Happy Galentine's Day Card

good morning everyone

and happy new year to you i hope you got

off to a great start for the new year

i'm excited today because today's the

start of the

january to june mini catalog and

it's a great catalog and if you're a

paper crafter

i know we always love to see new product

to play with

and the next holiday we have coming

up is valentine's day so i'll probably

be focusing a lot on valentine's day

in january uh we have a new stamp set

a new bundle that has a happy

galentine's day greeting in it which

i love i'm always looking for uh

greetings that i can use with my friends

because often um

i think valentine's day has a broader


i think in the past we focused a lot on

the romantic connotation

of valentine's day but valentine's day

extends to more than just that i know my

friends and i used to exchange

valentine's day cards and so

it can also be a real big friendship


so um i love having a happy galentine's


greeting so i'm going to be using that

on my card today

today is also casing tuesday

which is the day when we take a card out

of the catalog and we give it a makeover

and let me tell you that this is just a

great way

for you to challenge yourself it still

challenges me

every week but it also is a great

starting point for a card it's weird how

something can

be both helpful to beginners

and challenging for people that have

been stamping for a while

and i think that's why our group is

uh so successful we have a casing

tuesday facebook group that you are

welcome to join

and you'll find the link for that group

in the description of this video

so make sure you check it out if you're

not already a member

this group is like no pressure you can

observe if you want to or you can post

your own card which is always fun

because we comment on each other's cards

so let me show you

what today's card looks like let me see

if i can find the right one to

highlight so look at this card it's kind

of interesting isn't it there's some

background strips of paper

that you can use or you can choose to


and then you have a big main focal point

with a little

greeting layer and this is a great card

for like maybe die cut images or punched


images or you can even cut them out

um there are three butterflies on this

card but you will see in

my card that i did more

um punched shapes and so i kind of


what i did on the side so it's a kind of


interesting card so let's take a quick

look at what the sketch looks like

so for this sketch the

background strips were ignored so if you

take the card down to its base

elements you can do just kind of a

simpler card

but if you want to step it up a bit then

you can go back to the original photo

and add those background strips as well

just for

reference i used half

inch wide strips and i extended mine

across the whole card but if you were

doing it

to create this

card i believe those strips would


four inches by half an inch so there's


little strips of paper that measure that


oh and i see a whole bunch of you had

just popped on good morning to dee

and amy and betty and geraldine

so glad to see you this morning and

thank you for sharing my video i

appreciate that

all right so why don't i

let me hide everything i i hid myself

behind my photo

um so why don't i hopefully let me

switch cameras and everything let me

make sure that this is actually working

oh good sometimes when i change things


it doesn't work so well right so here is


card isn't it cute i love how i turned

it into

a galentine's day card and it doesn't


overly romantic but the car the hearts

and all the different

colors just kind of make everything pop

you know what i just realized that i

have very little light shining on my


let me turn on a little bit more light

sorry i just realized the room's really

really bright

but um despite that sometimes we just

need a little bit of

extra light let me light

up my little space a little bit i hope


brings in a bit more light okay

so yeah and this card is not really that

hard to make

um i am using the new

oh so ombre paper and

this paper here are some sample swatches

of it

is a celebration choice so if you spend

50 dollars between today

and february 28th that's before shipping

and tax

you can choose a celebration product

and we have two levels so we have some

that are for

fifty dollar increments and some that

are for a hundred dollar increments and


paper is a six by six paper and you get

40 sheets let me grab my pack make sure

i don't lie to you

let's see here's my little paper pack

uh yes you get 40 sheets of the 6x6

paper you can see i've already cut

a lot of it up but here are all the


patterns that you get so you get they

have three colors bermuda bay blackberry

bliss granny apple green and rococo rose

and i used three of those papers on

here and i use the kind there's

um one paper that kind of works from


to light and that's what i use for the

background strips for here

so you can earn this paper for free

right now

and here is the hearts and kisses bundle

you can buy them together the punch this

is the kiss punch

and the stamp set you can buy them

together as a bundle and save ten


or you can buy them separately but

if you're like me i have to have things

in a bundle because

things coordinate like the um the kiss

lips uh punch out with this

and this tiny heart that i'm using today

punches out right here

so i like to be able to match it and you

need to have a happy valentine's day


it's kind of required all right

let me show you how i made this

card let's start off with the stamping

let's grab some paper strips here

and i'm going to start off

stamping some with the bermuda bay

and i want kind of two colors i don't

know if you noticed on here

but i've got a slightly darker heart and

a slightly lighter heart so this is what

i do

i ink it and then

i stamp it a second time

okay so if you can see that kind of

creates two different colors

this really works well when your ink is

dark enough some of the lighter inks the


stamping isn't dark enough but for a

dark color

like these three colors that i'm using

today they work

really well with that technique so i've

got my stamping chamois

oh it's so dirty but i should show it to

you it

really takes the ink off really well

look at this icky thing

but you just it's wonderful because all

you do is add water to it

i just water it down every day and

it takes that ink right off my stamp

so now it's ready for the next color

and i'm going to use rococo rose next

this color will be retiring in a few

months so if you

like it make sure you get it soon all


and so i'm going to stamp it and then

stamp it again

okay and then i'm going to clean on my

dirty dirty

what looks to be dirty shammy but it

just really absorbs the ink really well

it doesn't release the ink back onto

my stamp so it kind of holds in place i

think that's why

it looks so dirty okay and then i've got

blackberry bliss and i kind of ran

out of room on this strip so i'm using a

new strip

okay let's stamp once

and then let's stamp again

see it's not pretty okay let me clean

that off

so i don't stick my fingers

in that step all right so now i'm going

to take this punch

and when i'm using the heart punch i

like to cut

a little skinny strip for punching


it then i can slide it in the side and

then it doesn't

um hit the kiss lips up top here

so then i'm just going to come through

here line these

up on the back side

and then punch them all out

they do like to go flying they have a

little bit of force

when you punch them out and then one


okay all right this strip is done and

can go in the garbage

and now we'll go to this one see on this

one i could have cut the strip a little

skinnier because it's

peeking out a little bit right here so

you can really go quite skinny and then

you won't have an

other paper shrapnel punching out

okay and then one more

all right i like these hearts so much

because they've kind of got that


look to them they look like they were

like scribbled rather

than their like one big dark color

i don't know if you can see right here

but that stamp it just kind of creates

like a watercolored wash heart

it's just so pretty and so fast right

can you imagine having to draw these

hearts by hand

would take forever all right okay

let's let's do one more thing i

need a piece of scrap paper which i

neglected to put in my

arsenal here let me grab one more scrap

piece of paper

so i've got my happy valentine's day


and you know what i trimmed my little


around my little heart because it was um

a little it had a little bit of a thick

edge and i probably could have done that

with my happy galentine's day

stamp too i'm not a big fan of putting

stickers on the back of my stamps i know


that they come with stickers and i know

a lot of you do that but i

i don't i don't like to do that because


it's it's a lot of work and i think they

stick just

perfectly with the cling so i'm just

going to stamp this down here

and that allows me also to trim my

stamps really easily because sometimes

i'll catch an

edge with ink so this one really could

have used a little

trimming but i did fine here with my


and then i'm going to use okay i forget

the name of this punch let me

tell it to you it is oh no

i forgot to put it in my

have to add it to my supply list

afterwards i believe it's the story

story label punch i've been starting to

like add

labels to my punches i'll have to look


up shoot i think

i think it's the story label punch okay

i'll find out in just a second so i'm

just going to center that

into my punch and now i've stamped

everything i need for the punch i'm

going over to my annual catalog

so i can look up i looked it up

this morning and then i just didn't add

it to my supply list isn't that silly

story label punch yes story label punch

that's what it is

okay so now let's assemble this card

so to start off with you're going to

need a card base i'm doing a tent fold

kind of that goes like this okay so

this is 11 by four and a quarter and

i've scored it in half at the five and a

half inch mark

so let me

just smooth that down with my bone

folder and i pre-cut some strips of the

oh so ombre

paper so these strips here

are oh i've got i've got a lot of them


let me put them in order they are

half an inch wide and they extend all

the way across so they're four and a

quarter by half an inch

and i'm going to do a little trick while

i'm going to align this

i have six strips the original card had


so you can really choose how many strips

you put on there but i kind of wanted

i had six hearts so i decided to do six


i have a centering ruler right here but

if you don't have one you don't

need to have one but it's just handy so


lining this up with a two and three

quarter inch mark

so my zero right here is my center

or just take a ruler and measure over

two and three quarter inches

what i'm doing is i'm creating a

centering point for myself

so that when i um sorry i went off

camera here let me move this

up a bit okay so

when i align these strips

i'm going to know where the center point


because i think you can kind of tell so

i'll take

the rococo rose strips are in the center

so i'll take my first one

put some tombow on the back

okay and then i'm going to put this up

probably about an eighth of an inch

up from my pencil line

and just kind of make sure it looks


okay so you can kind of see where my

pencil line is

okay and then i'm going to do the same

for the other side

so now once i get the the second strip

on here

i'm going to use these as guides

for the spacing of everything else so

i'm going to keep the spacing the same

okay so maybe it's not quite an eighth

of an

inch but pretty close

all right so there's my second set

so now i'll work down with my

blackberry bliss strips

oh shoot oh look at that i just dropped

it right on my card

okay part of that will be covered up so

i'm not going to worry about it

okay this little spot right here might

not be covered up so i'm just going to

take a tissue and wipe that spot

and then later i'll see if i can get

that with an eraser

sometimes when i'm handling little tiny

strips it's very easy to drop

them okay well most of that

got covered up so that's good

so that's another tip i can tell you

if you're going to drop a strip with

glue on it

in a spot where you didn't mean to drop


just make sure you drop it in a place

where you're going to cover it up anyway

right i know that's impossible but

when you drop something it just drops

forever right

and maybe not always in the most

convenient spot

oh geez but you can see

that i'm not a perfect stamper

no one's perfect right so we all make


but that's not a big enough mistake to

scrap the card

so i'm going to finish this

placement up top here

okay that looks pretty good right i like

those little strips

it looks kind of retro okay i've got an


make sure i don't have any gunk on it

and then i'm just gonna erase my little

pencil mark guides

okay all right

so next i need a piece of card stock

that's going to go right in the center


this measures three inches by five


so i'll just add some tombow

right here and

this one i'm going to stand up to do

this so i can get a bird's eye view

i'm centering it from top to bottom and

side to side because that makes me happy

okay and then next will be

the hearts the hearts

so i'll place all the hearts first

and then i will start gluing them

so i just want to kind of have like it's

not completely random but i start like

dark like dark like dark

and then i'm gonna have this greeting

come right in right about

here so i just want to arrange the

hearts so they look

kind of random but not too random

okay i think that looks good so then

i'll start with my top part i'll just

work my way down

and i'll come back and chat with you in

just a minute

i'm really bad at multitasking

so it's better not that i get distracted

because if i get distracted then i won't

pay attention to my card and it will

take forever to finish it

okay so now i am

working my way down

and i'm almost to that last


oh okay this one's gonna go this way

all right so i think i want to pop that

galentine's day greeting

up on some dimensionals

so i'll just take a few


and get rid of the backings

okay so this is just going to give a

little height to my greeting

okay and then i tied a little bow with


crinkled seam binding i love this


you know if you only can get

one ribbon this is one of the ribbons i

would get

because it's neutral white ribbon is

always neutral but

this ribbon colors really well with

stampin blends so

you can really if you have stampin

blends you can really make this ribbon

into any color you want

so it's just a good basic ribbon to have

and it ties really nicely and it's not

bulky on cards

okay so i'll just find a mini glue dot

here on my roll and stick my knot into


okay i lift it off and then

i'll just find a spot for

over on the corner of my greeting

it's gonna cover up my greeting just a

little bit but it's okay because this is

a little bit of a sheer ribbon not

completely sheer

but you can kind of move it out of the

way to see all of the greeting

he's so cute right

so cute look and now i have

two galentine's day cards to send to


so aren't those sweet

great way to start off january i can't

wait to see

what you guys come up with um so

you could put whatever elements you want

down here

and you know there's they use

butterflies in the original card

but you could do flowers you could

change it up

i did six little hearts but depending on

the size of your image

you could do more or less right so it's


really kind of fun to play with that


all right let me come back to you guys

over here

let me see how you guys are today

okay i've already said hello to some of


hello michelle and beverly

and janine and dana and dana

uh um told me yes it is the story label

punch it's sometimes it's funny

how you can use i've we've had that

punch around for a while and you can


completely forget the name of the punch

uh over the years we've had many

different label punches

and now the names do not stick in my

brain anymore they just go

flying out the window um so

let's talk about a couple other things

oh um the

new mini stamp and cut an emboss machine

this one's been in the annual catalog

for a while well guess what you can

start ordering it today

i got it on my pre-order so i have it

right here it

is so small and light

i love this little guy it's so cute i

actually haven't had a chance to use it


but i promise i will use it on a video


in january but it's so so

cute i love it this would be good to


traveling now the width is not big

enough to do

all of our dies but i've been told it

does like most of them it's just the

really wide ones that

don't fit in here and you also need to

use we have

we don't have a whole big selection but

we do have a selection of

thinner embossing folders not thinner


embossing folders that will fit through


so this is just a great little portable

machine like if you know that you're not

going to be cutting anything that's too


this is a great thing to take with you

on retreats or maybe

a road trip or something like that where

you're going to be staying overnight you

can take

this little guy along and it won't take

up as much space as our big one

i should do a side by side comparison

one day between the two just so you can

see it

um so okay so that's available today um

i already told you about our facebook

group our casing tuesday facebook group

you can join

if you liked any of the supplies that i

talked about today

um there's a link that takes you over to

my blog post in the description of this


and you can go over there and check out

my supply list you can find out all

about celebration and the different

choices you have available to you

there's a lot more than just the oh so

ombre paper we have steps that's a

really cute

darling donkey stamp set that's right up

my alley

and we have two other papers in the 50

increment range so there's lots of

things to choose from

um i also have a january tutorial

let me show you a sneak peek

let me grab them from across the room

i am tripping over space heaters and my

die cutting machines

at the foot of my table so this tutorial

is not available yet

but it will be available hopefully later

this week um i'll have time

uh it's it's designed i know the

measurements i just haven't written

and photographed the tutorial yet so it

is this cute little

rollo's heart you probably know my

hershey's hearts

but now i have a one with rolos

these ones are a little harder to design

because they don't nest into each other

quite like the kisses do but i know a

lot of people love

rolos so i've been asked

to do more rolos tutorials so here's one

in blue

if you don't want to go all girly in


not that pink is really a girly color

anymore but

um if you like blue blue is my favorite


so um a blue heart would be great for me


so those are my little arolos hearts and

that tutorial will be

ready later this month and you can earn

that tutorial for free when you place an

order with me

also if you place an order of 75 or more


month you get your celebration choice

because your order is over 50

plus you will get a package of

my pastel pearls um i have a host code

that you can click on down below and

that will tell you all about this um

product and how you can earn it all

right let me talk to you a little bit


one more thing but icd has um a comment

so i'm going to read it really quick

um dee says i'm so happy to see

valentine's cards after the season of

christmas cards

it's just the start of all other

holidays coming up too i love the card

yeah you know what i love creating for

all the holidays

that's what makes my heart sing i i love

all the holidays

even if i'm not like saint patrick's day

i'm not irish

but i love creating things for holidays

i i think it brings back the inner


in me and i just you know remember in


everything was so easy and

um you just got to like make

crafts and i always wanted to be

really good and and be able to create

like the best crafter in the class but

i was never that kid i was always the

one that had lopsided things

and um but if you persevere

you too uh can get better at things it's

just practice right

okay i do have a friday tutorial coming

this week

as i have in the past i took a couple

weeks off at the end of december

but now we're back into january so you

will catch me

on friday on my youtube channel where

i'll be doing a live at 10 a.m eastern

standard time

um if you click over to my blog and then

over from there on to my youtube

channel um you can subscribe to my


and um by clicking on the little bell

and then um there's also a um

yeah there's also some let me yeah

there's a subscribe button and then

there's a bell

and the bell will allow you to

um choose your level of notifications

because some people don't want to be


but some people do want to be notified

when there is a video

that is going live so make sure

you do that um dee

says i love the candy 3ds you do

these rollo hearts will be so fun for

valentine's day they will

they really will i can't i can't wait to

get the tutorial

to you i wish sometimes i wish i could

be super human and

speed through and get everything um


i really like to do a good job on my

tutorials if you have

ever seen any of my tutorials they have

lots of photos

and instructions and they

hopefully really help you take you

through the process of

creating all of my my designs and so i

do like to spend time and i don't like

to rush it

and i do have a fabulous tutorial tester

in canada

and she um she tests all my tutorials

for me

and um that really helps me when i send

them out that i know that all the

measurements are correct

um he says kindergarten pace

such a great memory oh yeah i can when

you said kindergarten paste i can smell

that paste with the like the stick

and and you used it yeah good times


i i just remember in kindergarten um

that i had a little bit of a language

barrier because german was my first

language and

um yeah i i i had to

i had to learn english and kindergarten

so but

i always loved crafts right from the

beginning even though i really wasn't

that great

at anything that i did so but i still

love them i still wanted to create so

i think that's like so many of us you

know we start off with something

and then you know practice makes it

better for me it took

many more years to get to that level


um good morning mary um uh if you're

just joining us

now you miss most the first part of the

video but like please go back and

watch the rest um so i hope you guys

have a great week

check out the celebration offerings on

our um in our news in the stampin up


um i love celebration it's when i joined

stampin up i got the starter kit um

uh 15 years ago 15 years ago i got the

starter kit and i

became a demonstrator and the nice thing


being a demonstrator is that you don't

have to sell

you can definitely sell if you want to

but you can

use the discount just for yourself the


off so that's kind of fun and then you

can get things in advance like i got the

mini stamp and cut

an emboss machine in advance i got to

order celebration things in advance

so that there's a kind of a neat thing


you know being part of the the club by

um you know getting the starter kit but

as a customer

um i was a customer for three years

before i became a demonstrator

and um it was my favorite time of year

because we got free product right what's

not to love about getting a free stamp

set or a free paper

when we place an order so celebration

was always

one of my favorite times of year so i

just let that light up

because i know it's such a good time

right um

anyway i hope you guys have a great

week and i will see you on my youtube

channel on

friday take care bye bye oh

and hi amy amy who teaches kindergarten