Hazels Mailman Hints For Christmas Tip

oh hi Barney oh hi he's okay

so more Christmas cards and a couple of

packages hey I see mr. Baxter's car out

front is he home yeah right here oh

hello there how are you Barney hi mrs.


Merry Christmas mr. Baxter well it's not

Christmas yet no but this might be the

only chance I have to wish it to you

you're not home usually this time of day

you know so Merry Christmas mr. Baxter

well merry Christmas to you Barney the

people were real nice to me on the

robbed today hazel done nothing heavy

like a fruitcake either oh you know it's

kind of funny how we never happened to

run into each other but I'm here every

day through rain and sleet and snow and

dark of night George I think it would be

nice if we gave Barney a small token of

our appreciation well I think it might

be nice to oh no mr. B that's to lunch

there you are Barney but thanks mr.

Baxter uh mrs. Baxter

gee that's a nice surprise oh I I almost

forgot here's a small token of my

appreciation would you put it under your

tree well gee Barney I didn't expect

this for hazel