How to write Career Objective for Resume - Explained With Examples

What is career objective?

Career objective is the first few lines of your resume which talk about you

your skillset and type of career you are planning to build

Career objective can impress the interviewer and sets the tone for your interview

Even though it is not a mandatory section but

if written well, you can use resume objective to make a good first impression

Example #1 - Media journalist career objective

A storyteller since the age of five

seeking the position of a Junior Journalist in a reputed media house

Proficient in English, Hindi, Marathi and other regional languages

and can gather and report news in the same

Highly dedicated professional, having an internship experience of over 6 months What are the points that interviewer will notice

Impressive. right?

What are the points that interviewer will notice

a) The candidate knows a good set of languages

b) can gather facts and report the news

c) dedicated

d) candidate has done an internship also

In this video - we will discuss multiple career objective examples covering different domain like Sales, Media, Marketing, Banking etc

which you can choose or I will tell you the technique to write best career objective for your resume

Career Objective and resume objective are the same so I will be using both words in the video

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Career Objective should be concise and should describe how you will add value as employee

So far, we have discussed what is career objective

It’s time to move on to “How to write impressive career objective"

First I have some super simple and generic career objective samples, which you will mostly find on google

[Diplaying career Objective Example 2]

Everything looks good with this example just one problem - it fails to impress

Don’t just write career objective

you need to use career statement to increase your chances of getting that Job

There is a technique to write career objective in resume and it has 3 methods

Method 1

[Showing 3 methods to write career objective]

Generic method of writing career objective

Generic career objective doesn’t talk about your skills, role and company you are applying for

Let’s take a few more examples

a generic method of writing career objective Example 3

[Displaying career objective example 4]

[displaying career objective example 5 for experience candidates]

Generic examples are Not very impressive because it does not tell anything specific about you or company

Everyone else will writes generic career objective

but you can write specific to make your resume stand out

2nd method is Writing Career Objective using Two parties

In this method - Career Objective will consist of two parties

You and Career Goal

On You side mention your strong points like

a) adjectives - like young talented, enthusiastic etc —> Put your strongest attributes

b) skills - you can mention 1-2 key skills

c) education - you can mention your college university if it is famous or well known

d) experience / internship - experienced people can talk about - their area of expertise

2nd party shows your job or career goal that you are targeting

[displaying career objective example 6 from finance domain]

You can see key points highlighted on screen

In this example - You can see how adjective, education, skills and internship are being used to write career objective

When a Fresher goes for a Job interview. There will be 2-3 interview rounds

and Every interviewer will read your resume

"you only get one chance to make a first impression”

and career objective could be that chance

So put some effort writing an awesome career statement

[displaying career objective example 7 from banking domain]

3rd Technique

Career Objective using 3 parties

You, Career Goal and Company

3 party technique is similar to 2 parties with the Company as an additional party

In this technique you will additional mention about the Company or Role You are applying for

Are you thinking - In 3 party technique, I need to change Company Information in career objective

every time you apply for a new company

I know you may not want to modify

company information everytime

But, You can personalise career objective when you are applying for your dream company which is more special to you

Otherwise, You can stick to common company properties as

domain like, banking, IT, finance etc

or role you are applying for - like junior, mid level, senior or manager

Let's see some examples

[displaying career objective example 8]

Freshers can only show education, internship as prospects to the company

Skill and experience-wise Fresher is mostly blank

Company will invest and train that individual to make him/her professional

You gain more experience with every year passing and the company’s expectation also changes

With Experience - the company is expecting that you already have skills mentioned in the Job description

So Experience candidate is good to start without much training time

[Displaying career objective example 9 for Sales Domain]

Find more examples in the video description below

So far you have seen career objective examples for freshers and experience

and understood * What is a career objective

* why it is important

* And the formula to write career objective yourself

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