The Very Special Anniversary Card I Got For My Wife

what am I I gotta go ahead and call

wifey out real fast cuz she taking her

little sweet little time getting her

little stuff together we gonna mess

around to be late it's our anniversary

today we get rid of her at the time join

her one more time experience concert

Charlie Wilson life Jennings

Doug E fresh I'll be sure it's gonna be

an amazing evening well first we're

gonna have a little dinner and we got

dinner reservations and if we don't

hurry up get on out there we're gonna

miss our dinner reservation we're gonna

make us late then if we're late

being served dinner late that means we

gonna miss the concert be late for the

concert all because crystal my seventh

wife doing her little girly things

taking forever but I will say this as

she gets ready to come in truck right

now the anniversary card that I got her

is the greatest anniversary card of all

time I promise you dad we couldn't put

it out there and let you guys be the

judge finally see which person gonna

take who does that ladies what do you

mean what purse she gonna take fellas

I'm no I ain't the only one to go

through this she's got to figure out

which person's gonna take you see how

this junk that she put in the seat of

the truck all right come on really

but back to this anniversary card I've

done it how I've done myself on his car

so well she gives in the car you see

what he no I got the car I'm gonna give

her the car let her open it

you should come on your high school

fellas what we gonna do with our

Whitey's are you ready now

well concert is gonna be outdoors this

is gonna be hot it's indoors and

outdoors you know the insult gonna be

cooking that's why we kind of got a

little summer she got her little romper

all go in open open that car that's the

greatest card of ever did that make

sense the greatest card of ever I

already put it out there read it out

loud get in on this of Pisa with

anything that my better half

so now read it all together okay hey

babe I like boughs let's get us out is

roaming love you babe