Volunteers Write Cards for Senior Citizens in Quarantine | NowThis

I miss you we have cards for you letters



I'm just decorating the parts I want so

when you see this card to feel like

excited that remember that at this time

you're not alone that the fact that we

can write letters and still communicate

with them is so important I think

communication is the best form of love

and I think my love our love as glamor

gals will really shine through these

letters so I have a couple cute ones for

my friends and I'm so excited so here's

on the cards that I've written we have a

couple I hope you are having an amazing

day I just wanted to let you know that

we are all thinking of you and I hope

you are well as soon as this is all over

the glamour gas club from Karpis Alki

would come to visit hope to see you soon

it was it was definitely an emotional to

see ally and have to see her through to

see her through a window it's just crazy

I never thought that I wouldn't

experience something like this in their

lifetime and Elly didn't either she told

us all about her experience and living

in the Great Depression and how they

used to go swimming in the river and she

started telling us all these stories and

she said what happened to her then was

just one day they woke up and it was all

over and she said the next time we see

her it's gonna be all over so she's so

hopeful and so happy it has such high