25 Days of Christmas - Day 12: DIY Money Notepad Christmas Card

well hello crafty nice does I am here

with an original curly girl craft ideal

I wanted to do something special I was

going to send a gift card a while back

and never did so I thought I would come

up with something different so I stopped

by the bank and I picked up some ones

and I wanted some new ones but of course

she didn't have any in her drawer but

she did go through nicely and pick out

the nice thin ones for me that weren't

all crinkled up so anyway I measured the

money and it was 6 and 1/8 by 2 and 5/8

and then I cut out some chipboard that

was the exact size 6 and 1/8 by 2 and

5/8 so once I got this exact size I took

some clips and a paper clip that I can

slide back and forth because I wanted it

to be nice and then nice you know and

secure that there were no holes at the

top and then I grabbed my Mod Podge and

then took a nice thin layer and went on

top to bind these together so I just

started at one side and then went to the

other one coating let it dry and then I

ended up doing it two more times I don't

know I may have got it got away with two

coats but I just wanted to be sure it

did three coats now I did one more

dollar than what I needed be so I could

tear this off and make sure that it

would you know not fall apart so once I

did that

you can see here that it's good and it

tore off real good and the rest of it is

intact I went along and made sure

everything was good and I didn't need

any more coats and I was happy that I

made this little notepad of money as

long as it's not ripped off

who would rip off money you know gently

tear it off I think it's a cute little

novelty idea so the next thing I did was

took some of that Martha Stewart paper

that I'm a fan of and it's nice and


for this card and of course it's 12 by

12 so it's gonna be 12 inches in length

and then I measured on the sides 2 and

3/4 and so I just took this 2 and 3/4 by

12 and as you can see it's a little

short so once I stood my money and I

seen as far as it was gonna go and I

made some score lines off-camera and

then I went on and reinforced those

score lines and that were folded just

you can see the two in the middle there

so then I took the back of the pad and

added some score tape and so I'm just

gonna score this all down and once I get

it and wanted to make sure that it

wasn't going anywhere once it's nice and

secure I removed it and I pretty much

covered it over it to make sure that

where I placed it that's where I wants

it to go because I knew it was gonna

stick pretty well once I put it down so

I just hovered over it and I'm doing the

back banner and everything by the back

because the front I'm actually you know

going to add cardstock to it a layer to

it so the rest that I'm short could be

made up for in the front so I'm laying

this on the back and as you can see I

hovered over it real good and I wanted

to make sure it was placed down real

nice and even and I'm happy with my

placement so this nice cardstock can be

folded over the money pad and it could

be torn out gently and this card can go

through so then I took another piece of

cardstock and I just kind of hovered it

over and cut out and it's the same two

and 3/4 width and then I decided to lay

it on the back because that crease in

the back is okay where it's showing and

then in the front is going to be covered

so once I got it placed kind of where I

wanted it to be

I took my glue and then held down the

front so it wouldn't move to make sure

that those are kind of even that you

have to even let's at the top or at the

bottom shall I say and then I took my

glue and just went crazy and once I got

that glue crazy I just pressed down the

front and then

I took some more glue and then just got

the edges which I could have been all

right since I'm gonna add on top of this

but I just want to be thorough and make

sure that there's no lifting and that

everything is secure so I just added

another layer of glue and then I was

ready to go now I cut out some cardstock

I love Hollies and I cut out some paper

that was 6 and 1/4 by 2 and 5/8 and I

laid that on top and then I started

getting what I wanted to go on top my

sentiments I picked up this stamp set

from Michael's a couple of weeks ago and

I wanted to do the word piece so I'm

just stamping this out and then once I

have the piece out there is a nice

saying that goes along with it and I'm

going to stamp that out too

and I joined up shifting it over to the

left because on the right I want to

write my personal greetings and have

room for that so I didn't want to put it

in the middle and then another piece of

cardstock for that well it's the same

one this is just flipped on the back but

it's another piece besides the Holly

piece and then that's this is what's

going to go in the inside and you can

see here I have that space there so now

that that's all pressed down it's coming

together and I'm going to decorate my

front now so I won't have to be smashing

it while I'm trying to get the inside

done so I have some gold foil there that

I punched out and then I have that

little sentiment there and then I have

this die that I picked up at Tuesday

morning and then I'm going to glue that

down real securely

and then I got this gold fool that's

gonna go on top of that that you're

gonna see in the back of my sequence and

they had some bubbles that go with it

I'm pretty sure you can put some candy

or M&Ms and it if you want to but I just

use sequins and love to get that shaker

there you can see I have some Christmas

trees I have some reindeer and I have

some red and green and gold and then

some more gold here I think that's

enough so you'll be able to see

everything that's in there and then all

I did was just ripped off the strip that

came with it and then I also added some

additional glue because I want to make

sure that it was secure because I have

that very sequin paper on there and I

didn't want it to come off and so you

can still see some glue on that as of

now because it needs to dry but it's

going to dry clear of course so to

finish this off I ended up using the bow

builder Stampin Up punch and I glued

down the bottom of the bow and then I

put the bow together now I just need to

add the strip to that and then once I

got my bow together I wanted to add

something else so I added a little pearl

on top and I love how this turned out

now just just needs to finish drawing

but you can shake and see all the little

treats and animals in there and you can

see the gold effect you have that

mirrored effect and I don't know about

you but I would love to get this if

someone sent me this as a gift

so I'm just gonna go through this one

more time and show you how it turned out

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