashtag we made a chess yearbook

14 I think it was or whatever and we had

people tag their pictures there and then

we would include all of their pictures

that they submitted to do their so

you'll see right here we did our hashtag

and then the pictures that people

submitted and then over here like

photobombs and fails and things like

that how do you recommend that you'd

make an Instagram or Twitter account or

a Facebook group page okay the third

thing with content is that you want to

include topics trends and ideas that are

obviously really important and really

popular at that time is just listen and

notice what your school talks and likes

and why yeah don't just include things

that you personally like or that you

think other people will like real

pay attention to the things that people

are talking about really know what they

are interested in what are their passion

something that was really obvious from

my classes that they loved traveling was

that they loved adventures that they

loved doing things and activities and

being a part of something which is maybe

the case for you but not always the case

for everybody so I tried to include that

as much as I could there's pages about

traveling there's pages of what they you

know want to do what they are going to

do and things like that so if you're

paying attention to your peers make sure

that you are incorporating what their

passions are as well into the yearbook

so for example you will soon be here we

ask people where they wanted to move to

in the future and included a map what

they were doing color runs were like all

of the rage in 2014 and then we did

hashtags were like exploding again

Instagram was on the rise so we had a

bunch of cool hashtags then over here I

had a huge page on today's trends and

what we like now so everything we

covered all the top apps we covered the

music the movies that icon just shows

things like what's cool what's cooler

Pandora or Spotify from Android or Apple

and Netflix or Hulu and then we even did

with like that Instagram account we did

it a week in Instagram so Monday crush

man crush Monday transformation Tuesday

woman crush Wednesday throwback Thursday

flashback Friday Saturday night and

Sunday selfie so yeah just doing things

like that will really include a lot of

people the fourth thing is design so

design is obviously really important so

let's start with the first thing which

is a

creating an aesthetic which basically

that includes your colors and your cover

that is going to be your overall

aesthetic so for us my yearbook advisor

was very set on having three colors your

primary color your secondary color and

then your complimentary color she only

allowed us to do three colors that side

this one my silver blue and red which

are our school colors blue and red and

then with this one I went a little bit

crazy and I did a turquoise purple and

green and I also threw in a dash of

silver so just talking about covers

really quickly so for this cover like I

mentioned this is our 25th anniversary

which was a very important year for us

so we splurged a little bit on our cover

and we went with a metallic cover which

was really cool and basically we have

never done a yearbook that was metallic

so doing that that was kind of our you

know cover focal point that this was

metallic and that's why the design is

very simple we just did err a huge line

in arrow that goes throughout the back

and the front saying yesterday today

tomorrow and then the title I didn't

design the cover of this yearbook how I

designed it I would have done it a

little bit differently but I still think

that overall this is very simple and

very good okay so for is this cover I

just wanted it to like explode like

explode on your face because that was

our you know class we were gonna go out

and explode like never before growth and

stuff like that and so we have triangles

triangles are really cool and like the

design world at that time and my

triangles or emboss different shapes

different sizes

and different colors and they pop up a

little bit because of the emboss that

they have the letters I decided to put

the title right through the middle of

the like explosion of triangles you

can't really see and that is one of my

biggest regrets with this yearbook that

the title was really hard to read and I

should have done it in all caps I don't

know why I ended up deciding to do it

the way I did do it but I wish I would

have done it in all caps working with

now the overall cover is turquoise and

at that time ombre was super huge and so

I did a gradient cover and this is also

soft touch which I really liked so your

colors and your covers are going to be

your overall aesthetic and you want to

make sure that you really are selective

and very critical and analyze every

single thing why are you choosing those

colors why are you embossing this or why

are you choosing this texture over that

texture those decisions are very

important okay the second thing is again

like I mentioned in the content one the

second one with design is tell the story

so you want to tell your story through

design using the design elements of you

know art so like I say that this one the

theme was yesterday today and tomorrow

so with that theme how are you going to

interpret that throughout the whole

entire yearbook what design elements are

you going to use to actually bring that

theme to life so what they ended up

deciding for this one was using arrows

using lines using time lines things like

that throughout the entire entire

yearbook um and you'll see it like this

you have a huge arrow right over here

and then with this one with the design

elements as you can tell from the cover

we did lots of triangles you'll see a

bunch of triangles all throughout the

yearbook with lines of course as well

and diamonds those were like the main

shapes that I wanted to use third thing

that I highly highly recommend which was

again one of my regrets as well is add

layers of dimensions in a texture as

much as you can because I can't your

your book can get very one-dimensional

very easily and that makes it kind of

boring so for example with this one we

layered a lot of our diamonds up on top

here we create a texture with tiles and

yeah we would just try to wear as much

as possible throughout the entire


I recommend that you go to your Barnes &

Noble or your local book store whatever

and go there's a magazine section just

walk through the magazine section and

look at all of the covers and whatever

your I pose wherever you like feel drawn

to take a note of that so maybe it's the

font of this magazine or maybe it was

the colors that were used things like

that everything that catches your eye

take note of it and then essentially

what you want to do is recreate that

kind of feeling that thing that draws

you to that page so that you can

implement that into your yearbook so

people won't be drawn to the pages and

not just you know glance over them but

that they'll actually be pulled into it

okay so those were my tips for the theme

the content and the design so you're a

yearbook editor or a contributor or

whatever you are I hope you guys enjoyed

this video if you did find it at all

helpful make sure to give this video a

thumbs up let me know down below in the

comments what kind of theme you are

pursuing for your ideas or your

suggestions for other people who are

creating their yearbook I hope you guys

loved my babies just as much as I do

I love you so much and being a part of

creating a yearbook is amazing it is so

cool it is a blessing and I hope you

guys enjoyed the process of cleaning

your year but because it is a feeling

like no other to be able to hone them

years later and say I made this like


I made anyways thanks for joining me

today I'll see you guys again really


bye guys