How to Write Happy Easter - Easter card DIY Bubble Letters

hi in this video I want to show you how

to draw the words happy Easter in bubble

letters so first we're gonna draw these

lines and then draw the word happy


okay and now we're going to draw an oval

around each line

and now we're just going to take the

marker and go over the outlines now the

agent gonna just make it a little more

chubby this

on the outlines

okay and I wanna show you how to write

in a curved line so I already drew the

lines over here and I'm just gonna draw

the words Happy Easter in these lines so

see how I do it

my playlist to see how to draw all

capital letters and also lowercase

letters so that you can write any word

you want

you can write happy Easter on a card and

send it to a friend or to your family or

you could write it on a banner for your

party decorations

okay we are almost done if you like this

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out every week so we have Happy Easter

over here if you want to see how to add

this into our card with the basket or

draw other baskets so just look at the

information under this video and you

will be set for your Easter party so

have a great holiday bye bye