Baby Boy "Sprinkle" Handmade Card

hey everybody it's Aaron Reed and we're

gonna make a quick and easy card to give

for a baby shower now I got this

last-minute my son's teacher is actually

going to be a mom this is her second and

she's a little boy and so instead of

giving her like an end of your teacher

gift I'm giving her a sprinkle instead

of a shower it's a sprinkle

I love that a little testing and so what

I said and that they were gonna go buy a

card and I know just the the room mom

has sent out an email to us saying hey

can you donate some money and with that

we'll get our gift card and we'll buy

our card I'm like well oh well I'll make

her a card instead of spending five or

six bucks on a card let me make you one

and then it's got that little hint of

something personal because it's been

handmade by somebody you know handmade

charts just mean so much at least I feel

they do anyway so that is what I'm doing

right now I'm going through and I'm hey

making her a card so I have grabbed a

whole bunch of craft supplies I'm

starting out with the base of a craft

card this is a 5x7 card usually I do a

two sides cards but I wanted to make

this a little bit bigger in case she's

handling all this so I'm just sending

this into the classroom but in case she

wanted to get people to sign it or

something and all I've done is I've

taken a little bit of this is a

color-block chalk ink this one's an

azure H it just the color worked really

well really truly you can do that inking

technique with just about any color or

any tight nut color share any type of

ink that you happen to have so ink the

edges of everything the first step is as

I'm going to start gluing all the stuff

down now this card this stuff as I make

a whole lot of more these papers have

come from paper house this was a baby

boy collection so this is one way you

can get a scrapbook collection and make

it work for a card and use the pieces of

it to make it look like it works for a

car so I have taken the front in the

back side if you notice I took this grid

which actually came from a big 12 I told

sheet of paper I just cut the grid

section out and on the other side

business lines paper so this is super

easy from matching colors and because I

couldn't find a really good white

match perfectly I went with craft craft

is my go-to for I don't know what other

color to pick so what I'm doing right

now is I'm layering all of my pieces and

instead of doing like here this one I

did craft with a color this time I did a

color with a craft I just I flip-flopped

it and I'm just checking to see the

orientation and this is just a very grid

light card that we're gonna put a couple

of fun things and that's why I grabbed

the stickers because the rest of it is

just stickers which is really really fun

all right I like that just basically

evening it out top to bottom super


can't get any easier than that I'll lay

that down right there use the grid to my

benefits and then I had this little

piece like I think I pulled it right


a little more teeth I'm using my xyron

tape runner and as a heads up all the

links will be down below so you guys can

take a little gander at those links for

the supplies I'm pretty sure this bit

little baby collection is not a new one

but it's so cute I have a feeling it's

probably still available and scrapbook

comm has really good deals for stuff

like that so this says baby I just love

this I'm gonna add a little banner and

it's a perfect size of this card and

look at that and that cute I don't know

if that it just kind of eats up that

space right there I'm then gonna grab

three little stars here cuz they're on

here you know I kind of screwed up that

blue one and luckily there is another

blue one I kind of pulled the backing

off of it plus I like the bigger one

anyway so I've got two they're the same

size and when it's a little smaller I'm

gonna even it up we're gonna go one here

we're into the smaller one in the middle

and I might rearrange them but I'm just

kind of getting my bearings for where

they're at right now so this is what I

love in these cards that they have like

oh sorry the sticker sheets how they

have all these little fun things and

you're so cute so now I'm in love with

this little giraffe and

gonna go right here just like that I

mean look how easy this is so far this

is so simple right and then above that

it says welcome baby I mean that's as

hard as this gets actually you know what

oh I should have done this before I

should have seen which way I wanted it

don't know what I think I'm gonna put

because it's baby I want to put the

welcome baby at the bottom right there

and then put this above and just keep it

simple just simple that you don't have

to go complicated with it and then do I

want to add little balloons

oh he's tied to that so I'm just gonna

test it oh they don't have strings but

the balloons don't have strength no it's

too much

you know sometimes simple is better

there's so much going on between the

banner and the giraffe and the welcome


and then the stickers here I feel like

this is done I mean it's just use a

design that's to your benefit instead of

you know gunky it up with a whole bunch

of stuff just kind of use that so I'm

liking that and trying to see if I want

to add something around his little neck

there was the same draft over here but I

felt like this was too small I like the

size of this one better


no I'm liking it

okay last thing I'm going to do is I

have my envelope and since I have all

these cute stickers here we're gonna

have some fun with that too so we are

going to oh I didn't realize you know

what I was actually thinking about using

this banner but I like the baby gunner

better so it works okay so actually

since I have why not says it's right

here let's take this banner put it right

here and then we are gonna grab what are

we gonna grab we're gonna grab the Hello

Baby sticker and place it right above it

there we go super simple right can't get

any easier than that and then now this

has got a little bit of something on it

um don't think I've got anything there

oh maybe you know you've got the

stickers and have some fun with it so

we're gonna grab this oh baby and put it

right here and then because I definitely

know this one is going to be sent away

and some people got stickers and stamps

I'm going to write on the back of this

made by Aaron Reed

because then she knows you know it's one

of those things that you know obviously

I I do this a lot and I want to make

sure that you know my name gets out

there if you're not worried about that

then don't but some people think it's

nice that they write their name and then

they realize that oh she made it she

didn't have a friend who made it she

didn't buy it made who some people sell

their cards it's something that was

right there and then it just pops right

in here and it's got some cute stuff

make sure it's in there nice and tight

just like that super super simple

so this is this mattering of the

collection of papers that I use it's

from the Hello Baby by Pekka Bonneville

and it's from paper house productions

and as you can see it's got these cute

little elephants which is on the

backside of this paper because you are

beloved and then there is also a whole

bunch of like you see project life kinds

of sheets that are backed with orange

and then here is another one which

they're a little bit different or not

they're exactly the same I like and then

there is this grid paper which I used

for a lot of the card you can see there

and then I flipped it over and I use the

stripes that go in this direction so

that is super fun and then I also use

the dots and then it comes with the

puffy stickers of which we did use the

welcome baby puffy sticker and then also

the flat sheet of stickers so use some

of those kits mean why not I actually

have a tip for you which is if you're

doing a scrapbook layout and you have

all your papers out since everything is

all organized or you how already have

all the supplies and the colors and the

inks everything that works make a card

with it at the same time so since you

have everything there oh shoot let me

just make three cards since we have it

out it's a good way to kind of use up

some the same supplies little scraps

sometimes you don't need a very big

sheet of paper it just works and it just

makes life simple so thanks so much for

stopping by don't forget to find the

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