How to create a shimmer Wedding / Engagement Card featuring Stampin Up

here's dampers and crafters my name is

Tammy white from stampin Tammy comm and

today I have some excitement to share

with you I am participating in a blog

hop with some of the top demonstrators

and Stampin Up very exciting it is a

wedding themed hop and this is my

project that we are going to make today

it's gorgeous gorgeous card so this was

my blog hop project and the blog hop

participants are all demonstrators who

have earned the upcoming Mediterranean

cruise which is a dream cruise through

some destinations that have been on my

bucket list in Italy in France and I'm

so excited I cannot wait for this trip a

few of us that are going on this trip

got together and are participating in

this blog hop it's actually a global

trip so you will be cruising around the

world with just a few clicks of your

mouse to check out some beautiful

wedding ideas today I'm going to show

you how to make this beautiful card it

was created by Kim Wright who is a

Stamper demonstrator and a friend in my

group it it was perfect for this wedding

blog hop and you can download the free

pdf for this card on my blog as well as

take the tour and check out the other

blog hop designs simply by going to my

blog at this URL or by clicking in the

link in the YouTube description below

you're on YouTube you can click right on

this video alright let's get started and

here is a close-up of this beautiful

card that Kim created it is just aa sum

and surprisingly easy to make the the

stampin up stamp sets that we're using

today are birthday blooms and teeny tiny

wishes which is a word set filled with

almost every occasion I consider this to

be a staple in every collection you can

get all of these supplies on my stamp

otome comm blog including the free pdf

that I created for you which has

measurements and the supply lists on it

we're gonna start by building the

background which uses this lovely lace

folder I'm using a very some very

vanilla as the base so what we're gonna

put it halfway into the folder and you

could and you could texture the whole

entire section but I'm gonna put

designer paper on the bottom half and I

find that it sticks flatter and better

if it doesn't have the texture on it so

we'll just do half

for this taking the multi-purpose

cutting platform that goes with the

bigshot on tab 1 and then sandwich our

folder between two cutting pads and

crank it through the big shot isn't it

awesome that it's kind of neat to see

only on 1/2 because it's so dramatic and

so beautiful

our stripe designer paper that we're

using for the bottom is from the

timeless elegance designer paper pack

and I want to show it to you after I

attach the Swiss some snail adhesive so

it goes nice and flat there because it's

not textured on the bottom my pack you

can see is very well loved this is

actually multiple packs because I use

this paper so much I absolutely love it

it is gorgeous double-sided designer

paper from Stampin Up there are even

more designs that are shown here and you

may remember using this paper on some of

my other videos that I've done recently

like for example for our timeless

elegance gift set and this one will be

made glimmer paper out of the designer

paper and colorized it both of these

absolutely beautiful from the same

timeless elegance pack and just a note

every year Stampin Up changes up their

designer paper packs it's very rare that

they carry over and they do sometimes

carry over but we only have a couple

months left in this catalog before the

products switch over to a new collection

so I'm just giving you a heads up that

there's a good chance this timeless

elegance paper may only be around for a

couple more months so if you love it

stock up on it that's what I'll be doing

ok next up on super cool is this

blushing bride glimmer paper I'm

attaching this with glue dots because

the back isn't temp it's shiny and for

some reason the snail adhesive didn't

stick to it so well but the glue dots do

and then I just used some snail adhesive

to attach that to the card base before

the newlyweds stamp comes from the teeny

tiny wishes word set and that just gets

stamped in basic black on some very


and punched out with the word window

punch I was punched upside down so you

can see exactly where you're punching

now I've got a strip of black here and

this is the Stampin Up banner punch I'm

actually just sliding it in the banner

to create the tail kind of a neat little

effect there you can make this any

length you want by doing that I'm gonna

do that on both sides now I'm gonna do

mine slightly different than Kim did

hers I'm not gonna add the blush blossom

glimmer heart which was made with the 80

bitty punch pack I'm gonna leave the

words plain on this I like it both ways

you can decide when you see them both

together so I attached the vanilla basic

black and blush blossom panels together

with snail adhesive and then attached it

right to our card base

I haven't attached the vellum yet we're

gonna do that piece in a second the

words go on with some stampin


okay next we've got some Versamark

watermarking ink pad and our flower from

the birthday blooms stamp set we're

gonna stamp that right in the center of

the vellum and if I were smart I would

have used my embossing buddy I had a

time and I didn't so hopefully I don't

have too much so hopefully I don't have

too much static but but this you would

just rub over the vellum with a card

stock and then stamp and that will keep

the static down so I'm probably gonna

end up showing you what why that's

important in a minute but let's keep our

fingers crossed here's some black

embossing powder just pour it on and

click off any excess actually it doesn't

look like we did too bad this time with

extra embossing powder but often little

flecks will stick around the edges and

that's why the embossing buddy comes in

handy and we've got our heat emboss tool

here and we're going to heat up our

flower and melt this powder

okay so for coloring in the flower we're

gonna squeeze the center of the closed

ink pad and then when you open it you're

gonna have a pool of ink on the lid

that's what we're gonna use to color

with it's a great way to color in when

you don't have a stamp and write marker

in the right color too but this

particular one just a very soft look

this is actually cherry cobbler which is

a little darker than the blush color

that we're using on the rest of the card

so I'm gonna do it fairly light I'm

using a blender pen here and the blender

pen alone does not have any pet does not

have a color so it picks up whatever

color you dip it in and then just wipe

it off and do the same squeeze and open

the pear pizzaz and lift that using the

same pen and color in the lease now with

the vellum it does take a little bit

longer to dry than normal so we're gonna

get that a few minutes to dry but

through the magic of YouTube okay I can

have this dry in a nanosecond okay once

that's dry we're taking this super

flippin awesome wink of Stella brush it

is a glimmer pen brush and you just

squeeze and just paint on the shimmery

awesomeness wowza right it's so cool

we'll do that on both the flower and the

leaves and the stem why not and when

you're done you have awesomeness so very

cool and to attach this to our card base

we're going back to the mini glue dots

just a heads-up adhesive does show

through vellum as does everything it's

very revealing

so you want to strategically place these

glue dots where we're gonna hide them

you can just barely see them there but

we have a secret weapon and it's called

sequins to the rescue woohoo matching

the glimmer paper and the cards

Dok that we're using so these I mean you

can string them out and they look

awesome but today we're actually going

to just take them off the string and use

them individually so just go ahead and

peel off four of those and they are the

perfect size for the mini glue dots so

you can actually just stick them right

to the dots and then just peel them and

stick them down right over the glue dots

underneath and our card is beautiful and

it's complete and here is Kim's original

with the heart so here's with the heart

and without just a really cool technique

gorgeous card either way you do it up

have fun with it be sure to visit my

blog for the rest of the wedding ideas

in this blog hop for my free

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thanks for joining me today