Learn to Write an Introduction Paragraph!

today we are going to talk about writing

an introduction and what's included the

introduction is the first thing that

your reader is going to see so you need

to make sure that it's great there are

three main parts of an introduction the

hook the background information and the

thesis statement let's take a closer

look at each one the first line are two

of your introduction is called the hook

the purpose is to draw the reader and

make them interested make them want to

read for hook you want to use quotations

or questions or even facts or statistics

you don't want to say this essay will be

about the next part of your introduction

is the background information this gives

your reader a little bit of information

about your topic without telling them

everything you want to give them the

main points and tell them why the topic

is important give him an out why you

don't want to tell them everything and

you don't want to say I'm going to talk

about the final part of your

introduction is your thesis statement

this tells your reader your main topics

or your position depending on the type

of paper the thesis is the backbone of

your essays so you want to make it

strong when writing your thesis

statement you want to make sure that

you're clear and specific you want to

include the thesis at the end of your

paragraph and you want to use your own

original ideas you don't want to bury

the thesis in the middle of your

introduction paragraph nor do you want

to say here's the main points of my


so there you have it the proper way to

write an introduction include a hook

background information and a thesis

statement now you're ready to write your

body paragraphs

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