Baptism Cards | SOLD | Planning With Eli

hey guys welcome back to my channel

today I'm gonna be sharing with you guys

be back to some cards that I created for

an order Diana emailed me and she told

me that she was going to be selling a

baptism she was gonna be celebrating a

baptism and that she wanted me to create

a card so that she can give it to the

baby girl that's gonna be baptized and I

told her I've never done back to some

cards but it's a challenge that I'm

definitely up for and so I told her I

would make three and then she come

picked the one she loved the most but if

she loved them all and she decided to

purchase all three of them so these are

the three parts that I created and I'm

gonna start with the first one I knew I

wanted to create it something really

nice so what I did was I tied a pink bow

well this is ribbon it's a pink baby

soft ribbon and I tied it into a cute

little bow to decorate and then what I

did was with my dice with my lace die

cut um die cutting die that I have I

created two little doors and then in the

inside I printed celebrating with joy as

you become a child of God and received

the gift of eternal life and then I

added two doves because she told me that

the Dove was an important representation

of the Baptism and then I added a laced

cross in the middle and the paper is

textured which I really love and it's

textured right here as well so I think

this one came out really cute and she

loved it and I'm really really glad she

did so even if she doesn't use this one

to give to her she can always save it so

that she can use it at any other time

because it doesn't have a name on it so

I mean just like that back in there I I

like trying and making this bow a couple

of times and then it finally came out

right so I don't want to mess it up

alright so that's the first card I

created and then the second one is

right here and the baby girl's name is

Dylan so that's what what I did was I

bought some already made cards from

Michaels in the color white and then I

bought this pink cardstock this is like

a very baby soft pink and then I added

her name with these alpha silver

glittery letters and then this cross I

bought from Michaels as well it has a

bunch of like little pearls and since

they do have silver on them I decided to

do the silver theme and then I added a

dove up here as well this one doesn't

have anything on the inside so that that

way she can write whatever she wants to

write for the baby and the paper is

textured and that's what I wanted so

that's card number two and then in card

number three also in a similar style um

this one is a gold and ivory theme and

same thing I used some already pre-made

card stock from Michaels and then I

bought this really gold ivory textured

paper it's very thick so that's what I

really like and then these are stickers

from I want to say joy leaves or

stickily but it says my baptism and then

it has the gold cross with the silver

rhinestone and then I put her name in

gold letters Dylan at the bottom as well

so I think it came out really really

nice I love both cards again being

inside it's plain so that she can so

that she can write whatever she wants to

write for her she can write a little

quote she can write her a little letter

for when she grows up she can read it

stuff like that but those are the three

cards that I created for Diana and I'm

really really happy that she loved them

and I was really nervous I'm doing this

project because like I said I've never

done any

ever done like specific cards before but

I'm really happy with the outcome I hope

you guys enjoyed today's video you know

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you guys on the next one bye