The Type of Bumble Bio That Guys NEED

yo bro this is Louie aka that thanks God

and today I'm really excited because I'm

gonna give you one little trick for your

bumble bio that will automatically make

all your conversations better first of

all if you think about it what makes for

a good bumble bio well actually is the

same than for all other dating apps

except there's one tiny difference and

this tiny difference is actually not

tiny at all its massive for example

you're on tinder or you're on badou or I

don't know any dating app and you want

to create a good bio what does a good

bio need to do well I think it needs to

show character it needs to have her

check out your whole profile it needs to

be both anyway so it needs to show

character it needs to convince her to

check out your whole profile or ideally

convince her to like you on tinder that

would be a swipe right

another apps they will just have to

smash a button it needs to do a whole

lot of things but on Bumble there's one

extra thing and this is so crucial by

the way if you want to know how good

your bio currently is or your whole

profile is I made a free checklist for

any app that we have for any dating app

you can download it in the link down

below the video and it's a profile

checklist that you can compare your

current profile and it will give you an

idea of how good you're currently doing

and how much better you could do anyway

the giant difference with a bumble bio

is that on bumble if you have a match

with a girl you can't send an operator

actually absolutely powerless until she

sends your message first and she only

has 24 hours to do this if she doesn't

text you within 24 hours the match is

gone forever


there's some special functions where you

can give her a little bit more time and

stuff which actually makes you just

super desperate let's talk about that in

another video

but if she doesn't open you you're

screwed there is nothing you can do so

what will girls do on bumble will they

send the very funniest witty charming

openers hmm

will they send the best lines they found

on thanks God calm will they thoroughly

analyze your profile look at all your

pictures read your bio and then come up

with a personalized opener that just

blows your mind and you're so compelled

that you have to respond no no they

won't what will happen is this either

they just really don't know what to say

and they are defending an Oprah which

ends your match the match will just

disappear so you have nothing back to

back to start or they will not know what

to say and of course it's not gonna

happen all the times with most of the

times they won't know what to say and

they'll just end up saying hi or hey

how's your date going something super

generic like this so this is where

bumble is different from other apps and

here comes your solution to this problem

but you're gonna do is you're gonna add

a call to action as they say in

marketing to your bio so what this is

you're gonna give her something that

makes it really easy for her to send you

the first message and this message is

not gonna be high it's actually gonna be

something interesting that automatically

gets your conversation going in a very

exciting fun way so let's just look at

an example it's an example by my good

friend and coach it takes gum popping up

on your screen right now just kidding

right now well this is the screen you

see when you're editing your profile so

this seems pretty simple right and

you're correct it is pretty simple but

there's a reason why it's pretty simple

who do you know that doesn't like food

or even even better who do you know that

doesn't like at least one particular

type of food almost no one so the target

audience of this opener is super broad

almost every girl on bumble has a

favorite type of food so this makes it

thresholds for opening this guy super

low besides it's better food is more


it's not super sensual but it's more

sensual than just high or how's your day

going so that's another plus how about

we just look at an example of how this

opener is put into work appearing on

your screen three two one this girl says

carbonara all day every day until I die

to which my friend replies I love you in

the Hat be my post breaks it the refugee

wife Sarah I'll take you in and feed you

carbonara for life she replies I love

this conversation already we have to be

specific though about carbonara styles

because there are many talked carbonara

to me Sarah I love how he's almost

saying nothing well firstly I hope you

don't use cream because that's a big

no-no talk more sauce well come on down

that's my coach's name its egg pecorino

and love so just look at this

conversation it's so silly but how would

you ever have a conversation that starts

so effortlessly so easily with so much

fun vibes and even emotion if it would

have started with just a high and the

best part is he did basically nothing

the the bio work for him he opens and

he's just shouting random things gonna

learn how to shout random things that

make her feel all sorts of positive

emotions subscribe to the channel

because I'll teach you for a couple of

uses opener if you want to or just use

the principle you can slightly tweak

this opener to make it more authentic

more personal to you but you can just

also copy the principal if you would

like to see more examples or more BIOS

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