Writing Lessons : How to Write a Family Christmas Letter

Hi, I'm Laura from youngwritersworkshops.com, and I want to talk about how to write a family

Christmas letter. Now, a Christmas letter is often the way that you keep in touch with

old friends, your family gets to tell their story in a way that keeps you from completely

losing track of what your friends are doing and your friends keep track of what you're

doing. So this can be a great way to stay in touch. Start with a quick summary of the

year, something like we've had a great year full of travel and fun, and lots of adventure.

Then go on to describe a few examples that illustrate your year, including some trips

you've taken, some of the adventures you've had. You don't have to chronologically even,

just give some highlights. Wrap it up by sending out a big wish to everyone that you're writing

to, saying I hope you've had such a great year as well and we're really looking forward

to hearing from you in the coming year. Now the way to send your Christmas letter varies.

You can choose to you know photocopy the letter on paper and maybe include some photos in

the photocopied letter. Other people are using e-mail to send out their Christmas letters

and there are some good templates out there for creating a festive holiday letter that

you can send by e-mail. Making it a little bit more efficient and saving some trees in

the meantime. Some people also might create a website and sending out a link by e-mail

to their friends, to their holiday letter. So just remember to include a theme for your

letter, include some examples, some specific things you and your family have done with

the news about your family and then include an invitation to your friends to stay in touch.

And that's how to write a family Christmas letter.