Fair Use on YouTube - BEST Tips for Avoiding Copyright on YouTube!!

have you ever wanted to use someone

else's video clip or audio clip in your

own YouTube video but you're worried

that that could end you up in jail or

worse you might lose your YouTube

channel a bunch of people have made

videos on fair use but all these videos

these tons and tons of videos and

articles they don't answer the main

question that I know you have how do I

use someone else's copyrighted art in my

own YouTube video and not get slammed by

YouTube with copyright strikes stay

tuned because I have the answer for you

hi I'm attorney Egon Corzine and for the

past 20 years I've been giving creators

legal advice on how to protect their art

now it's your turn in this video I'm

going to give you my five tips on how to

avoid YouTube copyright strikes be sure

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tip number one make it short before we

get too deep into this tip I want to

make sure you understand something fair

use law is a creation of lawyers and the

courts YouTube uses it as a guideline

for determining whether or not they take

down a video or not however YouTube is

not a court it's a company and in this

area its main motivating force is not to

get sued so as a result you could do

your best to comply with all the fair

use law and maybe even have a court say

yeah that's a fair use but the bottom

line is YouTube still takes it down and

that's because they're concerned about

being sued in this area so as a result

we have to be super careful we have to

comply with fair use doctrine to a tee

otherwise we risk copyright strikes and

if you get three copyright strikes your

channel is down so let's be real careful

when we comply with these rules that we

talked about today as a lawyer I've

argued fair use law to YouTube until I'm

blue in the face they always punctuate

the conversation with the response oh

yeah how much does it cost for you to

post your own videos on our website I

always go so the copyrighted video or

audio clips that you import into your

YouTube videos they've got to be short

listen there is no hard and fast rule

for how long the clip should be the

shorter the better one second two second

I got it even if you got to go to 30


just make sure you're following the tips

that we're going to discuss today and

you'll be safe from YouTube's copyright

strikes tip number two comment or

respond to the copyrighted work the

biggest mistake that I see on a daily

basis is that youtubers put in a

copyrighted video clip or audio clip and

then they don't comment on it or respond

to it they just let it sit there there's

that classic situation where there's a

youtuber and he's speaking to his

girlfriend and then he splices in that

clip from Casablanca here's looking at

you kid


that was awesome there's that other

situation where there's youtubers and

they're fighting or their argue on

camera and then they cut into that clip

from taxi driver are you looking at me


you're talking to me you're talking to

me no sir I'm not talking to you I'm

talking to these beautiful folks now

would you kindly put your spring gun


but in these examples there is no

comment let alone a response to the

video clip or audio clip that these

people are taking and putting in their

own YouTube video people hear me you

have got to transform copyrighted work

in order to qualify under fair use

guidelines think about transformation of

other people's art to avoid copyright

strikes this can be done by breaking

down commenting on or responding to the

clip you want to use just like I did

it's pretty simple whatever you do

you've got to transform that copyrighted

work into your own and that way you'll

avoid YouTube's copyright strikes and

you won't jeopardize your channel all

right guys let's take a break from the

tips for a moment I want to know have

you ever gotten a youtube copyright

strike if so right strike in the comment

section below and if you have time tell

me why you got that strike I want to

hear maybe there's something I can do to

help you tip number three use the clip

out of context so let's say your channel

is all about fashion and you're

reviewing this particular outfit that

you think is ugly so you compare it to

what 80s hair bands used to wear and

then you cut in sweet child of mine by

Guns and Roses you are totally

transforming the Guns N'Roses video clip

you know the video was offered to show

how cool Axl and company were but you're

using it as an example of uncool you're

taking it out of context you're changing

that video clips meaning you're

transforming it and therefore you

shouldn't be allowed to get a youtube

copyright strike

I can see


tip number four modify the original clip

there really are simple ways to create

new art out of existing copyrighted art

you can make a mash-up a remix or some

sort of new expression of the

copyrighted art in my last video I

talked about the case of carry out

verses prints click the card here to

watch that video you may remember in

that case Richard Prince added blue dots

and a cut out guitar to an original

photograph taken by Patrick carry out

the court in the later copyright

infringement action ruled that this was

totally transformative and fell within

fair use guidelines you can do this too

you know maybe not in the exact same

manner but check out this mashup between

ed Sheeran and disturbed called the

shape of sickness you can watch the full

video on this card here totally

transformative or check out this guy

Dave Webb who created an entirely new

Seinfeld episode from deleted scenes

stand-up bits and alternate takes you

can watch the full video by clicking the

card here but I think to me the scariest

thing in food is that expiration date on

the milk modifying the original art

really does work that Seinfeld episode

we just saw that's been up for six years

without a takedown or a copyright strike

so yeah it's gonna be more work for you

you can't just import a Seinfeld

punchline into your video and call it a

day you're gonna have to transform it

but if you do you'll be safe from

YouTube's copyright strikes tip number

five attribute the video or audio clip

you're using to the original creators a

decent defense to a YouTube copyright

strike when used in combination to the

tips we just discussed is attribution

attribution is simple it's just citing

to the original work of art in your

description section in your YouTube

video it's really easy to do I use the

Modern Language Association format

which is this you just put the name

title website name publisher publication

date and the URL if you copy this format

and properly attribute the original

creators of the art you're going to use

and you use the tips we previously

discussed then you will be protected

from YouTube copyright strikes so now

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