Writing Your Career Objective – Bayt.com Career Talk | Episode 22


hey everybody welcome back to another

episode of bade comms career Talk

I'm Hatton haneun and on this week's

episode I want to take you through a

very specific part of the CV something

we touched on in a few of our episodes

in the past but I want to realign and

refocus on this section because it plays

a very important role on how you portray

yourself on your CV and how the

recruiter perceives you when they're

looking at your profile rather than just

a list of skills and experiences and

that section is the career objective now

this is a section that I've seen through

my experience people are having some

trouble with mainly because they don't

know how to go about it or what the

purpose of this section is and the title

itself can be misleading career

objective now the mistake I see

happening a lot of the times with this

career objective and I can't blame most

people because of the title of it is

they write about their own objectives

what they want to achieve in their

career and then when a recruiter sees it

it doesn't really do that much for them

now a typical career objective that I

see around is I want to work for a

company where I can learn and I can grow

and I can do wonderful things and grow

up the career ladder but that doesn't

mean much to the recruiter what the

recruiter wants to see is how you're

gonna bring value to their organization

how you fit their needs that they're

hiring for and how you want to help the

company ultimately because that's why

they're gonna bring you on board and

that's what we want to focus on in this

episode so I'm gonna take you through

some main steps to keep in mind some

main questions you want to answer in

that career objective to make sure it's

effective to help you along the way in

your career because it's a very

versatile section and it helps you if

you want to shift your field your

position your industry it's a section

that will help you most because it's

your chance on your CV to communicate in

words to the employer rather than your

skill set which is just a list your work

experience which is just another list

your hobby is a list your academics

another list this is the section where

you get to talk you get to speak to the

recruiter you get to speak to the

company and let them know what you want

and how you want to help them so let's

get started with this four main steps

four main questions that we want to

answer question number one is who are

you so who are you to this company who

are you as a professional as a person

right so this is a very brief four or

five words a professional with five

years experience

in the sales field if you're an

entry-level professional a fresh

graduate with a background or an

academic background in business Business

Administration in Mass Communication

that's all we want to know about you at

this stages who are you if you're a

professional with experience if you're a

fresh graduate and if you are what kind

of background do you have that's

question number one

question number two what are you looking

for now what kind of position are you

looking for now it's nice to say that

you're looking to work in a company that

will help you grow and that you can do

great things for it but what kind of

specific position are you looking for

now I say specific this can be broad

this can be narrow this can be very

laser focused but give it some sort of

direction so again going back to our

previous example so it could be a

professional with eight years experience

in sales seeking a managerial position

in a multinational firm that's one

example of a position you're looking for

if you're a fresh graduate could be a

press graduate with a with an academic

background in mass communication seeking

an entry-level position in an

advertising agency again that's what

you're looking for the type of career

level you're looking for in the type of

company you're looking to work for now

if you know exactly what you want to go

for you can mention it I'm looking for a

creative position in a start-up in a

tech startup or you can keep it very

broad looking for a position and entry

of a position in a multinational now

keep it broad keep it now keep it

focused but give it some sort of

direction so that's number two who are

you and what kind of position are you

looking for question number three what

skills do you bring that make you great

at what position you're applying for

right so going back again to our

position so I'll give you two examples

one example of someone with experience

and one example with someone with no

experience person would experience the

sales professionals seeking a managerial

position in a multinational firm and not

what's valuable to a sales position

negotiation communication presentation

interpersonal skills highlight two or

three of your key skills that make you

great at your position so in this part

you want to highlight those is seeking a

managerial position in a multinational

firm where I can use my negotiation

communication presentation skills that's

what your key skills are - and then

we'll move on to the fourth question

going back to the other example of the

fresh graduate seeking and

position in an advertising agency now

what's valuable to someone looking to

work in an advertising agency what

skills are they looking for it would be

creative skills problem solving and

analytical maybe these are the skills

you want to highlight in this case right

so a beat seeking an entry-level

position in an advertising agency where

I can use my creative thinking problem

solving and analytical skills right so

we've highlighted the key skills they're

looking for too and that's number four

question number four and the most

important part of this career objective

is how do you plan on helping the

company why should the company hire you

now if you're the company you're looking

to hire someone you want to hire them

because they're gonna help you with your

objectives as the organization as great

as it is what they want to do for

themselves you want to know what they're

gonna do for you and that's what we want

to put in this part so we've answered

the first three questions the fourth

question is you need to align yourself

with the company's objectives so do a

bit of research beforehand now you might

know the overall objectives for certain

positions and that's fine as well so if

you're the salesperson with professional

experience what would be expected from

you as a manager in a sales position in

a multinational would be maybe to

capture more market share to help grow

the company increase revenue these are

all the types of things that you want to

highlight so you want to use your

communication your presentation your

interpersonal skills to help the

organization achieve its growth

objectives for example it's a very basic

objective but again you need to show

them that you're aligned with what they

want to do overall if you're that

advertising fresh graduate what do you

want to help the count or the company do

or in this case the advertising agency

do you want to use your creative skills

your problem-solving skills your

analytical skills to help the company or

the agency achieve its objectives of

serving its clients in a more effective

manner or capturing more clients or

maybe retaining more market share in

your specific field but again you need

to understand what your companies are

looking to do the companies you want to

work for what they're looking to do and

show them that you're aligned with their

objectives now these are the four

questions that we want to answer who are

you what are you looking for what skills

do you bring to the table and more

importantly how do you want to use these

skills to help the company with their

objectives now given you all this and it

might seem like a lot but a very easy

way a very short cut to know what to put

in here is to look at the job

description and I say this over and over

and over again the job description is

your answer the company is telling you

what we're looking for we're looking for

someone who could do one two three four

or five in your career objective it's

your chance to speak to them and let

them know that you have what they're

asking for and you want to help them

with their objective another easy way to

think about the career objective is like

an elevator pitch if you were to step

into the elevator and right next to you

is the hiring manager for the company

you want to work for how are you going

to pitch yourself to them

you're not gonna speak about how great

of a career you want to have for

yourself you're gonna love them know hey

I know you guys are looking to hire

someone who could do ABC I'm that person

I have ABC and I want to help you guys

do this and that and that's how you want

to pitch your career objective and the

reason why I'm focusing a whole episode

on it here is because it's also your key

down the line when you build that

experience some people start off in a

certain field in a certain position down

the line they want to shift they want to

do something else but they find that

their work experience speaks to what

they've done in the past and they feel

stuck in that this is your chance to be

able to turn and pivot and do something

different through the career objectives

just simply by highlighting different

skills that you possess different

objectives that you want different

companies you want to work for it and

how your skills still fit the new type

of company you want to work for or the

new position this happens a lot of

people between sales and marketing

marketing to sales to business

development focus on the skills that

make you a key player in that position

and how it would be valuable for that

company you're applying for and

highlight them in that career objective

so overall the four main questions we

want to focus on I've spoken a lot about

it but when you come to write it will be

just three or four sentences long at the

very top of your CV we don't want to go

with length about it give them just an

overview of who you are and how you want

to help the organization and that's

really all there is to it a very key

component of your CV that is often

misused or even overlooked a lot of the

times and I implore you to use this

section to your advantage wherever you

can that's all I have for you in this

week's episode of baitball comms career

talk I hope that was useful I hope that

helps you land your dream job it is a

very effective method I've seen it work

countless of times as always make sure

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