How to Write a Mother's Day Card - Home & Family


Mother's Day this Sunday we have some

great gifts here to show you and to show

that we actually care so much but it all

really starts with that very important

card that we that we pull together and

helping us transfer the words from our

hearts into the personalized card that

we like is our hallmark senior writer

Kat Holly you're welcome before we go

about doing this a little bit of your

background I mean you're a songwriter

you've been the head writer at hallmark

for a long long time you are senior

writer senior writer uh what do you get

your inspiration from

you know if I'm writing cards for

Mother's Day I get it from my own mom

Roz you would if I'm writing cards for

Valentine's Day I get it from my cute

boyfriend aha but you know you also have

to look outside of those people in your

own relationships and look at other

people's lives you know what do they

need then put yourself in their shoes

because you're writing for the masses

right yeah yeah yeah what was it like

the first time you saw your card in a

store I freaked out I did and it was a

card that was a Mother's Day card that

I'd written for my mom and I got to send

it to my mom

we proceeded to salsa freak oh yeah yeah

flipside curious to know have you ever

received one of your own card funny yes

you have no super flattering it was not

like a sweet one it was it was one of

our Ponty cards but it was a picture of

a little girl holding a martini that

says look I'm mommy I need a shower

but it was a Mother's Day card and it

was made for people to send their

friends like mom friend of mine sent it

to me like we get it did she know that

you'd written the card

yeah I know thank you guys are his

friends day of writing cards this

morning you were kind enough to sit down

with some of our family I did give them

some tips on writing Mother's Day so

what did you tell so Maria wanted to

send a card to a stay-at-home mom and I

told her to help recognize

is what that mom you know does everyday

and then Ken wanted to write one for his

own mom but wanted to keep it light so I

gave him some tips on that and then page

I don't know if you know but page is

made to write a greeting from young and

she she didn't need my help at all to

jump that she could really go to

Hallmark headquarters and write she's so

well you know most of the cards are sort

of geared towards the seasoned moms but

you know new moms have they need cards

too yeah well I wrote a card actually

that's for a new mom and it's called the

typical day in the life of a mom and so

much of it as you know oh my gosh look

at that it's wiping something crying the

baby's crying you're crying and there's

this little tiny sliver of me-time Wow

just a teeny tiny bit that you get to

yourself and these cards are so

important because new moms need so much

support and then is never not alone

right at least we have glitter glitter

so are I can I'm a little a little upset

because that's perfect that is perfect

for my wife Julie she's a new mom as you

know and I would like to write something

I would love to because I've been

frustrated because I wanted to be

perfect and then I miss her first he'll

never be another first yeah pressure

yeah okay just sort of work my way

through this process of running the car

okay well I mean when you first sit down

to do this it's like you said it's

overwhelming yeah cuz you could do

anything and you have so many feelings

especially this first year you're seeing

your wife blossom into a new mom and

that's wonderful so my way into any work

writing project is just to make a list

just start making a list of words that

come to mind attributes even memories

like carrying capacity Katie yeah

she's forgive me yeah go on

I'm just talking about the things she

does for me and exactly so you start

with that idea there you go with it and

then you can kind of narrow

down to your top maybe two or three and

focus in on those just really go deep on

those just just want to go individual

words do I want to do a whole like

silica we on this whole thing

yeah take those words and just write you

know maybe a paragraph for each one okay

or a sentence for you so he's gonna send

a book well for your mom I would say

because that's more of a season tomorrow

and the feeling that I have about my own

mom is I'm like you know I get it now I

get everything that you had to do I'm

sorry mom

I get it now the things she's taught you

the ways that she's helped know and I'm

the mom I am because of the way that she

raised me that's very

I mean she's selfless she's loving

unconditional love I mean you're making

your list we also have some tips or we

have some a video of someone who's

taking your tips and put them to good

use here and back because you're gonna

thank mommy in the whole room I love you


seriously can I hire your daughter to

write the car was perfect that's missing

a toddler line of cards there you go oh

thank you for that whoever did not

appreciate that not only do you have

beautiful cards that that you guys are

selling and Hallmark at the hallmark

gold crown stores and we're on a

Hallmark calm but you have a lot of

other really great gifts that mom would

enjoy we do so we do have a I mean a

wide range of cards available but then

we also have these umbrellas that are

our Catalina estrada umbrellas and

they're great to brighten up a rainy day

they're the perfect size to store away

in your purse or your car so they're

really great and yeah real nice you can

use mis sunbrella stew you know you

could use what else though the bags are

from mark and haul there you know

stripes are always in fashion and these

color-block tote bags are just great

because you know mom's mom's neat

yeah and then we also have these rose


or rose gold plated bracelets and they

come in a set of two and because they

come in that set they are great to share

with either maybe you know you could

share with your daughter a mom and

grandma could share less scarfs of those

scarves oh yeah and I mean who doesn't

love a scarf yeah yeah you can I mean

easily upgrade your look with that the

botanical prints are really in fashion

so it's the perfect fashion accessory at

the beach absolutely wrong with that