The Exit Interview

on today's episode of HR over coffee

we're discussing how to conduct an exit


an employee leaving your company often

has a lot of knowledge about your

business and workplace so a final sit

down with a discharged employee may

prove valuable to your company going

forward and may provide an outlet for

letting the individual let off steam and

possibly reduce the likelihood of a

lawsuit some benefits of an exit

interview include a better understanding

of what needs improvement learning how

to increase productivity in the

departing employees position receiving

feedback on your competitive stand in

the marketplace in terms of salary and

benefits identifying ways to minimize

workplace conflict and possibly reducing

future turnover who should conduct the

exit interview

typically the exit interview is

conducted by a manager supervisor or HR

personnel some companies don't conduct

exit interviews with involuntarily

terminated employees while the emotions

associated with an involuntary

termination can make an exit interview

difficult these meetings may also shed

light on ways to prevent a termination

in the future in this case a manager or

supervisor who has skill in diffusing

conflict and making positive connections

with staff should be enlisted to conduct

the interview if possible employers

should conduct the exit interview in

person most likely in the workplace

however the meeting should take place in

a private space where the departing

employee can feel comfortable that the

conversation will remain confidential

possible topics to cover include reasons

for the departure satisfaction with

compensation and working conditions

work-life balance and problems with

coworkers or managers the exit interview

is also a good time to solicit feedback

on whether the employee felt he or she

was treated fairly suggestions for

changes to be made and whether the

employee felt there was adequate

supervision training and opportunities

for career growth to make sure your

business is complying with all federal

state laws regard

employee discipline and termination

check out HR 360s discipline and

termination kit at HR 360 comm and click

on the products tab