Writing Christmas cards etc

but I think homemade Christmas cars are

the best okay I felt like I should do

Christmas card she could just take

things in the paper folded Christmas

anyway whole line you can take her

little kids I think it put their hands

down hey maybe that would work with me

too maybe I could do that I could put my

hand down and trace it and then mail it

away and say what year it is think they

go bad I don't think they go bad that

quickly well I suppose you're many

people think that way the same way I

can't believe I was skinny my neck is

like this that's because they cost like

a dollar 29 each I know that's just a

postage so Dale is here so we're going

to have to go downstairs and discuss

this closet


so Dale is here my doorbell here is he

here I thought I heard something but

maybe he's just not in the back kitchen

or in the new room entrance room the lar

enlarged kitchen I have no idea what to

do about this oh it's just such a

complicated thing I guess I have to go

down there make a decision

okay so goodbye