How To Follow Up After A Job Interview - Interview Follow Up Email Template

So you just finished a job interview that went really well and you're

wondering what to do next to secure a job offer. In this video, you'll learn how

to follow up after a job interview, when you should follow up after a job

interview and what you can do to stand out from all the other candidates that

are also following up and if you stick around until the end I have a custom

designed template that you can download today and use as your follow-up. It's

going save you time and eliminate some of the thinking involved when it comes

to trying to secure a job offer. Hey there, if we've never met before,

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miss a thing. Following up after a job interview is a must in today's market.

Whether that's with a handwritten thank-you note, a customized LinkedIn

message or an email, you can't afford not to follow up after a job interview. In

fact, 90% of hiring managers appreciate some type of follow-up after an

interview, so in this video you'll learn my top 5 tips to follow up after a job

interview so that you can secure a job offer. Let's jump into it. Step number one

is to follow-up within 24 hours after the interview. This will keep you top of

the interviewers mind after the interview finishes and it keeps the

momentum going. This is also a great way to get one last final word in before

hiring decisions are made. Tip number two is to send a follow-up to each person

that you interviewed with. Now this doesn't mean to copy and paste the same

message to every person. You want a custom tailor the message to each person

that you interviewed with. An easy way to do this is once the interview is

finished, jot down the name of everyone that you interviewed with or if you can

get a business card from them during the interview and then write down

next to their name or on the back of the business card, a question that they asked

you or something that they said in the interview that is specific to them and

then custom tailor your message to that. Tip number three is to express your

gratitude. You want to start the follow-up by thanking the interviewer or

interviewers for their time and then mention something in there that shows

your passion and interest for the industry the position or the company. Go

on to tell them what impressed you most about the interview or maybe something

you learned from the interview and then you can mention something that you know

you can help them with such as a particular pain point or a problem that

they are experiencing right now. So here's an example of how this can be

done. "Thank you for your time today! I enjoyed discussing the possibility of

working with your organization in the position of and then list the position

title. I was very impressed to learn that [mentione something that you learned

from the interview that caught your attention]. It was a pleasure to discover

that like me, your company values and then list some type of point of view or

value that you share with the company. Tip number four, remind them of why you

are the best candidate for the position. To do this, reiterate a skill and

expertise or an accomplishment that you have that relates specifically to the

position and then mention how you can help the company solve a particular

problem. Here's an example of how you could write this. "After our conversation

today, I am certain my skills and expertise in the areas of and then list

the skill the expertise or the accomplishment as it relates to the

position, will undoubtedly help your organization and then list the problem

or pain point that the company is experiencing that you know you can

assist with. Step number five is to show your personality. Infuse your follow-up

with character and personality. This is a great way to stand out from all the

other candidates that are also sending a follow-up. This also shows the

interviewer or interviewers why you would be so great to work with.

Interviewers almost always hire based on personality over skillset. Now to make sure

you get it right when it comes to your interview follow-up, make sure you take a

look at the Ultimate Interview Follow Up Template. It's designed to save you time

and eliminate some of the thinking involved when it comes to trying to land

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