well hello lovely humans and welcome

back to my channel today's video is one

of the most highly requested videos I

think I've ever had now of course I

think a lot of what's happening out

there in the world right now is really

inspiring this line of thought but also

it's not something that's entirely new

today we are gonna talk about elopements

so without further ado let's just jump

right on into it


we need a we need a quick disclaimer in

here um I'm not encouraging anyone to

break any sort of social distancing

rules laws or regulations okay y'all

have been asking for an elopement video

here it is I know it a lot of people are

considering an elopement or something

along these lines based on what the

landscape of life has looked like for

the last however many weeks and what

could potentially look like moving

forward please please please follow the

suggestions and guidelines of your local

government or our federal government

this video is intended to be evergreen

content so if someone clicks on this

video a year from now my hope is that

this will be extremely helpful for them

if they are entertaining the idea of an

elopement we do touch on a little bit of

what's happening right now and why

people might be choosing it but I'm not

telling anybody to break the rules or

break the lap okay okay now back to the

video so first of all what is an

elopement because for a very very long

time the idea of an elopement was that

you and your honey went off skipped off

went to a place like Vegas and got

hitched without telling anybody now the

term elopement is really moving away

from that general idea I'm sure you

could still have that kind of event and

described it as an elopement but what

we're seeing these days is a very very

different trend

elopements now are considered to be a

planned intimate affair and it's where

you and your spouse to be get together

with a limited number of people and

choose to have a small wedding ceremony

this can be done in a destination

location this can be done where you go

on a really long hike and then you get

married on a mountaintop with gorgeous

backdrops or it could be something

that's planned with a few family members

and friends but for the most part it is

a very very pared down version of what a

wedding could look like you don't see

high guest counts you don't see a whole

lot of vendors being involved and it

also can cost a lot less you can either

have it in your own backyard or you can

go super super far away and take

advantage of beautiful photo

opportunities and this can have some

sort of meal afterwards but typically

it's more focused on having an intimate

ceremony in a cool location instead of

having a grand party with a bunch of

people invited you can still elope and

have a large reception afterwards at a

later date and this I think is what is


most people right now to kind of look

into this given the current landscape of

what's happening in the world I'm not

gonna say any names because I don't want

to be do monetize again but you guys

know exactly what I'm talking about now

why would someone choose an elopement

over a larger wedding celebration there

are plenty of reasons why this could be

a totally viable option no matter what

is happening in the world and there are

some wonderful reasons to choose an

elopement over a larger event because

it's so much smaller you can be so much

more adventurous with it you can pick a

more interesting location you're really

more flexible because it's less people

you can move around a lot more easily

than it would be to move with 50 people

75 people 100 150 people it just creates

more opportunities to get out there and

try something different because you're

not limited by the amount of people that

you have second it's a lot cheaper if

your budget is $15,000 and you want to

invite 100 people that money is gonna be

very very quickly spoken for I did do a

video about the number one thing that's

killing your budget you guys have heard

me talk about it before I'm gonna link

it up here but to summarize the whole

point of that video

weddings are more expensive based on the

amount of people that you invite to

attend so if you're doing something

small with a few family members and

friends and you're efficient and a

photographer you can do so many more fun

things with those funds instead of

paying for plates

everyone's meals everyone's drinks you

have more room to play around with that

which means instead of spending ten

thousand dollars on dinner for a bunch

of people you can then spend $3,000 on a

photographer $3,000 on a videographer

and then a small dinner afterwards you

can get a killer outfit you can still do

hair and makeup you can still have what

feels like a traditional event just with

a lot less people and then really

indulge in the areas that are important

to you another reason to choose an

elopement is because of the privacy and

the intimacy of it if you are a more

introverted person and the idea of

spending an entire day surrounded by 150

people stresses you out then perhaps an

elopement is a great option for you I

know that there's gonna be some family

opinions that are worked into there I

know that it's not always like the

easiest decision if you feel like

there's societal pressures for you to

have a big event but if it's not your

thing then it's not your thing don't get

me wrong I know everything that I

saying is um it sounds like I'm wedding

shaming I'm not

y'all know and literally have an entire

channel about giant events okay like I

love this stuff

but that doesn't mean it's for everybody

elopements also provides flexibility

that literally no other wedding type

event can have like I was saying earlier

you can go wander around and take photos

in radical locations you're also not

limited by venue rental hours if you're

up on a cliff or you're walking on a

beach the only thing you're limited by

is your photographers hours and the

amount of time that you have you're

efficient for it but once your

ceremony's done it's not like you need

you're efficient for much longer if you

have a photographer for four hours

that's completely different for an

elopement than it is for a full wedding

event four hours with the photographer

for a full wedding event like that is

really really difficult to pull off I

have done it it was very hard I'm not

saying it's impossible but that means if

to be very very tight with your timeline

if it's just you two and your

photographer four hours all of a sudden

means so much more because you're not

beholden to any of the traditions or any

of the timeline regulations that you

would typically experience with a formal

wedding okay so we talked about what it

is and why you might be interested in

doing it now let's talk about how you

might actually pull this off first of

all you're gonna want to decide if you

want to do an elopement package with a

couple of vendors or if you want to

create something custom for yourself

there are plenty of wedding planners out

there who specialize in elopements I

personally am NOT one of them

I have never performed an elopement ever

although I did just get an inquiry for

one in Paris

I'm low-key freaking out about it I

can't I can't put enough but me my

freaked out in Paris okay let's move on

if you are choosing to do a package it's

important to select vendors from the

area that you want to have it in I know

a lot of us obviously are traveling

these days but let's let's talk about

planning ahead if you are going to elope

to a destination location it is smart to

pick vendors from that area or who are

familiar with that area whether that's a

wedding coordinator or planner or a

photographer and videographer especially

in locations that you're completely

unfamiliar with you're gonna want

someone who knows both the physical

landscape so they can talk to you about

where you can actually have your small

ceremony and the wedding landscape what

does it look like over there what tips

do they have for this look

in regards to the weather in regards to

how far it is from civilization how long

will you have to hike to be able to get

to this spot you're gonna want to find

someone who's familiar with all those

things because you're not gonna want to

figure that out on your actual elopement

wedding day so figure out if you want a

package or if you want to do something

custom find vendors who are familiar

with that area and then I kind of

skipped over this one but obviously

you're gonna want to pick a location I

have seen a little bit recently of

people doing more backyard style

elopements obviously and that is still a

viable option moving forward again it

doesn't have to be anything giant and

you don't have to go on a hike if you

want to have an elopement and you don't

have to necessarily be an adventurous

person to want to have an elopement as

well it can be local you don't have to

go super far to do this but if you are

doing more destination type elopement

then it would behoove you to do a bunch

of research and find again vendors in

that area to help you make educated

decisions the next thing you're going to

figure out is the amount of guess you

want to have do you want it to be just

you and your honey be efficient and the

photographer or do you wanna go a little

bit bigger than that and have a couple

family members and a couple friends and

the Lippman isn't necessarily defined by

the amount of people you invite but

typically it's not a very very large

guest count because elopements have this

more adventurous type feel to them

oftentimes that means you're not

following a typical timeline and you're

off gallivanting with your photographer

to get all of those amazing shots the

next thing you're Navy to figure out is

obviously the legality of all of it

where how are you actually signing your

marriage license if it is local there's

probably gonna be too many issues with

making that happen but please do bear in

mind you do need to research if you have

to have an efficient present and/or

witnesses present otherwise your your

marriage license you know it's it's not

valid if you are doing your elopement in

another country or another state then

you will again need to do your own


the reason I'm being super vague about

this by the way is it would take way too

long for me to figure out like

state-by-state regulations because every

place is pretty different so I do

recommend if you are gonna do this you

gotta figure out how to make it legal

and then the last thing you can do

should you choose to is to set if a

party to have later with all of your

family and friends this could be super

reminiscent of a typical reception where

you just bring everybody in eat some

dinner have some toasts and dance on the

dance floor you could be a lot more

simple it could be a restaurant style

reception where you all just get

together and have a great meal or it

could be a backyard event where you just

invite everyone over to celebrate the

fact that you guys got

or after an elopement even if you're

already legally married you can still

have a full wedding day and I say this

because a lot of people who are choosing

elopements or choosing a small intimate

ceremony right now is because they have

to is because there isn't another option

for them there's a lot of logistical

things that are affecting people's lives

right now so if you want to you can

still legally get married and have

something small and cool and really

enjoy it and then have a larger party

later on down the line so if an

elopement was not your first choice if

it wasn't exactly what you signed up for

it and you're just doing it because it's

literally the only option you have right

now you can still have a full wedding

day later should you choose to whoof

okay so it's like a lot of information

basically elopements are bad and then

the last 10 years they've really pulled

away from getting married by an Elvis

impersonator in on the strip of Las

Vegas and turned into this beautiful

wonderful concept of celebrating your

love story in an intimate and oftentimes

adventurous way I know it's a tough time

for a lot of us right now I do it's it's

rough and it's not my intent to minimize

any of that this also doesn't rob you of

your beautiful wedding day that you had

planned because at the end of the day

you found your favorite person your

favorite person who you want to spend

the rest of your life with

so whether an elopement is something

you've been thinking about or planning

on doing there's obviously a whole lot

of merits to it or you're here because

you don't have any other options and

you're just looking for a little bit of

clarity on how to move forward with this

they're a great option and a great way

to legally and beautifully celebrate

your love story so that's all we have

for today folks thank you so much for

stopping by I hope this video provides a

little bit of encouragement for you guys

there are so many great merits to doing

an elopement I'm still gonna be a big

fan of big weddings like they're just

they're just rad clearly I'm in this

industry for a reason but more and more

I'm starting to appreciate and

understand and really love elopement if

you haven't done so already like this

video because you like the video and

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until next week bye guys