Programs to Help You Become a More Efficient Administrative Professional

hey everyone I hope you're doing well I

just want to take a little bit of your

time to go over some wonderful tools to

help you on a day-to-day basis as an

administrative professional there are

some great tools and programs out there

that we can use to help us be a little

more efficient be proactive stay ahead

of everyone else as well keep everything

organized and not make ourselves so

overwhelmed with all you know a bunch of

emails a bunch of papers etc so let me

tell you a little bit about myself my

name is Amy Reese I am the senior

executive assistant to a president and

CEO I have been an administrative

professional for 27 years I have worked

in many different capacities over my 27

years from a receptionist and his

secretary administrative assistant and

executive assistant and now senior

executive assistant I have worked for

mostly directors and vice presidents

presidents of companies each person is a

little bit different so you do tend to

UM tweak things to help them as well as

yourself but over time we all have to as

Administrative Professionals stay on top

of technology so that way we can

actually be at our best every time so

I'm going to go over some programs that

I use and why I use them and you can

actually probably tweak these if you

don't have access to them you can

probably go ahead and get online Mike

because these are all Microsoft products

they're all super super easy to use you

don't have to take a huge big course on

them actually I'm very happy with the

programs that I'm going to show you

because they are very user friendly you

don't have to spend a whole lot of time

training they're pretty easy to figure

out so they've naturally made stuff

pretty simple for everybody so I mean

the last thing we want as an

administrative professional is have to

spend two or three days learning a new

program so the first one I'm going to

show you is called planner and the

reason I like planner is because it is

one where you actually if you have a

large group of people what you can do is

if you've got

will people on a project you can

actually set up a planner and you can

assign tasks to different people you can

come up with a different bucket list you

can come up with your to-do list you can

assign people and tasks so planner is

really nice if you have a project and

you've got multiple people and you want

everybody be on the same page and you

don't want to be sending hundreds and

hundreds and hundreds of emails and

trying to keep up with all those the

last thing that we like is you know when

you have 50 folders in your inbox and

you're having to search through all

those emails to find something so I

already went ahead and kind of set one

up just that you can kind of get a

general idea of what it'll look like but

when you go to new plan up the hair to

the left it's going to open a let me

just do it so that way you can kind of

see so I'm just going to make this test

that way for argument's sake just so

that way you can see it you're going to

name your plan and you'll create your

plan um it'll take a minute for this

whole thing to kind of you know go

through that little process but in the

meantime while it's you know creating

it's a little test document planner

actually is a it's a time-saving tool

for all of us if you have the person

who's actually in charge of making sure

that everybody stays on task this is

where you can easily do that so the

first thing I'm going to do is I'm going

to go back here to my planner hub where

I've actually already started the

tutorial for you so that way you don't

have to sit here and watch me type

everything but there's a to-do list so

you can set up your to-do list and

basically you just click on your little

arrow and you type kind of what your

task is you can set the due date you can

actually assign it to someone if you'd

like and what's nice is that once you

get that set up there's these little

flags over here that you can actually

color code you can make this only

conference call you can make this

priority and you can tag it so this

particular one is going to be purple for

conference call you can actually then

make a description you know put it just

a blank description in here and you can

click on show on card which means it

shows right here where it says this is

our first call you can attach a file

Word Excel PowerPoint any kind of file

you want you can link it put a hyperlink

in for you if you want to you know

share it with your onedrive if you want

to put pull a file off of the Internet

you can link that you can start a

conversation so you can make comments on

this project and then the person who

comes in can see it and they can make

comments so you can kind of have

everything right there in that little

box so everything is just literally

right at your fingertips and then these

little things are called buckets so this

one I happen to is called building

schematic so anything that has to do

with a building schematic is going to

fall in this little bucket and you can

add your tasks right there under that

bucket the same way that you do your

to-do list it'll have the same function

and you can actually color code it a

different color if you want you know say

you want all your building schematics to

be orange so everything that's in orange

you know it has to do with building

schematic and with the road planning you

know the same concept so you can do as

many buckets across there as you want

and then just color code them if you'd

like and keep everything in one then

this is where you add your members so

you'll put like the person that's going

to be say you have 10 people so you're

going to invite 10 people to be part of

this planner so all 10 people are going

to have access to this planner now only

members of this planner can see this no

one else can see this so this is a tool

that only you guys can use and you will

be the only ones that have access to it

so make sure that you include everyone

that is involved in the project they can

edit it they can make changes to it they

can add stuff to it they can do whatever

but it's all right there it saves you

guys a lot of time from having to worry

about trying to figure out who sent what

email when what the last project was if

someone needs an update and they can't

get ahold of the person who normally

they get ahold of you can probably go in

here and give them an update because you

will have access to the most up-to-date

information for that particular project

so planner is just a super super awesome

tool for you to keep everything in one

place especially when working on a big

big project and you can you know assign

people to different tasks that's one

that's really really really great and

what's nice about planner 2 is it links

to OneNote so if you have like someone

who is sending the telt say of the

teleconference and you recorded them

minutes and you've transcribed the

minutes so you have them in a document

and it's really really long if you want

you can copy and paste and write in hint

in here to OneNote so that way everybody

has access to it you don't have to send

out the minutes for everybody's email

you can make this little page called you

know teleconference minutes and the date

and then you can copy and paste right in

here into this little section and it'll

actually keep it's going to ask me for a

section name I haven't done yet but you

know once you assign it then you just

pop you and paste it right on in there

so it makes it super super nice so let

me just go ahead and just do this so

that way you can kind of see so

teleconference notes okay okay so now

you can put up here that say it was

twelve thirteen at sixteen and then you

can you know pipe you can type I'm just

going to put just for fun in here just

so you have a general idea but you can

actually just copy and paste everything

in there so you kind of see the general

idea you know sort of what's right in

there and this is actually linked to

your planner so anything that's put in

here is going to actually be linked to

your planner so when you go back to you

um let me go back to your planner you're

going to go up here to charts as well

and charts is really nice because it

actually is going to tell you when you

start assigning tasks where everybody is

on their tasks so you'll have a little

bar there and what's assign what's not

assigned so that's just a really really

quick way to look at it so you've got a

lot of options in here but yet

everything is super super friendly and

easy to use so I did bring up OneNote

and I want to talk a little bit more

about OneNote because OneNote is one my

other one all-time favorite programs to

use it is so so much easier to use

sometimes a sort than via email if you

have an executive that gets hundreds and

hundreds even thousands of emails the

most frustrating part is to go through

and try to search for an email it is

just it's so so time-consuming so you

can actually set up your own OneNote and

this was the one I'm doing online but

you actually have one that you can on

your desktop as well so you can put

anything in here as well you can put

contacts you can put you know internal

sales meetings you can copy you can do

is you can search in OneNote just like

you search in email and it's so nice

because you can find stuff so much

easier you can insert files you can

insert you know pictures links file

attachments you can search anything you

want you can print you can print

something you know if you want to print

a page off you can print your page you

can it's got a lot of flexibility and

it's it's real time too and you can view

it offline so that's really really nice

about that when you view it offline is

that if you update a bunch of

information and then the your boss is

flying say for a long time he can go

into OneNote and still read everything

before he gets to his next meeting

because he doesn't have to be online to

read it because it's actually on his

desktop so you know here's my version of

my little desktop down here you know you

can see the little search speech feature

here so if I want to search by something

it would be right there I could search

it real fast you can you know add pages

up here's where you add your little

sections so there's all kinds of stuff

that you can do within OneNote that is

absolutely truly amazing I mean it's

just it's one of these things where I

just can't say enough about it I mean

you can you know you can do different

different weeks for your internal

meetings you know there here's here's a

prime example there's anna powerpoint

presentation that's been attached you

can keep track of this one here's

restorer visits so you've got options

here where you can put the store name

and then you can put the dates that you

visited so this is pretty much endless I

mean you can do just about anything you

want with it you have the ability to

share so if you want to share your

OneNote or your what notebook page with

someone you can so that makes it really

nice to is that you know that you do

have the option to share that page so

there's this is another feature that it

just makes it so easy for you guys to

kind of like you know just work out your

your you know meeting notes and minutes

and whatever else that you need for your

boss so it doesn't have to be

through email and whatever you want to

search so this right here is another

extremely powerful tool that will really

help with a lot of your you know just

your day to day it really really will I

mean we use it religiously and we have

found that we like it so much better

than you know even use an Outlook this

has got a whole lot more it's easier to

use it's user-friendly I mean it doesn't

take a whole lot at all so this is

another one that I want to talk a little

bit about and then there's there's other

one called

sway and I did a little bit on sway a

while ago but I'm going to actually show

a little bit more detail on sway sway is

something that I used religiously I use

it every day actually for an agenda that

I do for one of my bosses and it

actually he's uses it has a little

favorite of his and he uses it all the

time so that actually makes it really

really nice because I just updated it's

real-time he doesn't have to worry about

waiting any changes you make to it is

right away now a couple things that I

want to show you I've actually already

done it but this because 4 times safe

this actually does take quite a while

but on this particular one when you're

getting ready to start a new sway so I'm

just going to go up here I'm going to

put sway I'm going to hit create new you

have an option to choose your

backgrounds and you can actually use the

backgrounds they give you or you have

the option to upload them from your

device from Twitter YouTube Flickr

whichever you want to do I'm just going

to go ahead and use it just this one

here just for times sake so I'm just

going to click on that one and drag it

and then just put a title in here so you

know I'm nice all so that happens to be

just your title slide and if you have

noticed everything that I'm working on

sway is actually showing up in the

background you can kind of see it right

here where what I just types a nice call

so it's sort of showing up back there

and everything that you do in sway is

actually done on cards so each one is

called a card and the next one say I

want to put an image in here

okay so my this one's going to be an

image and I'm going to choose let's say

I'll choose this one so I'm just going

to put that one in there and I'm really

not going to say anything about it

because I just wanted it to be an image

and I'm going to insert another part in

this one I'm actually going to do text

so I'm going to say like Hotel details

and what's really nice about the hotel

details is you can actually go out here

you can actually go out here to say the

Hilton say I want to do Hilton Garden

Inn and I'm just going to pick whatever

one comes up so you've got the Hilton

Garden Inn this help so happens um so

I'm going to click on the website and

I'm actually going to copy the link and

I'm going to actually paste it right

here see what I'm just going to

highlight Hotel details and then I'm

going to copy and paste that right there

that makes it a hyperlink so that way if

they want to you know click on that to

see their hotel information they can

click on it it's going to take them

right to their hotel website they have

the address they have the phone number

everything they possibly can eat all

they have to do is just click on that or

it says Hotel detail so that makes it

really nice because then you don't have

to do you know full-blown agenda so I

just made that one my little text and

say that I want to put a video in and

this one's really nice too because you

can add a video and adding a video you

actually have to drag it over you can

actually add a video as well from the

list I'm probably going to go ahead and

do that just because if you know times

sake and everything else so I know that

this one right here happens to be a

video so I'm just going to put that one

right there but if you wanted to

actually do one from your own you can

actually go out here to your you know

your My Documents or whatever and you

can actually drag so I already had one

here and you can actually drag it and

drop it over there it will take a little

bit longer sometimes it can take five

minutes you know to thirty minutes it

just kind of depends upon how big the

file is so but I'm going to just make

this I just want fancy titles so I'm

going to say video of nature so

everybody can know that that is the

video of nature so that's another one

that you can add so my next one what I'm

going to do is I want to add another

card and this time I want to add text

actually I want to add another image but

this image let me choose another image

so let's just do this one let's drag it

over here and this this particular one I

actually want to get a little bit more

detail so I'm actually going to say that

we're going to eat at a certain

restaurant so I want to do restaurant

details and normally what I would do is

actually pick a picture of the

restaurant but in this case I'm not

going to so I'm just going to put I know

for argument's sake McDonald's because I

know that if I put that in it's all

going to be so I'm going to go up here

back up here I'm going to Google

McDonald's so I can get a little image

so we're just going to do McDonald's

fries and a copy and paste this again

over here and sway cuz I'm going to link

it and that way they can all they'll be

able to pick click on the link and

they'll have all the information for

McDonald's so that way it's the same as

the hotel information they'll have the

hyperlink and they'll be able to have

all the restaurant details they'll be

able to look at the menu and they'll be

able to decide you know if that's really

want to go or if there's dietary

restriction they can check the menu so

that it kind of does help you in a way

have all the details right there without

having to do a full-blown Word document

agenda and everything else so that's

another way so now that I kind of have a

general it's a small sway this is not

you know a huge one you can preview and

see kind of where you're at and you can

kind of set the layout so you see where

it says nice call if I click here it's

going to take me over here to the Hilton

is where I have you know the the nice

little hotel details and if I go down

here you know I've got the little video

of nature so it's gonna

around using on

then if I go down here to whoops as

McDonald's take me out there to the

McDonald's website so you've got several

little really neat options right there

where you know you've got a lot that you

can do in a short amount of time you can

actually also insert a PowerPoint

presentation that's another thing that

you can do and that one I'm going to go

ahead and add this one I'm going to add

text so I'm just going to put PowerPoint

presentation but I mean you could call

it whatever you want but I'm just going

to make it you know pretty simple and

what's nice about the PowerPoint

presentation is that I'm also going to

kind of do that as a link and that one

actually have saved on my onedrive I

want to be able to have the link so when

you have files on your onedrive and you

click right here you can click get link

and it'll give you a link and I just

copy the link over here and paste okay

so let's let's see what that preview

looks like because some people are

really concerned sometimes about putting

a PowerPoint presentation in to sway

because they're not real sure how it's

going to work

the thing about the PowerPoint

presentation in sway is is that you when

you click on it app actually opens

PowerPoint online and you have the

option to go ahead and start the

slideshow but you can control it so you

know like right now I'm hitting the

button you know back and forth so you

have that ability to still do a

PowerPoint like you normally would you

just you know can go back and forth you

can actually also change your PowerPoint

presentation into a video and I'll show

you a little bit about that here shortly

because that's another feature that I

really like that has been kind of

time-saving for me so that so you at

least you know that if you put something

in there it's still going to work

properly because how I showed it to you

is exactly how everyone will see it

now once you have your sway together and

it's exactly how you want it to have the

ability to share it I always go ahead

and go down to more options

this one actually will say required

password but normally on the more

options it actually gives you two two

ways one so people can't duplicate it

and two is they can't make chain

so I always uncheck those because I

don't want anyone to make changes and I

don't want anyone to duplicate it and

then why click on anyone with a link and

this is the link that you will actually

give people that will be able to access

this sway this is a link just to this

way it's not the link to any other sway

it's only this one so as long as

everybody has the link they'll be able

to open up this way so that's just

another tool that I found that's been

really helpful especially when you do a

large meeting say you have you know 60

80 a hundred people it's you don't want

to send out 60 or 80 emails so normally

what I'll do is I'll do a full-blown

agenda and sway with all of the meeting

details the agenda and everything typed

right there I send them the link to this

way they'll put it actually sometimes in

their calendar so I have to just click

on it because it's super friendly as far

as on a phone an iPad or whatever they

can open it right away so and as soon as

you make the change it's instant so you

can go in there make changes as much as

you want and they're going to always

have the most up-to-date information

without you having to worry about

sending emails somebody missing an email

they're going to have it it's right

there so it saves you some time and it

saves everybody else phone calls and you

know concerns that they don't have all

their information so sway has actually

been really really great for me in that

and that aspect the other thing I want

to show you is PowerPoint and I know

most of you do know how to use

PowerPoint so I'm not going to go in to

learn how to do everything in PowerPoint

but the one thing that I do like a

couple features that I have found that

are really nice is in the new PowerPoint

you've got the ability to actually

change your file types and that's really

nice so you can export it to PDFs you

can change your file type and make every

single one of them an image which is

nice on a jpg especially if you want to

create a PowerPoint presentation from

something else if you want to do a video

you know you can you know save them say

whatever you want and they'll save them

individually so one thing about this and

a PowerPoint presentations of you have

50 slides you have to remember that if


use the JPEG it's going to make fifty

images it won't make one images with

fifty different slides on it's going to

make fifty different images you can also

create a video which is really nice if

you have a PowerPoint presentation where

you want this for someone to click on a

button and it just automatically go

through the whole thing you can create

the video and it's just a matter of just

create a video it'll ask you you know

how many seconds you want on each slide

so you choose that and you just hit the

button create video and then it'll

actually do it itself and I actually

have this PowerPoint presentation that I

actually did I did already do it in a

video in a sway let me go back here to

sway and let me pull that up for you so

that way you can kind of see um what are

as the video so this was the video that

I did for with the PowerPoint

presentation that I just showed you and

it shows it right here within the actual

PowerPoint presentation where you kind

of flipping through this one actually

will automatically go through each slide

so I had it set for about five seconds

two slides so it only keeps about five

seconds on each one but as you can tell

it just automatically goes through it so

that's a little bit different than my

other one which is where it actually

goes out to PowerPoint online so those

are two options as far as a PowerPoint

presentation on how you want to do it so

this is actually been really really nice

for changing my PowerPoint presentation

to a video because it is it's super easy

and if you have if you have music that

you want to put to it you can do that I

mean you can just about anything with it

and it's actually pretty consistent so

that that's not another little feature

that I want to show you so then we have

what a new tool that I have just found

and that is called wonder list and I

actually found this basically in a I was

going through some different stuff in

office 365 and I was reading about this

to do list and I wanted something that

was just straightforward that was super

easy to use that I could

stay on my phone but I didn't have to

put a lot of detail in so I started

using this wonder list and I really

really liked it because it's very

straightforward I have my own little

list here which I call my inbox so this

is the stuff that I kind of need to do

you know on a day to day basis as stuff

comes in especially when an email comes

in you know I'll go ahead and put the

stuff in here you know I've got one for

my bosses one for my home my personal

home so I have different tasks list for

them you know it depending upon what it

is but what's really nice about the to

do is is say for instance I'm on like

right here I'm just going to open this

one up I have the ability to set the due

date can remind me I can add a subtask I

can add notes I can attach files if I

want to share it I can share it with

someone we can make comments back and

forth but there's a lot of things that

you can do with this wonder list that's

really really really nice and that you

don't have to worry about you know where

is everything I have found me trying to

use the Microsoft Outlook to-do list

it's just a little too much for me you

know I'm not into the flags or anything

like that but this is just very

straightforward super super simple very

easy everything is right there you know

you can go back through and see what

your completed to dues are you know it's

listed there crosses them out and it

does keep them so you've got you know

different different things like that in

wonder list and make it so simple in

with the little way that you can

actually create your own lists I mean if

I wanted to create another list I can

create another list and here if I want

to add members I can you know add the

members just to that so you've got that

option you know to really be creative

with this but yet it's so so super

simple so this is another one like I

said I've just you know been using it

the past probably several weeks and I've

really come to like the way that it

works and functions you've got the app

on your phones it comes right up it

reminds me that sends me notifications

if something's coming up something's

expired so I constantly have you know

those reminders so that makes it very

very nice the other tool that I use a

lot is onedrive and I prefer onedrive

than to save everything on my local hard

drive because

had issues where stuff has crashed so I

don't want to lose all of my files so I

actually save everything on onedrive and

I can access my onedrive from anywhere I

don't have to actually be at my computer

I can be in anyone's computer and access

anything in onedrive so I do try to keep

as much as I possibly can on onedrive

and I like onedrive better than my local

drives because I have the option to I

did before work to get the link and once

you have the link you can actually share

that with other people and and it's this

is a link per file it is not a link to

your whole you know whole onedrive it's

just to that file so a lot of times when

I have large PowerPoint presentations

and I need stuff printed I will actually

just send the people to link and they

can print them off they can open them

and access them so much quicker than

waiting when they're on Wi-Fi trying to

download a really large PowerPoint

presentation they have the ability you

know just to click on that link and

they're going to open it up so then you

don't have to worry about you know

clogging up your email and worrying

about if they get it or not

so there's so many options that you can

do in onedrive that you can't do like

just with your regular you know local

Drive you can share an entire folder if

you want so if you've got a particular

folder and you want to give someone

access to the entire folder you can

share that folder with them I mean you

do have to make sure that you give them

the permissions and you know if they are

invited so there's different things

within onedrive that just makes things

so much more efficient for you as far as

just it's just much much easier to share

files I mean that's one thing I will say

about the whole process is just the

sharing of files has been absolutely

amazing and has cut down so much time

because everyone has the most up-to-date

information if I make a change to that

file they're going to have it so it just

makes it really really nice so it's just

put down a lot on time you know the

number of emails that you get if you

have large you know file

so those are just a few of the main ones

that I use actually right now in my day

to day obviously werden Excel those are


are these new programs it's been really

really nice to just get things a little

more efficient and I'm able to actually

just spend more time doing other things

I've been able to get involved in other

projects because I've streamlined stuff

so much and I've made it so easy to find

everything that I need so I just want to

share this information with you and I

hope that you guys will take this away

and if you need anything at all

whatsoever you have questions on this

you know feel free to you know email me

I'll put a little video together for you

just on that particular one I can walk

you through the process I have taught

myself almost all of this and I that's

how user-friendly these programs are is

that you can pretty much just brain

yourself despite you know trial and

error and it's not frustrating at all

because it's also user friendly and it

all connects so that mean that's what's

nice too is everything connects and that

makes it just so much simpler so I hope

all of you have a wonderful day and if

you need anything at all you can contact

me at Amy at the green platform

assistant comm and I will be more than

happy to help you with any questions

that you have or anything else as far as

onedrive PowerPoint OneNote sway planner

or anything like that and if I have some

more wonderful programs that come up I

will make sure that I share them with

you so you all have a wonderful day and

we'll talk to you later bye