LAST MINUTE DIY Gifts! Harry Potter, magic card...| For BFF, Boyfriend, Parents...Christmas/Birthday


hey guys welcome back to my channel so I

know that I haven't been making a lot of

biggest recently but I'm too busy with

work and I guess I just don't have time

anymore to make videos but luckily today

I bring you another video and this time

I bring you some gift ideas or really is

made or way cheap I'm perfect for the

Christmas season so if you wanna know

what to give to your friends and family

this year just keep on watching so yeah

let's start with a deal - so for the

first project you will need a box like

this you can find it at the Dollar Tree

and places like that and I decided to

paint it white with acrylic paint but

you can paint it any color you want or

even leave it as it is

then take some felt pieces of the same

width of the box unroll them and secure

them with some hot glue or any kind of


you can make the rolls wider or thinner

that's up to you and repeat with more

pieces until you have enough to fill the

box once you have them or place them in

the box and they stay in place pretty

well but you can have some glue if you

want and finally I decided to decorate

the box with these flowers they are

actually cabouchins for decadent

projects and stuff but you can decorate

your box however you want and that's it

this is an adorable gift for someone who

has a lot of earrings or rings and if

you have extra budget you can even buy

some earrings and put them inside for

this amazing card you will need four

square pieces of cardstock mine well

twenty by twenty centimeters but they

can be bigger or smaller if you want but

they have to be a square now for the

piece in half and then in half on the

other direction

open the fold and make a fat on one of

the phones you can see it better in the

video now simply use that card to fold

the paper like this so it creates this

figure you can secure it in place with

some glue and now fold that diagonally

so you get something like what you can

see in the video it's a little difficult

to explain it but it's really easy to do

trust me so yeah and repeat with the

rest of the pieces once you have them

all and glue them together in a pile as

I'm doing here so you get something like

this and at this point you should be

able to open it and close it now it is

time for the design so take pictures of

you and your friends or your family

depending on who you are going to gift a

gift to you can add stickers or any kind

of decorations you want but make sure

they are flat so you can close the card

and then decorate the cover as you can

see I made it very Christmassy but you

can decorate it with another theme if

you want make a hole on the side so that

way you can keep it closed with a ribbon

and yeah this is the final result as you

can see it turned out amazing and it was

super easy and super inexpensive so yeah

I hope you can try it


this third idea is for all the

Potterheads out there and you will need

some clearly saying soap so melted in

the microwave and then add some food or

soap coloring in bright red and then use

a plastic cup to pour the soap and that

way once it's dry it will be super easy

to take it out

then use a knife to give it like the

stone shape simply make some cuts here

and there

and of course we're really really

careful for decoration I cut themed

pieces of paper and I put them in a box

and then I place the soap and to

decorate the box I searched on Google

the envelope that Hagrid gives to the

Goblin in the bank and I printed along

with some Hardy Potter stamps and then I

cut them and I arranged the envelope


so yeah cut the thumbs and stick them to

the box and also you can write a message

or even a little card to go inside the



you can tie everything with a little bit

of cord and that's it

so I really like how this turned out I

think it's perfect for all the Harry

Potter fans out there

annachi so it was super super simple to

make the next one is a classic idea

which is to make a candle so start

brewing a week or two to a glass or a

yard and they melt some wax and add some

wax crayons for the color and then some

essence so it smells really nice pour

that in the yard and let it set and of

course you can make as many colors as

you want I made another layer in green

and while that was Ryan I decided to use

some leftovers from the damn box to

sprinkle there because it reminds me of

chocolate kind of and then for

decoration I place it so it it is same

plastic and then a ribbon I think this

one is a super simple gift but perfect

for Sunday lovers and I love cheaper

than most of the candles out there and

the last gift is perfect as a stocking

stuffer or even as a party favor so you

will need some chocolate bars of your

choice and unwrap them and then rub them

again in aluminum foil


this is not necessary if they come with

some kind of silver paper or something

like that now you can use some wrapping

paper or decorative paper or even you

can print some images like so and I say

it to have a little bit of glue and

glitter to make them even more special

but of course you can skip this step if

you want and then use those paper pieces

to wrap the candy

now you can use some card to make like

either packages with them like this and

of course you don't have to make them

Christmassy as you can see here i also

use from vintage paper to make the same

thing I think even candy is a perfect

gift the part I think it's also super

nice to customize the packaging to make

it super personal so that was it I hope

you like old ideas and don't forget to

tell me in the comment section which

idea was your family also if you liked

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share with your friends

wait no if you are going to give this

gifts to your friends don't share it

with them but yeah I hope you are having

an amazing week and thanks for watching