Finally! Engagement Card | Funny Engagement Card Idea | Design. Draw. Create.

in this video I'll show you how to make

this funny congratulatory engagement

card the supplies you'll need for this

card are shown here all you need are a

couple different colored pens a pencil

and then some paper for the base of your

card to start draw out the design using

your pencil

once you are happy with your design use

your colored pen to fill in the word

finally here I'm using pink and the

exact color will be linked down below

once you've finished coloring in the

word finally take your thin black pen to

outline the word I find this really

makes it pop and gives it a little bit

of extra definition this is of course

optional depending on your preference

continue outlining all of the letters

until you're done next use the same

black pen to write the words I mean

congratulations down below the word

finally continue using the same black

pen to do an initial outline of the

diamond on top of the eye

and take your silver pen to color in the

diamond it's okay if you go over the

black lines we'll trace over those again

once the diamond is colored in and

silver go back in with your black pen

again to do any touch-ups of the lines

on the diamond until you're happy with

it and once you've completed that your

card is finished and you have a funny

unique engagement card