How to Find Yearbooks Online on Ancestry.com for Genealogy Research

so let's dive in and talk about


how you can explore them and find some

answers to your

research questions for your ancestors

as well as yourself when you want to


the ancestry yearbook collection you

need it to go up to the top

to search after

you click the drop down menu all

collections you'll come

to this page now after you click on


all collections you come to this page

now i have recently viewed the you

yearbook collection so

it is appearing right here in my

recently viewed collection

but you're going to want to come down

here to the school

directory section right here

and then click on school directories and

church histories

and then you're going to scroll down

here to us

school yearbooks once you're on this


the fun can begin so

let's go ahead and start broad and then

we can narrow

things down the first thing i want to do

is to go ahead and search geisler

when you start broad what you can do is

you can then narrow it

down to more specifics but

what if your ancestor is

um in a place that you did not expect

when you start broad you might be able

to pick them up somewhere

so we're gonna narrow down bit by bit by

bit to

get to different cool topics that we

will want to explore

so let's say we want to find all of the


geisler's i typed geisler geisler

the george geislers that are in the


collection now you will always want to

check back

often because ancestry will be adding

new yearbooks

as they become available so

just because your ancestor is not in

a yearbook right now does not mean they

won't be there

in the future as we scroll down we can

see that we just have all of the george

geisler's and there's a lot in oregon

and delaware but my

george skyslers were from ohio

so now i can go ahead and scroll down

and look for ohio

so once i put george geisler in ohio

i'm just gonna see the georges from

ohio and i finally found

a hit now this is george geisler

from west high school in columbus and

he's actually

a junior we can go ahead and then go

view the

record and notice i've already saved

this to my family tree

but i'm going to go ahead and show you

that ancestry will

highlight your

person as well as their name right there

and then you can see his classmates you

can go

a few pages forward and backward

you can also dive a little deeper

and see here are the seniors that year

and look by coming hopping around here

i'm on page five

i have a picture of what the school

looked like back then

how cool is that so let's go ahead and

explore further now another

way you can search is you can search by


to see what yearbooks might be

available for the place that you're

researching so

i'm going to search for houston harris


texas and i'm first just going to see if

that location

appears in the database so with a place

like houston

it should if you have a smaller location


not so much for now but notice we have a


wide range of topics from university of


houston reagan high school dolby high


from 1959 1960 1997 so that's really


now what i want to do is i want to see


the um school elsic

high school is in the database so i can

go ahead and type in

elsic high school and i'm going to go

ahead and do an exact match

and type cert and press the search


and notice i have entries for elstick

high school there

in houston texas so then let's say

okay i had some friends that went to

eltick high school

between 1990 and 1994. so i'm going to

go ahead and pick a year

in the middle 1992 and do plus or minus

two years and see what happens

so we have somebody with the last name

elsic but they're over in

florida now what happened well

ancestry tried to give you a result but

it doesn't look like eltick high school

for the years 1990 through 1994

have yearbooks in their in the ancestry


right now if you want to know how to


your yearbook to ancestry or a yearbook

you have

for a relative go ahead and hang on to

the end of the video and i will tell you

how now instead of looking for

elsic high school i can look for the


high school

in this case i know that my brother went

to this high school so let's go see what

he looked like back then

so he went to eltick high school between


1895 but 1985

that's probably the midpoint of when he

went there

and unfortunately the search doesn't

always work

correctly so if you get some strange


even though you put these filters in

then i would actually go back to the

beginning of the

yearbook search page clear out the


and start over now often it pays

not to have an exact match

um selected so let's go ahead

and do david geisler houston harris

county texas

a leaf hazel hastings high school and

there he is

when i just searched for hastings high


i get a lot of strange results but once

i finally put

in a leaf hastings high school there

is my brother

don't we look alike okay so now

there's some other things that you might

want to do

so my brother had a friend whose name

was george and i don't remember his last

name but i do remember what he looked


so i'm just going to type in the name


again i'm going to do um houston harris

county texas

a leaf hastings high school

and type search

and i do have that 1990 again

but the george i'm looking for should

have been

intending there between in the late 80s

so i'm gonna put eight

1985 um

two for two years and let's see if i can

filter this down to the george i'm

looking for

and sure enough this gentleman right


is the george that i was looking for

and i could go ahead and use this george

to go ahead and enhance my brother's

story about who his best friend was

for the drumline for the hastings

bears go bears now after you find

a record that you want to save a

yearbook entry that you want to save

to your family tree how do you go about

doing that

well this is my dad's cousin anita anita

has passed away

but i know that this is her and she

attended west high school

in columbus ohio on her about 1966 and

her birthday was very close to 1950

so all i have to do is in this profile

entry is press

save save to someone in your tree

and type her name anita

so i can go ahead and use this

form to migrate her information over


i know that that is her correct name she

was born

about 1950 and then if i didn't have

this information before

over here on the right then it will be

new information

um right now i could overwrite it here's

one little thing

i like to do i like to clean up the

locations and make them all the same

so there's one way to go all i did was


copy paste overwrite anytime you have

any record that you're attaching and you

want to fix

a location to make it more standardized

city county state and country

you can fix it right there super easy

all right

so that's a bonus tip go ahead and save

to your tree

and then i'm going to have this

entry of the school yearbooks for anita

so i hope you enjoyed that exploration

of yearbooks

that can be found in ancestry.com

if you have any more questions about how

to find your relatives

or yourself in ancestry's yearbook


be sure to ask them in the comments

section below

now how do you donate a yearbook that

you may have

in your home for yourself or a relative

so that your yearbook can be included

on the ancestry website well the very

first thing you have to do is make sure

that you

never want to have that book back

because ancestry

will accept a yearbook that

you don't mind them ripping up the spine

so that they can rapidly

scan those yearbooks in so yes the book

will be

damaged once it's done so if you have no


donating the book then you can contact

ancestry's record collections go ahead

and just

find the contact us

section on ancestry and find out the

procedures to donate your books

to make sure that your ancestors and you

are in the collection for the

generations to come

so my name is devin noelly i hope you

enjoyed this video

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