French Christmas Greetings: Merry Christmas & More

in the next two multi-bank Jewish Happy

Holidays happy Christmas Happy New Year

at least five billion times so if you

want to say it in French let's take five

minutes and learn how to say it right on

top of that your French friends are

going to be very pleasantly surprised by

the end of this lesson you will know how

to say the three wishes in French

properly it's not difficult so anyone

can learn them also I will show you how

to write a nice email or card or message

in French for the new year as usual you

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Bojo Sheridan viennese you're coming

from cells

ari Hait party first how to wish merry

Christmas in French I'm taking Christmas

because this is what I say right here at

the end of December but it applies to

many other celebrations in other

religions as well what you say in French

it's very simple it's why you Noel why

you Noel as you can see here we don't

pronounce the X at the end of schwa Gyu

Noel and you're done I could just stop

the lesson now in France the 25th of

December is a bank holiday so we say

Levant like this song a fair year of

course most people don't work people who

sell things especially food such as li

boulangerie le petit three are open but

most people don't work on this de noel

is a masculine word we say Noel but

finally it can be feminine as well when

we say la fête don't know it so 99% of

the time it is masculine so if you want

to use it you have to use the masculine

form for the inject adjectives

example we could say Sudoku book

no Adam LD say look we both know elder

maybe it's my best Christmas ever in my

life but if you want to use the feminine

way it would be as in la fête de noel la

said to de noel and we remove life sets

in the middle and it becomes land noel

la nuit but we almost don't use that and

very very few people do for example this

is the way you could use it you could

say escutcheon island noel escutcheon i

love Noel but again this is only for the

grammar nerds most of the time we say no

it in the masculine form if you're old

school like me and you like to write a

card for Chris cards for Christmas or

maybe you like to send emails or like

text messages or Facebook messages here

are a few ideas of what to write

properly in French all are nice and

pretty formal because this is the kind

of wishes we send at Holiday time so for

example a very simple form why you know

it a to date one Gyu Noel I told it what

Merry Christmas you're three of you

obviously for each example I'm going to

give you today you can adapt and you

have to adapt to the situation you're in

these are just examples Gyu Noel I tool

it wah merry Christmas to you three of

you if you want to say who it's from you

can say joy you know Aldo Lepard Rafa me

Martin joyeux noël de la pedrera funny


happy Christmas from the Martin family

another one very simple she was you know

well Michele Gyu Noel Michele you see

you just have to put the name at the end

you are you know I'm Michele and if you

want to say it really comes from you and

this is something you can say as well

Gervais wait on foreign oil you sweat


Noel and this is what you are here on TV

for example on the 24th and it went

as I said at the beginning of this

lesson this applies to most other

celebrations in other religions this on

this is what I celebrate here in front

but you're absolutely welcome to use the

same sentences for other religions as

well if you want to know more about

Christmas in France you can check my

YouTube playlist about all the videos I

made about Christmas in France so you go

through traditions food the Christmas

tree lots of other expressions and fun

things about Christmas in France now

let's talk about leaf federal fund any

leaf that does fund and they are knowing

we notice that Helios the Sun Denis Noel

you notice that holy Jews do fund any or

another end of year celebration anything

you are celebrating blessed New Year

please renew vellum please renew vellum

and that makes leaf fete du felony so it

covers all of those it's pretty neutral

so if you don't to engage into saying

Merry Christmas or you're not sure about

what the other person is celebrating you

can say bonne fête du fund and it and

these covers everything that is

celebrated at the end of the day bonne

fête to fund any also you can say and

write do I use federal fund any do I use

fete du fund any you can use both

equally it's absolutely fine and it's up

to you but as I say you can say they

federal felony in general to cover

everything at once

burn federal fund any or do I use fete

du found any be careful with something

though we say leaf it because it's

plural and covers several holidays bonne

fête du felony however if you put it in

singular bonne fête it's not the same

it's the name day you know when you have

your name in the calendar and you say

burn fat and this is different so

masculine is Christmas and New Year or

other end of your celebration and

bonne fête singer is the name day of the


it's the same with leaf that leaf that

traditionally is about the end of your

holidays and laugh at la fête is either

the name day or a party in general that

you're talking about if you want to know

more about greetings in French check my


French wishes and greetings for

occasions and good fortune you will find

the link on the blog below the video and

come in France's come and now learn

develop new nouvelle no removal of the

new year literally in Lafayette hotel

laugh at new content is the party we

have on December 31st with friends or

family anyone you like hopefully and

have fun with just like December 25th

leukemia is only a fairy or false

leukemia yeah if they're here also again

most people don't work what can you say

to celebrate the new year you can say

bonne année bonne année bonne année

again as you might have noticed in fast

spoken French we take it all together

and we say banana banana just like one

word if you want to be more precise you

can say banana dome in business burn any

do mere business or maybe don't even

start if you're watching this in the


be careful even though we can say is why

you know well we don't say use any this

is not a usual way to say happy new year

oui c'est bonne année bonne année and

not to our youth Annie in France lots of

people are not necessarily going to send

cards for Christmas better might send

something on the month of January this

is more traditional and also companies

are going to send a cards in January to

wish a hot

new year so what can you rights in a

card in a Facebook message in the text

message in an email anyway you like to

wish a Happy New Year in the French you

can say alright

Millia opposite new Villani Millia

Hoover who set new Villani that's simple

straight to the point

formal and elegant if you are doing this

a bit earlier and you want to wish a

Merry Christmas as well you can say

usually Noel banana dome in business Gyu

Noel even any dough milled is enough

this would be for a message just before

Christmas you can write as well

Juventud to Lamia for Sedna Villani

service wet to Lumiere for set new

Villani and at last you can say to me

Buddha burner for the mill business to

never do burner for diamond business my

best wishes or heart of happiness for

example for 2019 to means the burner for

Jamy business again if you want to just

copy this phrase that are perfect for a

message for Christmas or Happy New Year

if you want to know more about January

traditions for new year you can check my

lesson on the second eve rule nouvelle

oh ok you will find a link below the

video on the blog as usual you can check

it out whenever you like and don't

forget for today especially today you

have the full downloadable lesson on the

blog so you can copy the messages I

mentioned in the lesson now let's do a

quiz it's a very simple one because my

goal today is to make sure you

absolutely 100% know how to wish merry

christmas happy end of year and Happy

New Year in French so how do we say

Merry Christmas in French how do we say

happy holidays in French and how do we

say Happy New Year in French tell me so

Merry Christmas what do you think that

yeah Merry Christmas

it's why you know l gy you know l now

happy holidays or happy end of year

holidays what do you think it's been a

federal fund and burn fat do fun Danny

and as we saw it covers Christmas and

the new year and at last

Happy New Year how do you say that in

French bonne année bonne année it one

sweat in banana dermal is enough o

thought was the revenue coming Frances

only comment a sweat in banana diamond

is enough also true the revenue coming

from says Donna Kamata try to use what

you've just learned and wish a Happy New

Year to the other students of coming

Frances in the comment I want to hear

from you this is what I would say she

will sweat in banana diamond business I

took JV sweat in bond and the mill did

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re sorry