How to write resume effectively ?Communication skills .

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more updates in today's video we are

discussing about communication skills

important topic that is how to write

resume will kill you

firstly we'll discuss the what is

resuming why it is important and after

that there are techniques and we will

see the techniques of resume writing

effectively firstly first what is resume

and why it is important resume is a

doubt if the condition of our data for

the recruitment offices and for the job

purposes and a resume is representing

ourselves in the recruitment committees

and the job purposes there are several

websites and applications available for

the resumes for standard form edge but

we have to manage we have to prepare our

resume with ourselves because we know

it's our self but there are various

factors which is important to mention in

the resume and several factors which are

not important to mention in there Israel

there is there is a difference between

CV and resume first topic we will first

factor that is name we have to mention

name in resume has poor not educational

certificates because most of the

people's they have the education names

on a Jewish name or educational

certificate like 7m first after middle

first name and after that middle M we

have to mention our name as put on your

on our educational certificate second

point important we have to mention in

resume that is personal information why

it is important personal information

because we are recruitment committees or

the job officers we want to contact with

you then contact number email ID and

phone number

these are the essential factors for the

contacting purposes for the job seekers

third point is that objective what's

your objective you are objective for the

for a particular job it differs from job

job and organizations and differ from

differs for everyone said everyone's

objective for job is different fourth

point is address photograph

most of the people say are thinking that

photographer is not essential that much

or that much but it's a very important

we have to mention or paste or upload

photo remain resume because we're after

the uploading or pasting the photograph

itself visualization with the contacting

officer or recruitment committee they

will in photograph we have to mention

latest photograph with professional

tracing or formal dressing for the males

and females boots after that the main

important topic that is the educational

qualification educational qualification

or that perverse we have to mention our

educational qualification in this recent

years for example graduation details are

first after that ten plus two details

assess individuals and other courses

this will be able to mention in a

decreasing order of educational

qualification because these fixed points

are important after that skills

qualities and activities what we have

what what skills we have assigned

qualities and at copies we have to

mention in that he don't hesitate to

mention the skills and qualities and

don't copy paste from it because

recruitment committees and officers they

have that more knowledge than us

they will find out these qualities are

copy paste from the internet or other

things or from others regional we have

to mention our qualities skills which

are simple or complicated that doesn't

matter you have to mention the skills

and qualities seven point is that at

UMaine what are your or what are your

achievements in the academics and the

other activities we have to mean you

have to mentioned that I assume ends at

you mean five for sports actually mines

project I show minds and extracurricular

activity we have to mention in that that

is remain after that eight point is

internship and training for the

undergraduate and postgraduate students

internship and training and the for

experience these three things are

important we also mention a

internship training internship details

training details and experience details

these are important factors and we have

to mention in the resume internship and

training details and job experience and

project project handling experience you

can dimension in the resume and other

details as for the job recruitment every

every job has a different different

different requirements

likewise requirement you have to mention

our thing this is the standard format of

a resume writing these points we have to

mention in that thanks for watching my

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