How To Bullet Journal for Beginners! 2019 Setup & DIY Easy Ideas for Maximum Productivity!

hey guys welcome to bullet journaling

for beginners now I'm gonna show you the

basics of this system that's main

purpose is to keep your entire life

organized so what is bullet journaling

so this system staying organized was

designed by Ryder Corral in his words

the bull journal is meant to help you

track the past organize the present and

plan for the future so grab some snacks

some tea light up a candle and let's get

ready to create so a little embarrassing

fact about me I literally buy a new

planner on a weekly basis here are some

of the planners I've purchased

throughout the end last year alone and

beginning of this year I know I'm very

much obsessed with stationery but also

I've realized I've never quite found a

system organizing my entire life that's

worked and that's where my love for

bullet journaling has really come in so

you know I can customize my own journal

planner or whatever you want to call it

into whatever I like which is amazing so

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huge shout out in my next video so let's

start off with the basics so begin by

thinking of what kind of journal you

want perhaps a blank page align a dotted

or grated one it honestly does not

matter we're kind of notebook you have

it truly is all about your own

preference so I recommend you to do some

research so by this I mean find

inspiration for what kind of spreads

speak to you and what inspires you look

into some ideas on how you want to set

it up

what kind of fonts you want to do etc

look at Pinterest YouTube and of course

Instagram here I'm going to be showing

you some of my favorite Instagram

accounts that always inspire me there

calligraphy skills is on point there

bullet journal skills is on point I

highly suggest you guys to go check them

out now I think it's important to

mention that although bullet journaling

is meant to be a fun and a creative way

to stay organized it's also supposed to

be functional so the best thing I've

learned is to not worry that much about

how cute it is and honestly instead just

focus on making it simple enough for you

to where you are actually gonna use it

on a daily basis so for supplies all you

really need is a notebook and a pen but

if you wish to get fancy like myself

here's fun list of supplies and

everything in this video and what I used


be link down below so honestly you can

do colored pencils rulers calligraphy

pens stickers washi tape watercolors and

even a little Polaroid printer what you

guys will be seeing throughout the video

and little print out anything that you

want to add to your brilla journal that

will just make it feel more personal and

help you express yourself and stay on

top of your life I personally really

like these micro pens they go from super

fine tip to a perfect enough tip for

calligraphy and these can be expensive

but definitely worth the quality and

with all the supplies I like to swatch

them and save the paper so that

throughout my creative process I can

refer back to it and see the way that

each supply writes and the individual

look that each one gives off I'm

starting off with the gear at a grand

spread so this is the overview of the

year so guys let me just tell you

drawing these little calendars oh my god

it is tough

it made me sweat writing off all these

little numbers and whatnot ain't easy it

could be so tedious so I'm actually

gonna reference down below a printout

that you can use to assist you and trust

me use it it will help you out so much

so for this you can add anything you

want any spread you want to your bullet

journal but I like this page as an intro

to my New Year bullet journal because it

kind of sets you up for the rest of the

year which is great so this page is for

your Keats oh I like a page on the

inside of your journal to use as a

legend when using symbols so these

symbols can be used as signifiers to

give extra context to your journal

entries assign a unique symbol to

represent tasks events appointments so

for my legend the symbols that I use are

I used a little circle for a task an X

for a completed task a right arrow for a

migrated task meaning something that I

did not get to complete left arrow for a

scheduled task anything crossed out is

something that I just cancelled and got

off my schedule a little triangle is an

event an asterisk is important and a

little star is a little note so that way

you have a little key for the way that

you're gonna be organizing your entries

so now I'm working on creating a future

vlog so this will help me keep track of

future events generally you will only

use and create monthly and weekly

spreads at the beginning of each month

or the week so you can just use your

future log to record items that are

happening further into the future so

then when you're ready to create your

monthly or weekly spreads this page will

allow you to look back at any important

dates to better assist you in planning

for each month on the calendar so once I

write in my dates I can just kind of

quickly say okay I have this going on in

February or March is nice and easy

perhaps I can travel in the month so it

kind of just gives you a little future

log on what's happening so as you can

see I'm using a pencil and a ruler a

pencil so I can erase my mistakes and a

ruler to keep me aligned and help me

create the boxes that I want then I can

start by adding some spice to it like

adding titles and colors but of course

remember this is meant to make your life

easier so don't worry about getting too

fancy just make sure it's functional so

throughout the bull journal you can

randomly add quotes that speak to your

heart and will inspire you so not only

do I want my board journal to you know

help me stay organized but I also want

to use it as a way to motivate me and

have it as sort of a tool for my

creativity so this is where you can

practice your doodling skills or your

calligraphy skills and just kind of see

what kind of fonts you like writing and

play around with your own art style

alright so now we're gonna be doing my

Year in Review now this is supposed to

save 2018 but you know mm-hmm your girl

was a little excited about 2019 so I

literally I'm just seeing this little

mistake which will likely happen

throughout your bull journal experience

you're gonna be making mistakes if

you're worried that goes on so adding a

Year in Review is just a good way to

stay reminded of your accomplishments

and of course your highlights the year

before you know this gives you a chance

to see all the good things you did at

the end of the last year and you can

compare and kind of add to all the

wonderful things in your life so to me

it's like a little highlight reel of all

the special moments I thought that by

adding pictures was just kind of a cute

way to personalize it and give my bullet

journal a little bit more life so some

of my accomplishments included going to

Hawaii on a little retreat it was the

first time I ever did something for

myself and this trip literally changed

my life denizen I also hit one year of

being married yay and I got the chance

to go on a 22 different city tour and

meet you guys like all throughout the

United States it was amazing and you

know honestly a huge thank you and I

have so much gratitude for 2018 and if

you think about it this is kind of a

chance for you to say thank you to the

year that has passed

let's close this chapter in a good way

and say hello to 2019 so for these two

spreads I want her to focus on my 2019

bucket list so the things that I truly

want her to come back to at the end of

the year and check off because I

accomplish them so I decided to write a

little quote on this page which I posted

this on Instagram and once again little

ole Mew did a mistake

I literally misspelled Buddha oh my god

yeah that was embarrassing

aside from that quote and you know

getting reality check by you guys and

getting a little pretty Kuehl on my

Instagram beside all of that you know

this quote represents a push for me

because tomorrow is never really a

promise and we only really have today

the President to do the thing that we

want to accomplish so I wanted to set

this I like my little mantra for how I'm

gonna be creating my bucket list this

year as for the font I decided to do

this style font that is a little bit

long with one letter being higher and

then the next one is lower so it kind of

creates like a really cool effect like

this once you are done it's pretty nice

it's simple it's cute I liked it so your

bucket list doesn't have to be anything

crazy just things that you want to

achieve this year and that excite you I

actually wrote out 25 different slots

because this year I'm turning 25 can you

believe I'm feeling kind of old just

kidding I'm 25 years young well I'm not

25 yet in March but whatever I decided

to do 25 things that I want to focus on

this year and accomplishing in the end I

decided to add some color with my zebra

liners which are the best and I really

love how simple and functional this page

turned out so this page overall is just

kind of placed to help me collect ideas

and gather inspiration for when it comes

to you know actually planning a trip you

can always just write down where it is

that you want to go or you can literally

plan out your whole trip like adding a

packing list itineraries budgets

whatever you want

by the way comment below where you want

to go in this 2019 I'm really curious to

know but you know I kept mine simple

with just little drawings of the places

that are calling my name which I can

later on of course get a little bit more

detailed on new year new me right okay

so this is the time where we make our

new year's goals so for this spread I

took major inspiration from Pinterest I


I knew who the artist was but that's the

thing with bullet journaling is if

you're lost and you don't know what to

do the best thing that I found to do is

literally look after other people's

bullet journal spreads emulate them

change them up make them your own these

are my goals for the year of 2019 so by

adding your list of new year's goals

I'll help you stay focused and motivated

to attain them I think writing is such

an incredible exercise it sets the tone

for okay I'm writing it down to make

this a reality so I thought I'd keep

this spread really nice and simple

there's no rules to this remember it's

all personal choice and I personally

think that's the beauty of this so I

would love to know if you could share

with me some of your goals for 2019 in

the comments I would love to read them

though I've always loved reading but you

know life is a little crazy sometimes

and we forget to do the things we love

well no more of that for me one of my

goals for this year is to read two books

a month which you know honestly that

doesn't sound like a lot but it's all

about starting small so I decided that

if I track my reading each month it'll

help me track my reading habits and

motivate me to keep reading so the

layout I chose is quite simple as you

could see just a title and I added a

border and a little drawing I wrote out

every month with two little squares for

my goal of two books a month and this is

where I write out the title and the book

followed by the little area where I'll

color in and kind of log how many pages

I've been reading so currently I'm

reading the medical medium a fantastic

book all about how to heal chronic and

mystery illnesses I've only read 25

pages so far so I'm gonna log that in

there sometimes we need reminders so

this is what I'm gonna do with this page

I'm reminding myself of what my perfect

morning routine would look like so I can

literally turn back to this page when

I'm feeling kind of out of routine or

when I have seemed to kind of like

forgot to prioritize my needs all I did

was just chose a single column on the

side of the page with the hours of the

day's listed out then I just kind of

thought of my perfect schedule you know

to me this is a really powerful exercise

because this will not only help you

focus on your goals but it'll also help

your thoughts become a reality you can

make it fun by drawing little images

that come to your mind and inspire you

or you can also just add some stickers

to make it pop even more and if you

don't want to draw or you're feeling a

little lazy it just add some stickers

it's always kind of fun so here's

another option I played around with for

a goals layout so this is for my more

specifically I want to reach so

have ten boxes for ten goals so that way

there's more structure and I decided to

make it kind of cute and add some

doodles a good tip I learned is to

utilize your ruler like literally that

is what it's for use it really I'm

telling you it makes a world of

difference it helps create a cleaner

layout that at the very end I was very

much happy with so now I'm using this

layout for my monthly goals where I have

different categories such as personal

fun events health relationships self

growth so this is my January monthly

goal so I have so many goals for the

entire year but I thought that you know

if I break them into monthly I'm not so

overwhelmed each month and I can just do

a few small goals that in the end add up

to one big yearly goal so this is my

page for a monthly spread this is where

I'll write out important dates I have to

remember for January and it'll help keep

me on track now just remember that you

can always just use a pencil first and

then go back in and trace it to your

color of choice or markers and start

decorating and making it look fun so the

theme for January that I chose was

celebration to welcome the new year so I

decided with my gel pens to go for a

very simple look and create little

colorful confetti zazz if it's a party

and I'm excited to partay my way into

January and it's also super simple it's

clean and overall I really love the

results so I love adding a weekly spread

because I'm able to plan track and of

course glance at the week ahead of me

there's a ton of ways to create a weekly

spread but I chose a simple one which

was just the days of the week listed I

added some life to the pages with

pictures stickers that help me stay on

track by creating certain habits

throughout the week and some washi tape

I love tracing letters in black with

colorful markers so just to give it a

little extra pop of flavor so I recently

got this Polaroid mobile floating menu

printer ooh that is a tongue twister so

I can connect my phone and print out

cute little Polaroids to add to my

bullet journal so I decided to take some

pictures that I took myself through my

camera roll and print out pictures that

just made me happy so I printed out this

cute little cactus garden that I painted

and I created myself because I wanted to

continuously inspire myself to create

this month as a printed out a picture of

you bury myself because he makes me

super happy and one of my little family

Jupiter Dennis and myself enjoying a

beautiful day in Miami and it's

just kind of a little reminder for me

that this week is a week to also take

breaks to allow myself to rest and to

allow myself to take time off because

that is totally okay do you see how cool

this thing is like I am shook now only

can I print out cute pictures but I can

also print out two quotes I like that

way I'm able to cover up my little

mistakes like this bird I'm so in love I

added more affirmations to this page to

help me build confidence remind me of my

goals encourage me in the right

direction towards achieving them this

year and I just continued adding some

stickers this tape is the bomb calm it

is so cute little drawing or just

whatever little things that made me

smile so now that we've completed some

of our pages we can actually go back and

start filling out our index that's the

very first page in the bullet journal

so if throughout the year we forget

where certain pages are we can just go

back turn to our index and find what

we're looking for it makes it that much

more easy the most wonderful thing is

that any page could be wherever you want

it to be so every day is a new

opportunity for a new spread well here's

my completed bullet journal so far oh my

gosh I hope you guys gathered some

inspiration and that I've motivated you

to start bullet journaling into so much

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can be to bullet journal this does not

have to have any rules I just simply

wanted to help you get some ideas

flowing so please remember it's not

about aesthetics it's really about

making you organized and more productive

so please tag me in all your bullet

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for watching and as always don't forget

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