what is an executive summary the

executive summary is usually the first

piece of content that the reader sees in

a report although it appears in the main

report it should be able to stand alone

as a separate document an executive

summary is defined as a brief overview

of the report and a consolidation of the

key points raised in the report however

an executive summary is more than just

cutting and pasting whole sections from

the report it is not a random collection

of highlights your reader doesn't have

the time and energy to wade through too

much irrelevant information your and

secular summary should pique the

interest of the reader to read a main

report to get a good idea of what will

be interesting to your reader you should

write the entire report first and the

executive summary last not only debt

your executive summary should be 10% of

your entire total word count of your

main report note that the word count of

the executive summary doesn't add to the

total account of your main report the

reader should be able to understand your

main points and the supporting evidence

without having to read the entire report

paraphrase sentences where necessary to

save the work count but be careful not

to lose the essence of your main points

so how should you write an executive

summary step 1 read the entire document

it is critical that before you write

your executive summary you need to read

through your entire report take notes or

significant data that will be important

to the reader make sure you have a good

understanding of your report before you

move on to the next step step to

organize your outline your executive

summary summarizes your entire report so

it makes sense that your report should

be organized according to the order of

the report here are the eight sections

of the executive summary background

information purpose statement scope

research methodology research

limitations key findings and this

conclusion and recommendations step 3

fill in the information you can now

start to write remember not to sacrifice

clarity for brevity do not paraphrase

sections like your findings conclusion

and recommendations to a point where the

text becomes big and pointless include

specifics like the number of the sample

size significant percentages in your

findings and discussion conclusion and

recommendations step 4 review the

executive summary after writing you can

either wait at least a day to reread it

or pass it to someone who hasn't seen it

to read it the task the check if the

summary will be able to convey the

necessary information to inspire the

reader to look into the main report

although the executive summary is a

standalone document the same rules for

the report also apply to the executive

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