Operation Christmas Cards for Troops Overseas!

hey y'all it's time to kick off the

holiday season if you follow me on

instagram then you already know all

about the Christmas cards for tricks

overseas and I am actually helping out

my good friend from Hawaii her name is

Samantha she loves to decorate homes

they're stationed over there her

husband's in the army and so she

actually reached out to me and asked if

I would like to help and to announce for

you guys to maybe help us get a lot of

cards together so we can send them to

Hawaii so she can distribute them to

different troops overseas around this

time I like to try to figure out a way

that I can help out and I thought this

would be a perfect way to be able to

give back and I really wanted all of

your help so in this video I'm actually

going to be showing next a little

slideshow of Samantha telling us ways

that we can help and information about

this process and then it's going to

share some pictures of her and her

husband and then also I'm gonna be

showing me going to me they made it and

Amy is gonna help me make my first card

and I'm so excited it also has the in

clips of a line Alyssa making their

little holiday cards for the soldiers

and Eli was super excited about being

able to help these soldiers I asked the

Manta she could do a little video of

herself so he can get to know her but

unfortunately she had the flu and she

couldn't do the video she was so hoarse

and weak feeling that she couldn't get

the video together but she did put us

together a slideshow







hey y'all I'm here today with my cousin

main man Amy and I'm gonna be making my

first card today I'm actually gonna make

it and send it over to Hawaii to my

friend is she's gonna send it over to

the soldiers overseas so we'll see how

this goes today you're gonna do great

okay y'all I'm making my very first card

and I made me made it and she's in

verbena so you'll have to come visit her

she has a huge store so I'm using all of

her stuff and you can find all that down

you can find all of this at me man made

it calm that's right and so she gave me

a bunch of stuff to work with you can't

see all the mess that I have beside me

so I'm gonna pull from this and here's

all my little options she's a lot of

options she's trouble she narrowed it

down we tried to narrow it down but

you're being brave it's your first card

okay I'm camera yeah I know I am a

little nervous okay so obviously I'm

gonna use that one because I believe me

so I'm gonna pull this one out I don't

know what I'm gonna do with it yet you

know this could look ridiculous

no bad for this soldier that's gonna get

this I saw a lady pretend like she's in

kindergarten making a card for her mind

I see what you did and then I have all

these these are stickers that I get to

use and what it awesome

twon so we will see what I come up with

it'll be huge

okay I'm stopping this cuz I don't even

know where this you know okay so I have

cut this and I'm about to glue this I

don't know what to do you see that on

your left on the left hand side yes that

one pull that pin straight out the top

this is fancy

mmm-hmm that's a stopper topper and then

it'll let you in just take it down

because I've used a lot of that glue but

then on the back you can just run and

you don't need as much of that as you

think so just a nice like a thin line

like we're trying to edge up just around

the edge guys that all I need yeah you

don't need much at all aren't there to

good is the bone everyone needs art that

are living their life by the way I'm

sure it's all men I made it it is but

it's really the best life ever

so then when you're laying it you're

gonna slide it into place and kind of

have your little border all the way

around okay that look good yeah that's


now how long do I have to hold it not

just rub it when good timing is good


that's damn perfect now if you see that

because it will drive it'll be horrible

so if you want to pick your sticker for

up there well you want to do the top of

the bottom first uh I can do the bottom

because you want this little we think I

like this Merry Christmas you know open

till December 25th I think I think

that's the only one that runs across the

bottom someone use that all right so

pull that off you got that one and

you've also see you got the poinsettia

sticker and the snowflake sticker - so

that's three different stickers there oh

so I could do like wait like put one

down another thing I'm gonna do that I

think I'll do this one first

so do I lay on there and then cut it

just it's just paper by the way look at

me shake it's just paper you can't mess

it up you can start it would you start

like that are you don't what I put

something else up here just put this in

the middle of me doing it you literally

can do anything you want there are no

rights or wrongs like it anymore when

someone tells you that but it's true

it's like we're decorating there's no

right or wrong is there no if you like

looking at if you like yep it's the same

thing with cards now I see why people

ask me to come decorate their homes I'm

like cuz they know she isn't making is

hard and then that piece you just put it

right back on the page and you can use

it for another card later okay so that's

where I'm at so far and then I was gonna

use this special delivery and place it

where you want it and cut off the edges

that you don't want and then you can you

know if you want Merry Christmas to show

put it where you want it and then decide

you cut off can go right back to be used

again oh you're not wasting anything you

read all of it it won't fit yes

you like my club that fits me gets quite

imaginary it does mean to like Korea I

got all day

I like the colors y'all if y'all want to

see how to really make some chords go

home hey promised her videos okay thank

dr. anything seriously just you're

decorating this rectangle it's easy for

you to say you can really do that with

stickers though honestly because you can

layer in there the places

I mean imagine you're doing a

centerpiece or a shell uh-huh you're

kind of layering it that's just your

shell this looks super cute all right

I'm done okay so I'm gonna use it so

start here next right put the I would I

think that's a beautiful of Stanford I

mean sticker from there okay so how do I

make that um 3d okay so you're gonna lay

it face down with this color right here


and don't worry that it's sticky cuz

when you put the new stuff on this

moment matter okay can you get it okay

so the sticky the little foam stuff is

under your paper right there I can see

it sticking out of fire use these

scissors to cut it with cuz they're

nonstick okay all right and then you

just cut pieces big enough to go on the

back and so ya use I always use my

little piece I had left ever lay it down

first of all we'll peel it off later oh

god you didn't know what to do with this

stick like let me don't need you I would

put I put one big one at the bottom and

then I might put cut a little piece for

each tree and then the top of the barn

and that way I'll stay I'm good this was

oh I think you cut that yeah you cut it

any way you want whatever will fit you

can cut it in half down I believe in

this color Friday I ages so some folks

like that kind of clean in the camera

because it didn't look so clarity but

look if they saw around it they would

know yeah y'all would be founders and

nervous about this oops if it's too big

you can trim some or whatever you need

to do I know I know I'm gonna be here

all right perfect

they might be put one little piece on

the barn just to keep the tip down honey

use this gray dress look at me resize

and then up here yeah okay yeah when

it's bein I'll give you a tool I like to

use tools so this is a pokey tool and

it's pokey on the end and you can use

that to help you get those little

backers off so you don't have to try to

use your nails cuz it doesn't work your

nails just kind of stab at them you just

have to you've never done it before how

you got it you just leave your trash I

get it off in okay okay so I'm gonna use

this tree and this we're gonna lay this

flat down and then this one is gonna be

like 3d so I guess I'm just gonna just

go for it it's Christmas you can't mess

it up put that tree there

it's your pretty tree probably that's

beautiful look at it in camera look guys

overly and then I'm gonna use it this

Merry Christmas dress it up at that 3d

your night

Oh miss up to you I probably would it

okay just because you got a little bit

on there already but hmm he makes it

he'll level out so okay my camera that

really does help think up here looks

better okay yeah I did look them off


Oh usually if you hadn't turned it down

too much just kind of go slow and then

Tim's gonna peel it all up Natalie but

we can glue matte nail announcing she

peeled it off it's so good yeah six move

on the back of it just some so that it

will stay in place I think your car

turned out super key there's your

challenge I know I love it I cannot yeah

it's only worse never I tried to deal

with little things when you're so funny

when I used to do here and I would say

people would think I was nervous

cutting their hair but I was yes

graduate cosmetology the guy was doing

his hair SAR you nervous I thought no no

I just say I'm not a good man's hair oh

that's funny I forgot that you did cause

neither here for waiting one time I've

been there for 15 years now I need those

little sticky things I think the little

dots yes okay because there's a bunch of

little things team yes they're all come

to Tawny's these are self adhesive by

the way all the little pine cones are

cute workouts at pine cones they give me

why if you're doing a flower arrangement

and you know how you can kind of like

fill in the space oh wait I got a

fabulous idea I think I'll put that

sticker right there and then put the

pine cones in it fabulous do it

just kind of went from country to girl

Ian it up I'm sorry but I don't think so

I think it still looks that Buffalo

check keeps it real masculine that's


okay so I approached him put that pine

cone because there's already one there

well you stick it back on the day there

you go I don't know that's probably much

isn't it it's up to you oh I see a

little hole one thing but they don't

really match nervous about that okay

now what else a bit what did that say I

was doing oh these if you to their

Ottoman sizes and they are sticky back

and you can use that pokey tool to pick

them up and help you place them where

would you even put these well there's a

thing that's card makers uber we take

three of them in a line and like do you

see where between your buffalo chicken

your snowflake paper is you could do

like three of them about this far you

know not a far apart but that means

three of them that big until one side

it's just a thing okay so like this is

thing we do we go dot dot dot

I don't know why it just adds something

okay okay so three of the same sized

dots in a little row right there what

color would you do red or I don't know I

think the green is pretty too I want the

white the white looks pretty incredible

you say you got the date street saying I

would do three on the same size now this

is me but it's your card but I think

three of the same size

yeah wait am i using you can do it with

your finger or you can do it with the

pencil tool and just pick it up with the

sharp Ian and then you just lay them on

the card right there yep

don't be nervous because they'll pick

back up and then you just do another one

next to it in another one I don't know

why we do it it's a card maker thing

it's just a accent that's right by the

way oh I am doing it there Emily you can

separate it if you won't put them right

close to each other if you want I think

I separate them and then one more and

it's just a thing it is it's literally

just an accent I think it's an excuse

for these pretties

oh man it's alright moving around I

don't need to put glue now I'm your bear

right this present in place

okay look at you just looking good

are you as picky as I am about the

placement yeah but again I've been

making for so long that I'm kind of you

know if they kind of happens this your

first card a lot of people wish their

first card little bit

I have you telling me yeah I don't know

but behind the scenes I might go for

this don't give me all the credit you're

doing a bead not design no I did not

design that little born and that truth

okay so would you put anything else on

the front or uh I don't know I think

it'd be cute maybe some will see do you

want to do Baker's fine one thing this

try to say this would have been key on

here today but I don't know where you

put it you can tie a little bow and

glued it down somewhere or you can take

it and run it in the spot of your card

and like tie it at the top like yeah

like like renfe time mm-hmm and then

kind of have like a knot or oh oh

can you send jingle bells I bet you

can't I met you can't have too many

noisy or sparkly things because it's for

soldiers right and sometimes they're

picky about that okay thank you can I

think about on it but you can but I

don't know if you can with their rules

or and sometimes had to be careful but

imagine wrapping around I might tie a

little bow at the top or another

Christmas present yeah just try to come

like that they keep some some people

just do a knot and some people do a bow

so teeth you know you've seen Hallmark

cards that have little pieces wrapped

around like that

this is a holly mark card yes okay this

is fun yo-yo I don't I am I don't even

tell me I need this cuz he's fun don't

slap me but I don't need I don't hurt

bad cards for let birthdays or anything

anyone here something that I make them

all the time half the time I forget to


oh really took my niece's birthday was

this weekend and she's a card maker for

real lucky

Jordanaires she's nine years old okay

Wow she makes incredible cars so how is

that Lydia videos and that's how her do

the ten minute yes yes she's incredible

so I had to make a card for her and you

think the pressure was on the pressure

was oh so when she opened her card and

then you she'd be looking for the card

from me right yeah she opened it she

went oh and I made her a pop into his

card so in it because I knew I had to do

something yeah when I did it if somebody

said oh that's so cool who did that she

said my mom they made it that's where

the name came from May I knew it came

from but was that hers she was wearing a

hair bow I had made and her mom somebody

asked her mom where'd you get that hair

bow and she said her Mei Mei made it and

when she said it I heard Mei Mei Mei

yeah and I told you that so my there it

is and you don't know this I bet our

grandmother it got well for you it would

be your great-grandmother yeah your

great-grandmother Dorothy yes um her

name was Dorothy Lenore and she named

aunt dotty Dorothy Lenore Dottie

couldn't say that she said Dauphine Ola

uh-huh that's actually said her name

when she was little

so I was gonna call mine dolphin Ola

designs ever grandma right yeah but it

wouldn't mean it didn't fit yeah you

know what he understood so when she said

they made it I went that's it that is a

she called you Mele but I didn't know

that she said Mae Mae made it Thomas

started a man-made thing he couldn't say

aunt I mean it came out man-made orrible

it was me man that's your first car by

the way look how cute guys it's really


now do you want to stamp on the inside I

think so I want to camp do you want to

do the one that says holly-jolly on it I

think so I picked the stamp have a holly

jolly Christmas guys I have a lot of

friends that call me holly jolly so I'm

taking the stamp and then hang it on


so you're kissing your ink she's not

squishing it a lot um do you think

you're squishing it but if you squish

the ink you'll get shadows it'll like

pick all that squish up I see what

you're talking about

okay so clear this out now where's your

breath oh don't wait goes oh you don't

want Dave okay press press longer than

you think you need to with the ink

transfer there's nothing wrong with it

money transfer that's going to fix it

here we go oh no it's okay sometimes it

happens I told you it might so what

we'll do is we'll stamp on another piece

and we'll glue it on there yep effect

you listened you know the piece only

stop this so you've already like

accomplished a big part of it is you can

read a ruler which matters and that is

only because my dad taught me how last

week while I was helping him with his

building he taught you like in one day

how to read a ruler yes but you know

what's funny is like right here whenever

something would be like five then this

line I don't know but that is he'd say

five and a little long pass to me read

the three fours so in card-making you

learned sixteen eight oh I was trying to

impress him and he was like no Holly

that's not how you read it I thought I

remembered it from AG class but I didn't

so do this state of this before we do it

in doesn't get it set up when you flip

it over you have multiple ducky already

messed up one so we got to try it is

your first step in you can't you can't

be upset about that that's fine and you

just it comes off that so people don't

even craft in yeah the mark okay so

we're gonna kill a that down on the work

surface to you yes you're not afraid to

press and then press that income and

this time just press real firm in the

middle okay here we go sit it press it

you can even take the heel of your hand

and put in their breast there we go just

to be safe all right

see what you got it's okay I don't think

it did anything cuz you ready there you

go good job looks good no you can't

leave any no I know that's the worst

part all right baby

so yeah where's you had that coat I

didn't know that thank you my am okay so

if you ever make a mistake of your card

making that's always way to cover it up

and look it was me too because this Reds

gonna pop and look better in videos

really there's really no mistakes and

car making people get all wrapped up in

it but when you were in school your art

teacher my teacher there's no mistakes

yeah an opportunity right yeah so that's

what this is look at y'all my first card

it's awesome this is so cute I'm gonna

take a picture of it you do need to take

a picture of it and whoever gets it you

on the back you should write this is my

first car to ever make so don't know it

I think that's a newt I think you should

definitely put your video that you made

it in I think I'd love it

look good job thank you for helping me

out I love this wanna make another one

sometime yes so I'm elicits helping out

we bought them cards and they're

coloring for them Operation Christmas

cards can you say Operation Christmas

cards for soldiers overseas the

operation offer raise Christmas cards

Christmas cards for soldiers overseas

overseas normies



that looks great he made a fast man hey

y'all thank y'all so much for watching

please help us get these holiday cards

out to these troops I will put her email

up under my description box so you'll

have the email easy access she wasn't

too comfortable with giving me her

address to blasts all over YouTube and I

definitely understand that so just email

her for her dress and you can send them

on over to her if you have any questions

you can email and ask her about the I'm

gonna go ahead and get our holiday card

started for the truce because she has to

have them by November 20th and for me to

ship them from Alabama to Hawaii is

probably gonna take a little while so

there will be a deadline to make through

the fair in Hawaii by November 20th so

she can get them out to our trees I hope

that you'll have a great week and thank

y'all so much for helping us with this

I'll see you next time bye