How to Write an "About Us" Page that Makes You Money

alright here's something that's gonna be

really surprising for you nobody wants

to hear about you in the about Us

section of your website yeah I know it's

counterintuitive because it says about

us so if they click it shouldn't you

tell them about you well kind of the

reality is nobody's actually interested

in you what they want to hear is how are

you working for me in other words in the

about Us section don't tell my

grandfather started the company and

we've been in business 100 years none of

that has anything to do thing tell them

that you fell in love with lawn care and

lawn maintenance many years ago because

you believe in the beauty of everybody's

lawn and everybody should walk out of

their house and enjoy a lawn and that

just gets you up in the morning and

drives you see when I make the about us

about you it makes you want to do

business with me so go back through the

about Us section on your website even

the bios of your team members and it's

okay if you tell me where you went to

school but tell me you went to school

there because you loved solving this

problem for customers in other words

just take some customer spice and pour

it through the About section take some

customer centric spice and pour it

through the BIOS get your company

customer centric rather than you centric

and customers will fall in love with you

why because they're all hurting and

they're looking for help they're not

looking for somebody who will tell their

story they're looking for somebody whose

story is about solving their problems so

in the about Us section rewrite it and

make it about your customer