Eagle Scout Congratulations Card - Tri Fold

hi everyone I wanted to share this card

with you that I got inspired by jessica

taylor i'll leave the link for you in

this video i have been invited to an

eagle scout court of honor now for those

are you who are familiar not familiar

that's like the highest rank you can get

in boy scouts a short story behind it

all this this young man started out in

my den as a cub scout and unfortunately

my two boys quit before there were 17

but he has said to me one time at a

meeting you know Kim I'm gonna be an

eagle someday this is when he was like

nine years old and I thought it was so

cool that he actually got to this point

and I thought it's especially cool that

he invited me to his court of honor so

let's get started with his card now I've

got all kind of all kinds of

embellishments that I had put away to do

my boys Boy Scout scrapbooks and

unfortunately they didn't make it to

Eagle so I am going to be using some of

these embellishments and then I have

these in here I'm not really sure I'm

going to be using so let's do set this

aside this is paper that i actually got

at the voice cup chopped that's near

where I live and i'm also using some

some boy scout paper from Kang company I

did order this online this was not at

the boy scout store now what's jessica's

card i did a little practice before the

video she had her card got 11 inches by

four and a quarter after i was all done

with it um I loved it i'm going to keep

this just in case one of my other little

guys that you know i was in scouts with

two invites me but I i like the five and

a half size better so here's what she

did she took the she took the four and a

quarter when I'm going to do five and a

half and it's by 11 this

a stepped-up gold paper and she scored

it at one and a half then she scored it

at three then she scored it at five and

a half and then she scored it at eight

set this aside and then the first flap

goes backwards and then the next one

goes forward and then backward and then

forward so it's a little bit taller it's

still narrow this way but it's going to

slide into the envelope nicely I'm just

going to grab an envelope actual have

when you're sitting on my desk kinda

like that okay so and then this would be

the smaller one which is fine it's

perfectly fine I there's absolutely

nothing wrong with it it's all matter

what you want to do all right so let's

bring this back out um I don't think

that I'm doing differently than jessica

is she put pattern paper just on the one

side where I'm going to be putting

powder pick pattern paper on both sides

this piece is cut out at one and a

quarter by five and a quarter

now if you wanted a full-size car that

fits into the envelope you could not use

the eight and half by 11 piece of paper

you'd have to get a 12 x 12 and then cut

it down that way which I may try and do

this myself okay this is like thin scrap

papers have to be really careful when

I'm living in around I don't rip it I

did actually put that on upside down so

let's try to give that up it's got a

very slight fleur-de-lis in it but you

know very light not slight get that on

the tips so that lays down all the way

and I didn't notice it I did notice it

when I was cutting favor but I didn't

notice when I was putting it down to

have to make sure that I alright so my

hands are so dry this morning I think

nothing's due and work in here alright

fantastic now we'll put this one down

making sure I have it on the right way


and I want to make sure that you know

these are all lined up here and that's

lined up there get up just a little bit

and then this panel is two and a quarter

by five and a quarter

making sure that the these are lined up

I have the bronze side oh my gosh i do

that's gonna be the other side two and a

quarter by five and a quarter you know I

have to laugh at myself I really do try

hard to do good videos you know

informational tutorials and stuff and

it's like every time I do when there's

something porky that goes on ok there we

go and then um I'm thinking yeah I'm

going to do this one too i was going to

leave this one blank so that i could

have right on it but i'm going to go

ahead and use an extra piece of that

gold to put over it and that's where

i'll put the sentiment all right now

this piece right here is two and three

quarters by four I mean by five and a

quarter silly that do this

okay I like it all right so let's bring

in our little stickers here so that we

can use so we want to put something you

know right here on the front and was the

back of that thinking maybe something

small that can go right there it's stuck

my finger there we go well that looks

nice and then um let's look at these a


I do like this floor to leave what else

do we have in here which I think I got

this at the scout shop as well and I

think I might put that one right there

just so that it actually this can kind

of hangover if you want it to because

it's still going to fit into the

envelope just fine grabbing my tweezers

want to make sure it's at the same level

as that one there and then this one here

I've got to put this big one on the big


right there okay so that's the

foundation of the card now what my plan

is this is the scrap left over I'm going

to go ahead and cut it down just a

little bit smaller which would be

probably i don't know to buy five and a

quarter because i still want the pattern

here from to show and this is where i'm

going to write my sentiment okay that's

the card again check out Jessica's um

link and you'll see how she did hers as

well thanks so much for watching and

have a great day okay so I was bound and

determined to figure out how to make it

so that the tri-fold card would be the

full size of an a2 size card that would

fit into a regular envelope so my first

thought was you know let's go over whoo

just hit I laughs music there let's go

over and make the base of the card four

and a quarter so i just took my 12-inch

by five and a half inch card and i went

in four and a quarter so one two three

four and one quarter and then from there

I just kind of um actually rip the paper

there um i just kind of went ok now i

kind of want it I pull this out here um

I kind of want it about you know right

there in the middle so i went ahead and

scored it um I went three inches in so

let's just do a quick measurement and I

did that twice it's hard to see the

score lines there we go I'm just going

to do a little notch right there and

about that one second this is just a

sample so three inches in

so that would make it on four and three

quarters and then I went another three

inches in because you want the matching

panels now there is one slight

difference of this card then one that we

just made and then this would be a one

and three quarters and I'll show you

what the difference is how to fold this

over like this and like this and you've

got that tri fold card part right there

but the difference is you're not going

to have a double fold like where's that

car filled or here just put it in here

see how this flaps like this this does

not do that so you would just put your

pattern paper here and then you can put

a pattern paper here one here one here

and then one here and again you know the

difference is just I think it's like an

inch and a half I think this ends up

being yeah this is three inches and then

this comes out to be your four and a

quarter by five and a half so its goal

of the measurements again from a 12 inch

piece you're going to score at one and

three quarters from here to here that's

your score life and then you're going to

score at four and three quarters and

then you're going to score at seven and

three-quarters there you go and again

the difference is you just don't have

that extra flap where you would have the

you know flap that goes like this if you

want the full a3 size card so that's it

thanks so much