Gifts Ideas for Coworkers Under $20

Christmastime is quickly approaching and

this is always the time of the year when

everybody's scrambling looking for gifts

and wondering who or what to buy for

certain people or who they're going to

buy for and then there's an awkward

moment where you have these lovely

co-workers or acquaintances that you

really do like and you're fond of but

you know you're not super close these

gift ideas are going to be very

affordable and easy easy to find but not


before I go any further I just want to

tell you make sure you go all the way to

the end of the video and roll along with

me because I'm going to announce

something really big at the end of this

video but I want you to hear what this

other stuff first first we're going to

start off on the lower end of things and

that's right around the five dollar mark

now I went to Target and picked up quite

a few pieces that were very very

affordable most everything was under $25

these are bottle stoppers so if you know

your coworker is pretty much a lush

these little guys would be great they

are from Target target has some amazing

gifts that are kind of out of the box

and not cheesy to give to your

co-workers and close acquaintances this

is also something that's very affordable

this is also a target in the same area

of that I found the bottle stoppers them

the bottle stoppers and this was like in

targets holiday kind of home decor

section it's super lightweight so it's

not going to weigh your keys now you

don't have to worry about it being in

your ignition I know some cars have the

automatic start but anyway so you don't

have to worry about this dangling off

your ignition they have like a through Z

so whatever your friend's initials are

you pick up one of these these were 789

eight dollars one thing that I love to

give to people that I really like I love

giving away journals journals allow

people to be so creative they can use

them for whatever they want they can use

them for notes private thoughts to

organize put pictures in whatever you

want to do I thought this would be

really cute for somebody that either

loves Paris or you know wants to travel

to Paris it's empty on the inside just

with lines so they can jot down whatever

they want to I don't remember exactly

how much this one was but it was

definitely under $12 I think this one

was on sales like $7 this particular

journal is a little bit different it's

called the guided journal so it's a

journal as well but it has a ton of

affirmations and it has things written

out for you so that you can doodle notes

and write that's a great idea and then

if you want to pay a little bit more

money this is something that you really

like or it's like you like yourself a


it's an eyeshadow palette with mostly

all matte colors I don't really like

sparklies but this is what the compact

looks like you're so pretty I love these

rich warm tones this is a great gift for

a good friend if you don't want to leave

your house to go find all this stuff for

your friends and stay well within your

budget we're talking about under $30 get

ready for this shop hot picks calm or go

to house of hot calm and you will find

that all of the merchandise everything I

mean everything on the site is 50% off I

cannot emphasize that enough because

there is something I'm thinking about

that somebody's gonna figure out and

they're going to go find that item and

see that that's included in the 50% off

and they are going to freak out and I'm

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I'm a dork