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interested to see how I plan for my dick

here activities stay tuned hey guys I

see you're here from work like glue or

glue working life together one piece at

a time and one big piece of our life is

steak here I'm a daycare provider in my

home to up to 10 kids ages 2 months up

to four years old and I know it sounds

crazy but it's it's actually very not

too bad it's not too chaotic most of the

time with structure and routines but I

wanted to share with you guys a lot of

you have been asking about how I plan

for daycare specifically I do have some

plan with me videos I'll link to the

playlist below and if you hear a little

jabbering that's my two month old who's

just sitting next to me while I'm

filming this because she doesn't like to

nap for long periods of time and it's a

weekend right now so I wanted to take

you guys along I got a new planner

for daycare and I wanted to kind of take

you along how I plan to use it and kind

of how I plan and what things I'm doing

lately with my group now keep in mind


I'm totally always flexible and adapting

what I do depending in my group

depending on my age is depending on the

season depending on behavior just all

those things so there's no

one-size-fits-all and I plan to do more

day-in-the-life videos because every day

is so different and I just think it's

helpful to see that like what I do one

day is and what I do every day I don't

want people to think like every day is

like perfect did we do this and that the

other thing some days we just play

because emotions let's just say that but

anyway um what I was doing I'm back for

my maternity leave and I just I really

wanted to dive more into curriculum and

stuff now that I have kind of an older

group so just so you guys know I have my

two month old I have I'm at the filming

of this video anyway I don't know when

this will go up I have a two month old I

have a one-year-old I have two two year

olds who are bobster and three one of

them is my daughter and I have one

two three four three-year-olds and two

four-year-olds I think that adds up to

10 I have a lot of older kids so

basically all my kids eight of my kids

will be aged three to four come February

and two of mine will be little so I have

this opportunity to do a lot of

preschool stuff with the older kids and

I really want to take advantage of that

so let me show you what I was doing and

what I'm trying to do now okay so what I

was doing before was just using this

notebook because I didn't have a

teaching up okay I tried using a

teaching planner in the past and I just

my ages weren't the right ages to do

preschool like all the time and I just

kind of would like wing it when it was

when I was able but now that I have

another group I wanted to do more so I

was just like sectioning off this graph

paper with like by each day and like

when my daughter naps my little one

because I'm trying to get her on a

schedule and trying to see like what her

normal schedule is inclined to be like

who's coming I have a preschool bus in

the morning and a preschool bus in the

afternoon Monday through Thursday so

like who's going attendance activities

and then like what we want to do in the

afternoon if we want to do like sensory

bins or whatever then but this got to be

like overwhelming when I'd like fill it

up I wouldn't even know where to look

and it's a lot of work to like make that

grid and everything so I thought I would

just order a really simple a teacher

planner and I got this on Amazon it was

like 12 bucks I'll link to it in the

description below not sponsored or

anything I just wanted something pretty

simple straightforward not too expensive

and that is this planner it's nice and

thin but big so I can write a lot so it

kind of sucks that it started in July

and it's now December but I was only 12

bucks I can't really complain so

basically just to give you guys an

overview it does have a place for

birthdays I'm not going to show you

because it has the kids names and

birthdays I don't want that to be all

over the Internet so basically there's

like a monthly spread

and then after the month are these

weekly spreads with all these boxes or

with all these like columns so one two

three four five six seven eight nine

there's nine columns so like if you were

let's say like a elementary school

teacher and you had nine different parts

of the day English reading math science

you could like plan according to that

but I plan to use it a little

differently so I'll show you guys that

but it's pretty straight forward and it

goes through till June and I don't do a

lot of curriculum in the summer I do a

lot of like play based fun stuff on

outside but I don't really need a

planner all through the summer but I

could buy a new one and then it would

continue from July on which is cool so

that's basically the planner I'm not

doing a review I just want to show you

kind of how its set up the other things

I have with me while I'm planning are my

funshine Express curriculum this comes

every month and I want like I want to

tell you guys everything in this video

but I'm gonna do a whole nother video

like describing maybe an overview of

this or like a review of it let me know

if that's something you guys would be

interested in but and maybe how I save

money on this basically by going in on

it with other providers for the early

bird discount in the summer and paying

for the whole year upfront but anyway so

I have that out and basically without

going into too much detail there is a

set plan for every day of the month in

here but I don't do everything a lot of

times look at the crafts and the songs

and like things to talk to the kids

about we don't do everything so I don't

buy the extras along with this they just

buy the crafts and this book I don't get

like the color and the shape and all

that stuff I just do that on my own

but I have that out to kind of guide me

with the activities and then I also have

my meal plan and if you're interested in

how a meal plan I have a whole video on

this I'll leave a card and put a

description but a link in the

description below so I have that so I

can also keep track of meals so I have

it all with me at all times during the

day so let's look at

the planner and kind of show you guys

how I'm planning to use it but first

gotta admire my cute little hopper she's

my little helper elf

you're my little planner helper this is

Brian D if you're new to our channel

she's my two month old little cutie pie

okay so here's a closer look at the

planner it's got this and I'm gonna jump

ahead to December so here's my monthly

overview I also have a video on how I

you can make free calendars for your

daycare and then I just use my key owner

and I wrote it on here but if you're

interested in that video look at the

card above or in the description box

below basically I just wrote it out here

so I have it you could also like cut it

and tape it in here or like put it this

way so just the overview of like music

class I have a music teacher who comes

every Friday and then I do fantastic

Fridays sorry about the baby so every

Friday we do something like they have

wacky hair day mismatched socks pajama

movie day and then we have like our

Christmas party and our fire and storm

drills and then the first Wednesday of

every month the local library drops off

books for me okay so I already filled in

what I want each column to be so I'll

show you guys what I'm doing at least

right now so the first column I have

events so that will be like the

mismatched socks day you know anything

that's like I need to remember that's

different about that day I'll write here

I'll keep track of my daughter's naps

here just keeping track of like when she

went to sleep when she woke up so that I

have it and I can kind of see a trend

throughout the week attendance who's


activities this is where I'll write like

what we plan to do for preschool if we

want to go outside that day but right

now it's winter time so that's kind of

just up in the air based on who's here

and what the temperature is like and

that kind of thing then I have breakfast

lunch and snack here and what I did is I

just wrote like the first letter of each

kid's name because I can't count my own

two kids for reimbursement or tax

purposes so I just put the other eight

kids here along the side although

down and then I'm writing what we're

serving at the top line for like

breakfast we're having toast on Monday

because you see Mondays over here waffle

on Tuesday English muffin on Wednesday

and so on and then that way I can just

like put an X if they were here and at

the end of the week I can have a total

for like how many breakfasts how many

lunch and how many snacks because that

way I can do the standard meal rate for

tax purposes that's how I clean it and I

could put a link to what I've been

talking about on Tom Copeland's blog in

the description below if you don't even

know what the standard meal allowances

basically you can get deduct a certain

amount for however many breakfasts

lunches and snacks you sir and those

rates are based on the food program the

higher tier rates and so at the end of

the year I can just like look it up add

it up multiply breakfast by however many

how much money you can deduct per

breakfast and so on and so forth and

then use that for taxes so that's why

I'm doing that and then over here I'm

using the last two columns for notes so

let's say a kid gets a bloody nose or

has a temperature or you know hit

somebody or bit somebody or was

complaining about hurting their arm or

something you know just things that

stood out about the day I don't usually

have a lot to write for that but I

wanted some space to do that because I'm

not good I'll just preface this if I say

I'm not good about taking notes and

stuff like that but it's really good to

have for liability purposes and just to

like look back on and if a parent ass

it'll be right there and I will keep

these for tax purposes because it's how

I prove what meals I serve and how many

kids were here and whatnot and then any

notes for liability will be right here

and then as for my pre school buses I'm

gonna use these spots here to write

who's going on the bus in the morning

and then the afternoon okay so I'm just

gonna start filling it out

with my um now obsessed with pencils I

just like pencils cuz I can erase and I

have horrible handwriting so I'm just

gonna write AM and PM bus

on each of these like I said horrible

handwriting guys

okay and now for the events I'm going to

go back to December and just see my

monthly spread and see if there's any

events for summer 11th through 15th we

have our firestorm drill so I'll write

that here and whenever I do the fire and

storm drill I also fill out the logs for

that and I do my crib checks that we

have to do in Minnesota so I'll do that

that day too that's just how I remember

to do it and then on Friday we have

music and pajama movie day whenever we

have music we have to have lunch early

we have music right after lunch and then

pajama movie day okay that's all the

events brainy naps I don't fill that in

until the day of and then attendance I

just go through and check my emails and

stuff to see if there's any kids who

won't be here certain days and I don't

know that quite yet so I'm just going to

leave that blank but I will right now

quit go in and fill out my breakfast

lunch and snacks

okay and so now I'm gonna look through

my funshine Express and see what

activities they have listed my goal is

to do preschool three times a week so

Monday Wednesday Friday so I'm gonna

fill that in and if there's any other

crafts I might write them on Tuesday

Thursday but know that I might not get

to him that day just for so we can do

other fun activities like play-doh or

painting or playing outside for a long

time if it's nice out that kind of thing

because we're doing our fire in storm

drills this day I'm not going to do

preschool we will talk about fire storm

drills practice those I have some books

related to those and things so that's

what we're gonna do instead and I'm

going to move that craft to Wednesday


I just remembered it's Jamie movie day

so we don't do crafts that day I brought

in the wrong day originally maybe we'll

do a craft this day since we aren't on


but we need to do our parent crafts for

Christmas I'm going to write that for

Tuesday and Wednesday

one other thing I forgot is that Fridays

we do felt bored I do a story so I think

we'll do the 12 days of Christmas that

day so that's basically all I do up

front and then throughout the day like I

said I'll fill out my daughter's naps

I'll fill in who's here for the week and

I can do that up front but you know

sometimes it changes if a kid is sick or

whatever so that is basically how I plan

for daycare in a nutshell so guys this

little bug is just not feeling the best

so I'm just gonna end the video here but

that was basically how I plan to use

this planner I would love to know how

you guys plan for your daycare um and

how rigid are you do you are you

flexible do you not even play anything

you just go with what the kids want to

do I'm definitely flexible we won't

always get to everything on here but

it's just nice to kind of have a guide

and then what I do is I get stuff ready

in the morning when kids are arriving

that way I don't have to like spend my

nights or early mornings getting stuff

ready and I just try to keep it pretty

simple and fun and educational thank you

guys so much for watching if there's

other daycare day content that you want

for me please leave it in the comments I

like to take your guys's ideas and film

videos based on them so I love to hear

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