DIY Bridesmaid Cards! Done in 5 minutes!

hello everybody today I am going to be

showing you how to create these super

easy DIY bridesmaid proposal cards and

we're gonna be using the canva app if

you're not familiar with canva it is a

free online photo editor anybody can use

it as long as you have internet you

don't have to download anything there's

no special software you can do it right

from your phone or on your desktop

computer so I'm gonna go ahead and open

up the app it's canva canv a canva is

awesome for so many different things but

today I'm just going to be showing you

how to do these cards so when you

download the template the bridesmaid

proposal template you will pull it up in

canva and I'm going to show you how to

do that you're going to go down to the

bottom you will see the little plus sign

click on the plus sign and you're gonna

see different templates all across the

bottom that you can use they have

pre-made templates that are already

sized for various things but today we're

going to be creating a custom template

using the bridesmaid proposal card so at

the top where it says choose a size

you're going to click inside of that box

and where it says with you're going to

type in 3300 and where it says height

you're going to type in 25 50 okay and

that is the pixel size for a standard

eight-and-a-half by 11 inch sheet okay

it's just in pixels not inches so then

you're going to go ahead and click the

check mark in the upper right hand

corner and here's your sheet and now the

next thing you're going to do is you're

going to pull up the template I'm gonna

leave the link down below for the

template these are only five dollars and

it's unlimited printing you can print as

many cards as you need you don't have to

wait for anybody to mail it to you you

can do it right from your phone or your

computer and you can print it

immediately that day if you need ten you

can print ten if you need five hundred

you can

five hundred so once you download the

template it's a five dollar price for

unlimited everything and so it's really

a good bang for your buck because as we

know special events and weddings can

really add up as far as price goes so

this is a really good alternative and

it's really beginner friendly so go

ahead down at the bottom click on the

plus sign and then you're going to click

on image because by now you will have

downloaded the template and saved it to

either your phone or your desktop and

again I will drop that link down below

in the description box click on image

and find the image wherever you saved it

so I have it saved on my phone and here

it is um it pulls up and what you're

gonna do is you're going to push it all

the way up into that corner and you're

gonna drag with the little white circle

all the way in the bottom right hand

side your good is going to drag it with

your finger or your mouse until it fills

the entirety of the page okay so now

there you go as you can see the artwork

is already done for you the sizing is

already done for you

all you need to do is add your text and

print so it's super easy there are two

cards per sheet which saves you when it

comes to printing saves money saves ink

you're going to be printing on white

cardstock paper you can either have

these printed at a vendor like a local

coffee shop or you can print from home

on your home color printer and again all

you need is white cardstock you can get

that anywhere you can get it at Walmart

Amazon really anywhere that they sell

paper you can find just standard white

cardstock so as you can see there are

two cards per sheet you're going to be

putting your text inside the floral area

and then you're just going to be cutting

this sheet right down the middle in half

and then you're just going to fold it so

this will become a folded card so click

on the plus sign down at the bottom

right click on the text option all the

way on the left click on add some text

of your own and a text box will appear

double click inside the text box

use your backspace button to delete the

existing text and now we're just gonna

say we're gonna start with the standard

wording will you be my bridesmaid I'm

going to type in will you be my because

this is going to be a little smaller

than the other wording and you're just

going to drag it with your finger or

your mouse until it's where you want it

to be then I'm going to click from the

drop down menu and choose a font that I

want to use I like this one but you can

choose any one you want

and then I'm going to click on that text

box until it highlights that text and

I'm going to duplicate it all the way up

at the top if you see there are two

rectangles and it looks like two little

sheets of paper just click on that and

it duplicate duplicate excuse me your

text and then you're just going to slide

it up to the top double click on the

inside backspace with your mouse or

finger and this is going to be the name

so I'm going to just say Maya is her

name I'm going to make it a little bit

bigger so it pops a little bit more and

then I'm going to add text one more time

by clicking the plus bot button at the

very bottom right clicking on text add

some text of your own the text box will

appear you drag it to the area that you

want it to be double click with your

finger or mouse erase the existing text

and I'm going to write in bridesmaid and

I'm going to make this a fancier font

there's so many different options that

they have so if you just scroll through

and you find one that you like I'll use

that one that's pretty and then I'm

going to drag it so that it's a little

bit bigger you can use bright

made as your title you can use any title

you want you can use flower girl maid of

honor matron of honor you can just make

this a regular greeting card it doesn't

even have to have anything to do with

your wedding party if you just want it

to be like a birthday card or something

like that you can use this template over

and over again which is a really nice

thing and then what you're going to want

to do on the other side is just copy and

paste which makes it really easy so

you're going to click on bridesmaid

click on the two little pieces of paper

rectangles at the top to duplicate it

slide it over to about there click on

the will you be my oops

I guess we'll just do the name we'll

duplicate that same way we did the other

one I'll have to move it around there we

go so I can get to it and then you just

use your finger or mouth just sort of

Center everything the way you want it to

look the only thing is on the second

card you're gonna change the name to

whatever the other bridesmaid is so

maybe this one is gin okay and now you

have two cards ready to go all you would

have to do is print this whole sheet out

on white cardstock cut it down the

middle and fold it in half and then

you're done and then you can just keep

doing this and create as many as you

need so in order to save this and go

ahead and print your first set of two

you would click the check mark in the

upper left hand corner and then up in

the top menu bar you see the little

downward arrow click on that and it'll

prepare and do whatever it needs to do

and it will just save your design to

your phone or wherever you want to have

it saved and then you'll be ready to

print it and that's it you guys that's

all there is to it it's super easy to do

you can always go back to it and edit it

you can print more you can make

corrections and you can use this

template as many times as you need to

once you download it it's yours forever

for personal use use it for any occasion

super easy to do and again all you need

is white cardstock so I hope you guys

enjoyed this tutorial

one little disclaimer I will put we used

canva today which is one of the apps

that I like to use because it's free and

it's beginner friendly however because

this is a blank template and all you're

doing is adding text you can use any

editing program that you want to use so

if you're more comfortable with

Microsoft Word or PicMonkey or Microsoft

Publisher or anything that you're more

comfortable with feel free to use

whatever program you want I just like to

show people how to use canva because

again it's very beginner friendly and

it's free so thanks for watching guys

I'm gonna drop the link for these

templates down below in the description

box if you have any questions feel free

to reach out to me and I will see you in

the next tutorial bye bye