3 Fun Handmade ANNIVERSARY Card Ideas For Your Boyfriend or Husband

hi it's me JD and welcome back to my

channel today we're making cards for our

boyfriend our spouses our significant

others just that special person in your

life first make sure you hit the

subscribe button and our first card will

be a mini messages card I have this

envelope dye which I used to cut out a

bunch of different envelopes out of some

watercolor cardstock and for each

envelope you fold in the sides and put

some adhesive over top and then fold up

the bottom don't worry about that little

slit in the back because I'm going to be

adhering these to a card front so it'll

work just like a regular envelope would

and I'm going to do this until I get all

my envelopes completed and then I'm

going to attach them to a card front and

they're going to contain a bunch of

messages but first I have to kind of put

pencil marks to help get my centering

down like you know if the envelopes are

centered from top to bottom and left to

right then I will put some adhesive on

the back of the envelope and then I will

start with the middle column to make

sure my centering is right so my sides

aren't too uneven I'm just kind of

eyeballing it you know not really taking

a lot of precise measurements because

even if it's a little off-center I can

always just trim it off to help fake the

centeredness yeah

after putting all of my envelopes on

there you can see that it has shifted to

the right I don't know how that happened

but again like I said no problem we're

just gonna bring in the trimmer and fake

it till we make it I'll also trim off

the a little bit up from the top and

bottom up because I'm going to put this

on a whole nother card front it's like

I'm building a whole nother foundation

and then I'm gonna erase all of the

pencil marks I had from before and I've

already heat emboss a sentiment and I

just took some copy paper and wrote some

fun little messages nothing too

extravagant but something to let my my

darling know that I'm thinking about him

when he gets a chance to open all of

these little mini envelopes this idea is

so cute I'm glad companies like make

like these two kind of send like 12

cards in one card I think Jennifer

McGuire did a video similar to this I

can link her video down below for you

and then I'm going to Center up my heat

emboss sentiment pop it up with some

foam squares and then attach my entire

card front onto a craft card foundation

then I'll pull out some scrap glitter

confetti from die set that I have and

I'm gonna use those to help seal all my

envelopes so all of my mini messages

don't fall out and this card is pretty

much complete the next card features

making a love checklist for your loved

one I saw this stamp set and I thought

it kind of looks like a checklist so I'm

going to use it as such when really the

stamp set just has a bunch of different

sentiments on it these sentiments are so

fun and I'm so glad that stamp companies

are you know getting a little

tongue-in-cheek they're getting a little

more modern and hip at the time like I

never thought I would see the day where

I got to stamp jay-z's name on my

handmade chart okay next I will put my

die-cut sentiment together I love when

dies have the shadow behind them I've

gotten to the point where I will only

buy word dies with a shadow behind it

just because it just emphasizes the

sentiment and gives it a nice background

especially if your background is busy

now I'm going to use some colored

pencils to mark in my little hand-drawn

check boxes as well and then I'm using a

micron pen to help outline the check

boxes I'll then adhere my word die-cut

to the top of my greeting card and then

I thought my card was missing something

like I have all these check boxes and

I'm normally not OCD but I felt like

being OCD so I decided to check off all

of the check boxes just to make sure my

recipient knows that I love them all of

these ways after that I just have to add

this to a note card and my card is


another handmade card idea was to create

a heart chart I saw this die in my

crafty stash and I realized I have not

used it even though like it's been

sitting there for like two years now and

it's not Valentine's Day but I don't

care I'm going to use it now and just

the note I'm going to and I'll put my

husband's lunch or something just to let

him know I'm thinking about him after

running my note card through the

die-cutting machine with this dye I'm

left with some heart strings on the

front of my card and for some reason I

thought it resembled a pie chart so what

I'm doing is I'm tracing the outside of

the heart as well as the inside of the

heart and I'm going to be cutting some

of the strings out to resemble a pie

chart in the shape of a heart

I don't know why I decided to create a

pie chart is clearly like Valentine's

Day or love themed I like I don't really

even care for math that much anyway I

thought it resembled a pie chart so I'm

making in a pie chart I'm going to color

the inside of my note card according to

my pie chart because how this card is

going to work is that from the outside

you're like what is this and from the

inside then it'll give you some context

of like oh this is a heart chart a heart

pie chart I'm going to handwrite all of

the different categories for my heart

pie chart which includes crafts wine

chocolate and of course my husband

taking the largest chunk of the heart

and you can really customize any of the

categories to whatever your relationship

is I just thought it really added to the

handmade effect of this card so now I

have to go back in and cut all of the

heartstrings that I don't need I'm doing

this very carefully as I don't want to

snip off a string that I will need these

cards would also work for just thinking

of you cards or missing you cars or just

all-around loved cards we can celebrate

love any day of the year doesn't have to

be Valentine's Day they be also great

for anniversary cards as well or I'm

sorry cards because you forgot

anniversary cards but I digress

anyway I'm going to go back to the die

set and cut out a frame for the heart

just to clean up the edges of my heart

pie chart I'm going to add the same

frame to the front of my card and just

fill in fill in any spots I miss well I

colored I'm sure you guys have heard it

before I'm not the best color er the top

ways to hide your card making mistakes

it's either cut it off or cover it up

which is what I'm doing and then I will

add these same die cuts to the front of

my card to help clean up that and then

I'm going to take the edges of my

scissors and kind of sand down the edges

of the heart just to make things a

little bit cleaner a little bit sleeker

not like I manhandled this heart and

from the front it's like a you don't

really know what the cards about and

then you open the card up and you can

see the intent of the card and this card

is complete I hope you got some

inspiration for your next love card for

your loved ones as always guys I enjoy

making these cards I hope you keep

watching my videos and leaving me

comments down below I always do my best

to try and respond to each one I'll

catch in the next video guys thanks