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in today's connected world emailing

invoices makes a lot more sense than

sending hard copies in the mail but

there are definitely some tricks to

getting it right this video covers the

nuts and bolts of sending invoices by

email the most important part of

emailing an invoice is making sure

you're sending it to the right person or

the billing department of a large

company and after you've sent the first

one call to confirm that they received

it if you had a typo in the billing

email address it's better to find out

sooner rather than later it's also a

good idea to ask that they have any

questions at all about any aspect of the

invoices confusion can lead to payment

delays timing matters to send invoices

as soon as you've completed the job if

you're working on a big project and

you'll be invoicing as you go send them

according to a regular timeline that you

and your client have agreed to try to

keep the invoice interval short like

every other Monday or on the twentieth

of each month to help keep your bank

balance from dipping any lower than it

has to if you're juggling multiple

clients consider using invoicing

software which can email your repeating

invoices automatically since you'll

attach the detailed invoice to the email

you don't need to include much

information in the body of the email

itself stick with something simple maybe

including just the invoice number and

due date plus your usual friendly

sign-off double-check that all details

you mentioned in your email match the

details and the invoice itself

especially if you're sending a whole

bunch of invoices to different clients

at the same time cut and paste disasters

are a serious risk again invoicing

software takes the stress out of this

process making it a lot harder to

accidentally paste the wrong invoice

amount or due date into your email

message and when you're sending your own

invoice emails you obviously want to

double-check that you have in fact

attached the invoices speaking of

attachments it's a smart idea to send

your invoices as PDFs rather than in a

format that can be edited this reduces

the risk that someone could change the

details with the intention of committing

invoice fraud which sadly is

increasingly common if you're really

concerned about this possibility use

invoicing software to send secure online

invoices which don't involve any

attachments at all your customer simply

clicks on a link to see what they owe

thanks for watching and be sure to check

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