Funeral Guest Book

hello and welcome to the funeral program

site the industry leader in DIY

templates printed memorials and

personalized and loving memory keepsakes

today we present our funeral guest book

our hardcover books offer perfect

binding and are available in two sizes

the 8 by 8 and an 8 by 10

they feature a glossy or valda touch

matte exterior cover with full-color

artwork on the front in the back you can

personalize it with three lines of texts

or you may add your submitted photo on

the front cover the inside of our books

are lined with specially designed pages

the first section offers fill-in pages

which you can write your loved ones

information the second section provides

the guest registry and pages for

sympathy messages or written special

remembrances our books are more than the

typical guest hook it is a true memorial

book which honors your loved ones life

it can be kept on a coffee table or

shelf for future generations order yours

today only available at the funeral

program site com