First Day of School !!!

- It is our first day of school.

Are you so excited? - I'm so excited!

- [Lucy] Can I have a hug?

- [Colin] Yeah! - [Lucy] Give me a big hug!

Oh, I'm so excited for you.

(upbeat music)

- Yes!

- You just missed this one, what's that mean?

(upbeat music)

This look like a good lunch to you?

- Yeah.

- It's gonna be delicious, isn't it?

Well, after many, many days of slow, lazy mornings,

there's a lot of action in our house

this morning because it is our first day of school.

Are you so excited? - I'm so excited!

- [Lucy] I'm glad you're excited.

What grade are you gonna be in?

- Second.

- [Lucy] Second grade!

And then Addy over here.

What grade are you in, girl?

- Fourth.

- [Lucy] Fourth grade.

And then, Mr. Colin, what grade are you in?

Say preschool, preschool fours.


- Fours.

- Fours.

In Tennessee, the school year starts in early August,

and it's always so different for me because

when I was in California, and when I taught

elementary school in California,

we never started school until after Labor Day.

So it always seems really early,

but I kind of like it this way because it

just means we get to start summer earlier come May.

What are you wearing for your first day of school?

- Uh.

- What is that?

- Nothing.

- What is that?

Is it your Spider-Man swimsuit?

- No.

- I think it is!

- No, it's not.

- It's not?

- Yeah.

- You are so silly, boy.

Oh, are those your Spider-Man webs?


For the first whole month of Colin's preschool,

they play in the creek everyday,

so they get to wear their swimsuits in the morning

and change into their school clothes later in the day.

Are you excited?

- Yeah!

- I am, too, I'm so excited for you!

(upbeat music)

We're on our way to drop Colin off for his

first day of preschool fours

in the COVID-19 era that we're in.

We are all going to be wearing masks, including Colin.

He's going to have a temperature checked at the door

and we're going to be asked on a daily basis

a series of questions about our health

and about our recent travels before he will

be allowed to attend school that day.

(upbeat music)

You're going to have a great day, Colin!

- [Colin] Yeah!

- [Lucy] I'm so excited for you!

Are you excited?

- [Colin] Yeah!

- [Lucy] Can I have a hug?

- [Colin] Yeah! - [Lucy] Give me a big hug!

Oh, I'm so excited for you!

(upbeat music)

Colin's preschool drop off went really well.

He went in there with a big smile on his face,

excited to be there which makes my mommy heart feel good.

So, now, we're back at home with the girls.

The girls are doing their first two weeks

full-time homeschool with me and they'll start at

their tutorial near mid-end of August.

I told the girls that our first week of homeschool

is gonna be just getting our feet wet

and then next week, we'll fully dive in.

So, what I mean by that is for our first week,

we're gonna do math every day and we're gonna do

reading every day but a lot of our time is gonna be spent

setting goals, working on establishing a good routine,

making sure we know what's expected of everybody,

and just making sure we take the time to create

a smooth transition to the school year.

The first thing we're doing is each working on

a coloring page from the You're God's Girl coloring book.

It has a whole bunch of Bible verses and just lovely

phrases and sayings that are motivational.

I wanna have them decorate those and put them up

in our classroom so that they'll be there to help

set the tone and set our mood each and every day.

What one are you working on, Addy?

- I'm working on one that says,

"God's plans are good now and later.

"I have good plans for you.

"I don't plan to hurt you.

"I plan to give you hope and a good future."

- And while they're busy coloring, we're gonna be discussing

what we want our character goals

and our academic goals to be for the school year.

We're gonna record them down in a log so we have them

to reference back to throughout the year.

(light music)

Maya, what are some of your academic goals?

- Memorizing my math.

Multiplication facts. - Multiplication facts.

And we have you working on neater printing

and really developing good writing skills this year.

And then Addy, do you wanna share some of your

academic goals for the year?

- Well, one of my academic goals for this year

is that at our school, I'm really good at memorizing

Bible verses, but I have a hard time memorizing

where stories in the Bible are found.

- That's a good idea.

So you're gonna work on that, that's great.

And then, we're also setting reading goals

for each of the girls this year.

They're both pretty good readers,

very good readers actually.

How many books are you planning to read this year?

- I wanna read at least 40.

Maya's reading at least

eight, I think. - [Lucy] Eight.

- Because I already read 52 books.

- [Lucy] Yeah, she read 52 books so far this year.

- And I have worried because I have to read

way longer books, like 700 something page books.

- That's true.

We're also working on filling out some

character and academic goals for Colin

and even though he's not here, I think it's important

that we all discuss it because as a family,

we have the ability to be encouragers

and to help each other to reach these goals

throughout the year.

You wanna help him develop those fine motor skills

so he can write his name clearly.

- God, you always know just what I need.

- I love it.

(gentle music)

Addy and I are now working on math together

while Maya is working on some activities on her own.

The year starts with a pretty simple review

and we're reviewing place value today.

- 7,680,222.

- Good job.

Now I'm gonna have you write it down

in number form and word form.

(light music)

- 45.

- So, are we subtracting two tens or two ones today?

- Tens.

- Two tens, exactly.

I'm moving on to do math with Maya now and again,

we're starting the year with a pretty simple review

and we're working on numbers to 1,000 today.

I always try to make it a habit to go through

and grade and make corrections to the kid's work

as soon as they get it done.

That way, they can get immediate feedback

and we can correct any mistakes we've had

because when I taught school, there was always a big

problem with by the time the kids got their work back,

it'd be a week later and they'd just take it home

and throw it away and you wouldn't learn from your mistakes.

(upbeat music)

So, I love that the kids have an opportunity

to learn from their mistakes pretty much

as soon as they make them.

We can make corrections easily and quickly.


(upbeat music)

- Can you please correct this?

- Yes, thank you.

How'd it go?

- Good.

- Good?

All right, you can go work on a free time activity.

- Yes!

(upbeat music)


- Just missed this one.

What should that be?

- 85.

- No, not 85.

If we're adding two tens.

- 75! - 75, good job girl.

Wanna fix it for me?

(upbeat music)

Okay, math is done for today.

Corrections have been made and we don't have to

tackle math till tomorrow now.

- Woohoo!

(Lucy laughs)

- The girls are both working on a new system

that I started this year in homeschooling.

Last year, when we homeschooled,

one of the problems we encountered is,

I would be working with Addy, for example,

on vocabulary and Maya would finish what she was

working on and she wouldn't know what to do.

So, she'd come to me and interrupt us working

or she'd do something that maybe wasn't super productive

for a school day.

So, I decided to fix that problem this year

and I gave each kid a list of things that they can be doing

when they've finished everything that they

are supposed to be doing.

I call it the What Do I Do Now list

and each of the girls have it posted right next

to their work area so they can refer to the list.

They can pick any of the activities on it

and work on one of those until I'm ready to work with them.

Maya, what activities are you

most excited about on the list?

- I like watching a Bible video

and I love playing ABCya.

- Yes, we have a couple computer activities they can do.

They can work on keyboarding and practicing typing,

working at proficiency and accuracy with that.

They can work on Adventure Academy,

which is another great app.

- We have writing, which I'm doing right now.

- [Lucy] Yeah, so Addy drew a journal prompt, right?

- Yes.

- So, we have journal prompts in here

they can draw on and answer the journal prompt.

So, if you look at our list, we also have things like,

they can write a post card.

They can, what else?

Organize their desk or their room.

- Do homework, which we don't have yet.

- A geography puzzle, some extra credit worksheets,

something from the math bin.

So, lots of choices to keep them busy, right?

- Yes.

- Both girls, right now, wanted to work on writing stations.

So, they each picked their own journal prompt.

What was yours, Maya?

- What's your favorite song?

- [Lucy] So, here is her prompt.

Now she's gonna start writing about it.

And what is your favorite song?

- Someday.

- Someday, that's from Zombies, right?

The movie which is on the Disney channel.

I feel like I need to clarify Zombies is a movie

on the Disney channel.

It's a kid-friendly movie.

It sounds scary but it is a Disney channel movie.

And Addy, what was your writing prompt that you got?

- Write about a vacation your family took.

Where did you go and what did you see?

- [Lucy] Oh, what vacation are you writing about?

- I'm writing about the vacation that we went

to Florida and we went to the beach in the evenings.

- [Lucy] Fun!

- And this is my puppy notebook.

- [Lucy] Oh yes!

School is more fun when you have lots of cute supplies,

isn't it Maya?

- Yeah.

- The next activity that we're gonna do is something

we're gonna do every single day this year

and it's all about--

- [All] Gratitude!

- Now, we've talked a lot about gratitude.

What does gratitude mean?

- Thankfulness.

- Thankfulness.

- Your attitude.

- It is having an attitude of being thankful

and being grateful for things.

And we had a conversation, I think, last week about

the people that have the most joy in their lives

are usually the ones who are the most grateful for things.

They really realize all the blessings they have

and sometimes, we get so busy worrying about the things

that we don't have or the things that are going wrong

that we forget we have so many wonderful things,

wonderful blessings all around us.

So, we're gonna take time every single day

to just write down one thing.

We're each gonna have our own paper.

That we're grateful for that day.

One thing and then, by the end of the school year,

we're gonna have a ton of things written on this paper

and it'll be a daily reminder for all the things

we're thankful for.

For my first one, I'm gonna write homeschooling

because even though never in a million years

would I have thought I would homeschool,

I've really enjoyed the opportunity to get to

teach my kids and just have that special time with them

and I can't wait till Colin's a little bit older.

I'm gonna get to do it with him too.

Maya, what'd you put?

- Having a puppy.

- [Lucy] Having a puppy, oh, we love Sandy, don't we?

- Yeah.

- [Lucy] And Addy, what are you grateful for today?

- Well, I'm grateful for being a YouTuber

because that way, we can brighten kids days.

- [Lucy] I love that!

- And you guys don't have to go to work every day,

so we can all work together.

- That is a special blessing.

So, I think this little tradition's gonna help us

every morning to just start off with our mindset

in the right place and remembering all the things

we have to be thankful for.

As you saw at the beginning of the video,

today wasn't just our first day of school.

It was Colin's first day as well

and it's about time to go pick him up.

So, we're gonna pick him up and take the kiddos

for a fun surprise!

What is it, what is it?

What is it? - What is it, what is it?

- [Lucy] You're gonna have to wait and see!

- Park!

- [Lucy] Not a park.

- Is it something better?

- [Lucy] I think something very exciting.

- Hmm.

- Let's go guys!

(upbeat music)

Colin had a great day of school too,

so we're here at Peace, Love & Donuts.

Just a new donut place that opened by us

and we're gonna try them out.

Do they look yummy?

- Yeah.

- Yeah!

(upbeat music)

- I want magically delicious and dirt.

- I think so far, I'm gonna want a salted caramel.

(upbeat music)

- [Lucy] Look how pretty they are!

Oh wow!

- Mmm!

- [Lucy] Yum!

- Magically delicious.

- [Lucy] Magically delicious.

- M & M.

- [Lucy] M & Ms.

- I also have one called dirt and there's--

- [Lucy] Oh dirt, there's worm on it!

That's dirt!

The smores one looks good, that's Addy's.

What's this one?

- [Girl] I don't know.

- Peanut butter?

Peanut nutter? - Oh, Oreo, Oreo!

- [Lucy] Oreo too?

Addy, you are eating the salted caramel macchiato I think.

- [Addy] Mmhm.

- That looks good too.

This one looks delicious.

They all look so good!

(upbeat music)

Well, I think Peace, Love & Donuts was

the perfect end to our first day of school.

Thank you so much for watching

and we'll see you guys next time on Tic Tac Toy

and Tic Tac Toy Family.

Oh, and XOXO Gaming!

- [Kids] XOXO, bye!